Friday, 31 January 2014

The past few days

I haven't sat down to complete my blog for a few days but have been remembering to take photos of my outfits as I go along to post on here. As usual, when I have looked back I can see that I have resorted to my old faithful stripes! So much for trying to step out of my comfort zone. I have been trying, and hopefully managing, to mix some other pieces in there too. 

When you sit down and think about it it's hard to recall what you actually have done recently! I know that I have been trying to get more sorted financially and to be honest, this will affect my blog in some ways as I am not going to have as much spare cash for clothes. However, I am not looking on this as a negative, quite the opposite. I am enjoying the challenge of using pieces from my already bulging wardrobe and being even more committed to my desire for a bargain! I like the idea of being more frugal in ways that mean I can still treat myself and the twins from time to time. I guess it will make those items more special. 

Yesterday my parents and aunt took the twins and I for a lovely breakfast at a farm shop somewhere in Worksop? I include a question mark and I am actually not too sure where we were! But it was delicious and we enjoyed the morning out popping in at MacArthur glen outlet on the way back. I have said before that I am not too keen on it here, I think compared to the others around the country we a terrible version and the shops are pretty dire. However, I did manage to pick up a pair of Gap jeans for just over a tenner so was happy. I needed a new pair as some of my nice trousers, that I wear all the time, are starting to wear at the knees from crawling around with the twins and soft play etc. I remembered to add them to my daily expenditure sheet that my lovely friend compiled for me in order to keep my finances in check. 

So, onto the outfits. I have included three on this post. The first is a navy Chinti and Parker dress that has little spots sort of sewn into the fabric all over, it is really cute but I am never entirely convinced that I like it when I wear it? I always wish that it has pockets. I think it is better in the summer as it is a cotton dress and hangs better without tights. I wore a striped Gap tshirt underneath.

The second is a dress from the NW3 range at Hobbs, I absolutely love this range and always want everything from it! This is an old dress that I have had for a few years now but it is really, pretty. My cardigan is an old Gap one.

Today's outfit consists of the new Gap bargain jeans and a striped Breton top from boden. I like this one as it is thicker, almost like a sweatshirt material so warmer for this time of year.


Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Feeling better

It's been a long few days here not helped by me not being very well. I am feeling a bit better today and took the twins to 'creation station' which is a messy play session at Trowell Garden Centre. Today they made dragons for Chinese new year! 

I used my folder of outfits for ideas as I wasn't really feeling thinking about what to wear. I had in the back of my mind an outfit I tore from the Boden catalogue sometime ago and knew I had a version of the clothes shown. I am wearing a high waisted striped skirt from Boden, a spotted Chiniti and Parker shirt and a bright yellow Uniqlo jumper. I wore it with some navy Next boots.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Spots and stripes

I decided to mix and match prints for yesterdays outfit choosing a spotted shirt and striped jumper. I like the idea of mixing different patterns within the same colour scheme and this is something I may work on more as we enter the spring. 

I don't know about you but I am fed up of the winter weather and am really ready for the nicer weather. I am sick of wearing the same old winter clothing and want to crack out my summery clothes. Wishful thinking for now I think. 

The shirt I'm wearing is from H&M, the jumper Primark (this cost £6 and I have worn it no end!) and the trousers are Boden. 

Finally, how exciting, I won 'outfit of the day' yesterday over on Outfit Hive. If you are a regular sarahstyle reader you may recall that I was blogger of the month a while back on here. Check it out and vote for my outfits! 

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Personal best

Today I decided to change my running routine and headed to Attenborough nature reserve. I usually do my standard run around Wollaton park as it is literally on the doorstep but I fancied a change and was over that way so thought why not. It was a lovely running day, cold but as soon as you get going lovely and crisp. I much prefer running in the winter than summer for this reason. I had a fantastic run today and beat my usual times. I normally hover around the 11 minute mile but today all were under 10 minutes and one 9minutes 33 seconds, simple things but I have been really chuffed all day!

