Saturday, 22 March 2014

Family and friends

Once again I seem to have been neglecting my blog lately and don't even seem to have put much effort into my outfits! The weather is very changeable as well which is annoying, warm and sunny one minute and freezing again the next. I'd turned the heating off in the week which was clearly wishful thinking and have it pumping back out again this evening. 

The past week or so has been filled with family and friends which has been lovely as always. The weekend saw my Dads birthday and these rest days have meant spending time with my lovely twins and our friends. I am desperate to start wearing more spring clothing and ventured into some 'harem' pants which seem to be all over the high street again? I never went for the a couple of years ago but this time have bought 2 pairs from Next to try. The ones I wore the other day have a sort of animal print and I actually found I really liked them. They were easy to wear like leggings but more versatile and wearable. I teamed them with ballet pumps a jumper and leather jacket and felt comfortable for messing around with the twins but that they looked nice too. At less than £20 I would definitely recommend giving them a whirl.

My other outfits have included a White Stuff top with little people printed all over that I wore with a cardigans from H&M and Boden trousers and today I decided to mix up spots and stripes and wore a spotted Boden top that I picked up after Christmas in the sale for £14 and a striped cardigan from eBay.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A spring in my step

I don't know about you but I am totally fed up of winter and was thrilled to see, hopefully, the start of spring. The signs are starting to appear...lighter in the evenings, sunny enough to question whether washing can go on the line and my personal favourite, when you're on a night shift and realise it's 5am and starting to get light. This obviously means it is time to start thinking about my spring wardrobe. For me this can only really mean one thing, stripes. But to be fair it's the same for winter, autumn and summer too. 

Yesterday I decided to spend a bit of cash! Daring I know! Well, as you probably know my circumstances are changing and I am having to be, and am actually enjoying being, careful with my cash. However, I have sold a few items of clothing and had let that build up a bit. I will try to remember to photograph what I purchased but needless to say the Grazia 25% discount in Whistles was put to good use. I also found what I hope to be the perfect jean in H&M but as I'm sure every girl will agree, there seem to be no such thing? I have in mind the perfect 'slim cut boyfriend mid wash slightly distressed works with ballet pumps, flip flops and heels doesn't go baggy but can wear with twins' pair but NEVER seem to find them! Time will tell but I am denim sceptical as always.

Anyways, here was my outfit of the day and not a stripe to be seen (that was yesterday, and probably tomorrow...) I wore my lovely preloved Topshop leather jacket, a beige Banana Republic jumper, a £2 Primark vest, I honestly cannot recommend their cotton tshirts and vest enough, they wash and wash and are great for the ridiculously cheap price, I Hobbs NW3 dark denim jeans, the oldest Tesco ballet pumps, a leopard print scarf my lovely friend Anna bought me and a bag from Next. I felt really comfy in this and I would say it is an outfit that pretty much sums up my style, minus the stripes and maybe some mucky twin hand prints?