Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Fabulous Vintage Finds!

My husband and I have spent the day enjoying actually being off work at the same time, a very rare thing recently! We went to Denby pottery as we had a voucher for a free tour and meal in their cafe, the tour included moulding a frog which we currently have drying on the kitchen window sill...maybe I'll post a picture when they are done? Anyway, the day got better when we went shopping (of course!) we were on the look out for 'bad taste' shirts for his brothers stag in a couple of weeks. There is a great retro shop near us that sells vintage clothing and is for the Sue Ryder charity. The shop is painted bright purple and pink and is a treasure throve of fabulous finds! The lady working there was such a help too. Whilst he looked at the horrid 70's shirts I found the following two beauties. I have never really shopped anywhere like that before but it was such fun, the things are individual, great prices and all the money goes to charity. Win win I say!

How cute will this look with a thin tan belt and some sandals? It was a bargain at £10.95 and fits like a dream. I love the cute collar too.

These two photos have not come out too well but the skirt is beautiful. It is a Liberty skirt and was £6.95, Unbelievable! It is a high waisted style and I am going to wear it with a white shirt tucked in, a wide belt and some tan chunky heels that kill me to walk in but will look fabulous. I will definitely be trying this vintage shopping again. 

The hubby wanted me to show his new shirts on here but I think I'll save them in case the his brother sees before his stag, sorry Jonny! Maybe you'll get to star on here one day...

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