Aside from my running gear that I had on half the day I also wore this outfit. My Boden skinny leg utility trousers that have had mixed reviews on the website but I love. I have them in the khaki green and this navy and wear them all of the time. They are so versatile and practical (when did practical become so important...?!?) I also have on a bright yellow jumper from Uniglo and a couple of gold necklaces that I am not sure where I got them? But I think they look cute together!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

All checked out

I am not sure if I have mentioned before but I like to collate pictures and clippings from magazines of outfits, articles and pictures that inspire me to wear, buy or try different things. My sister laughingly referred to this as a 'look book' and it is not by any means as fancy or detailed (or similar in anyway actually) to the one they have at Vogue! But I guess, essentially, that is what it is. It is a pink folder with plastic wallets in that I put my torn out ideas into. Sometimes I look back and think 'really?' at some of the things and it changes through the seasons but it is a good basis for flicking through and getting inspiration. 

My biggest problem dressing day to day is that all I really do is twin related activities which will involve kneeling on the floor, climbing up something at soft play or the park, paint and food. All of these are messy! And I need to dress relatively practically so I spend most of my time in jeans. Until I had the twins I  rarely wore jeans or trousers but now I seem to rarely wear skirts and dresses which is a shame but I guess my circumstances are different. 

As we were off to soft play again today I needed jeans! I had a quick browse through my book and found an outfit fairly similar to today's and decided to work with it. I have used brighter colours though as I am enjoying colour at the moment. The jeans are Boden bargain half price skinnys and the Gap shirt is quite old and from the outlet. My belt is a really old Boden number. I also wore my grey and white spotty converse which look cute with these jeans.


Monday, 20 January 2014


Aah a little sit down for a few mins before I am off to my favourite hour of the week at yoga. I'm sure I am the same as the other mums out there who feels like you don't get a minute to sit down all day! With two 20 month old Toddlers to look after that is certainly the case here! I love my weekly yoga when I manage to get there around shifts. I had never tried it before having the twins and can thoroughly recommend it, I think it is as effective form of exercise as any other, it really helps tone and stretch you and combined with other things I can really see a different to my body. 

Today we did have a lovely morning at soft pay with my lovely friends I met at baby massage. I am really lucky to have met and stayed in touch with such a great group and it is fab seeing our little lovelies grow up together. Today saw the introduction of the newest member too, a new baby!! I thought twins were hard enough work, never mind a toddler and a new born!

I decided to wear my fab bright pink jeans as they really brighten a dull day, teamed them with a classic navy and white striped gap t shirt and some bargain boots from Office that I picked up off eBay for 99p! I admit that I took this necklace off before venturing to soft lay, I'm not sure the two mix!

I hope you are all enjoying the return of the blog, I have already had some lovely comments which inspire me to keep it up! And a little extra, who can resist the gorgeous George in the second to last shot?!

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Hello 2014

Hello blog lovers! I am so happy to have the Blog up and running again, exciting times for Sarah Style! I am really looking forward to 2014 and all the new fashion ideas up ahead. My aim this year is to try to step out of my comfort zone a little and put together some different looks whilst also staying true to my style. I have been putting together some clippings and ideas that I see day to day for inspiration and hope to try to recreate some some of the looks. I will post some of the things I see or like or really want, my new purchases, especially the bargains, include the fashion blogs that I like to read and enjoy as well as some extra day to day things in my life. Things may be changing in my life but I still enjoy the relaxation and fun of competing my blog and thinking of new ideas and outfits for it. I hope you will join me along the way and enjoy it too. 

So, this brings me, of course, to today's outfit. I have been wanting to wear this lovely navy Gap dress for sometime now but it never seemed the right time. I love the zip detail at the back. I wore it over a Gap denim shirt and teamed it with some fab yellow tights! I can't think where these were from but I think maybe Primark? Despite my Dads reservations I think they really worked (what does he know?!) I also wore my Next boots that I seem to be living in and a navy duffle coat. 

I'm not sure if any of you have made resolutions to try to keep fit this year? I am enjoying running again and trying to keep up with the yoga and Pilates. In fact, I got a Pilates DVD today for £2.99 with a book as well. I'll have to let you know how it works out, I don't normally enjoy excercise at home but with the twins I obviously can't get out in the evenings too much. I popped into Primark as we'll and they had a load of workout/yoga/running wear for ridiculously cheap prices. I got a few bits but I've not tried them on yet so we'll have to see how they fit.