Friday, 29 March 2013

Last day of freedom...

For some reason or another I just never seem to have sat down to update my blog for the past few days so have a few outfits to catch you all up on! As usual we have had a busy week, as you know, my last one before I go back to work tomorrow afternoon. 

Today I have enjoyed a day out with Jonny and the twins. I wanted to spend today with them and so we went into town for a mooch around the shops and some lunch. We ended up in Jamie's Italian for a nice treat. We are becoming conscious of taking the twins to a restaurant for any period of time as they quickly become restless after their food and this does not make for an enjoyable meal for Mummy and Daddy (or the other customers!) It is not really fair for them to have to sit there and to be honest, after about half an hour, they simply wont do it! That said, they sat lovely and ate their fish fingers and chips and I enjoyed a burger. 

I got a few bits for my birthday and a bright neon greeny/yellow vest from H&M which I have been debating over for a while and decided to go for it today. I am sure a little unsure so I'll see how I feel about it with a few different clothes.

I have to admit that I wore exactly the same outfit today that I wore yesterday! I loved it so much and it was so comfy I decided to wear it again. I wore teamed my new £3.99 stretch grey and black striped skirt from H&M with a white vest, cream Fat Face jumper and my Next ankle boots. I accessorised with a chunky gold necklace also from from H&M.

Oh yes, and I have had my hair cut! I absolutely love it! It is really short at the back but I am so pleased with it and glad of a change.


On Wednesday I wore a blue and white striped shirt from Matalan, it was a bargain at a tenner and I love the detail on the turned back sleeves. I also wore my new H&M skinny jeans and the Next boots (again!)

Earlier in the week I spent time running around trying to sort some new work trousers last minute and doing a few bits with my Mum. I wore some green jeans from Matalan and a cream jumper I had after Christmas from Anthropologie.

He, he look at little George getting in the picture!

So, that's the last week. I intend to keep up with the blog but bare in mind that I will now have to wear a uniform 4 out of 10 days! I hope you all keep reading. Wish me luck tomorrow...

Monday, 25 March 2013

The last week

This week marks my last week of maternity leave and I am feeling a little bit strange, going back to work doesn't seem real at the minute and I am very worried I will have forgotten everything. Having said that, being off for a year doesn't seem like it's happened either and in a way it feels like I've just had a fortnight off on holiday!

Nothing exciting to blog about today in all honesty. I have been to the dentist to make sure I get use of my maternity exemption card before it expires! We are all happy to be feeling better after a week of sickness ending in me having this dreaded sickness bug over the weekend.

For todays outfit I decided to wear my new H&M jeans and boy are they skinny! I could barely get them off my ankles when I got changed this evening. They are pretty comfy though, I'll see how they go after a few wears and maybe look into another colour. I think the light blue will be nice for the summer if we ever get one.

I also wore a white t-shirt from The White Company and a chunky knit moss green cardigan from Ralph Lauren. I actually got both of these items from Bicester Village last summer. I put on my old grey ankle boots from Next which I had forgotten about until I found them hiding in the bottom of my wardrobe yesterday. 

Speaking of Bicester Village, I have requested a 'birthday trip' there soon but was swiftly told 'no way!' how mean, I am working on it though...

Friday, 22 March 2013

Snow and sickness bugs

It seems to have been a busy few days with the twins as they have both been poorly and Tilly is still suffering with a tummy bug. It is horrible to see them so unhappy and not themselves, she has been so cuddly and sleepy which is nice for Mummy cuddles but not nice for her to be feeling poorly. We are hoping that she wakes up more herself tomorrow. But then it looks like we may be snowed in anyway! What is with this weather, I am so sick of it! It is officially meant to be spring for goodness sake!! Where is the sunshine?!

I haven't actually taken any outfit photos for a few days with one thing and another I just never seemed to get chance. On Wednesday we went into town as Jonny wanted to get some new clothes. We both went to H&M and he found tonnes of fab stuff and it was all such great prices. We decided this is our favourite shop! I have always loved it but he seems to have been converted. They are so good for children's clothes as well. 

I have taken the photos off the H&M website to show you. I can't find the striped skirt that I got for the bargain price of £3.99 so I took some photos when I tried it on earlier, I really like the idea of it but am not sure what to style it with? It didn't work with the t-shirt I tried on with it today and I think it needs tights or bare legs, not leggings as they seemed too chunky.

Two of the pieces that I picked up were from the Conscious Collection, I love their new range with jungle prints all over. I decided on a blouse and scarf. I love both but am undecided about the blouse as I grabbed it at the last minute and didn't try it on. When I tried it at home it is massive. By the time I manage to get back to town I imagine they will have sold out. I will try it again and see if it works with a vest underneath. The scarf has a great print and is huge. They were both a bargain at £9.99.

I also picked up these fab, but very tight!, jeans for £19.99 and these great chinos in green and beige at £14.99. All in all a very good day. I could have bought loads of things. Here is the link for the fabulous collection, I have my eye on plenty more...!

Monday, 18 March 2013

Back to work

This morning saw me going to work in preparation for returning a week on Saturday...eeeekkk! I certainly have mixed feelings about it. Obviously I don't want to leave my lovely little twins as I have had the most amazing, fantastic 10 months with them and have been so lucky to see them grow and develop each and every day. I will be sad if I miss out on seeing them do anything. That said, I am only working 4 shifts and two of them are nights when they will obviously be asleep. I am hoping that we are able to adopt a new routine that works for us all. And, I am looking forward to seeing all my friends and there are worse jobs ;-)

I wore a pretty top from a little collection called Indi and Cold, they do such lovely clothes but unfortunately you don't see them very often. I teamed it with my green H&M cardigan and Next jeans. I wore my new Boden pumps which I have been dying to start wearing but I was cold in them as it is still so freezing here! I thought it was meant to be Spring in a couple of days.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Happy New Home (hopefully!)

For those of you who don't already know we are very excited (and I am a bit sad!) to have put our little house on the market as we are wanting to move to a lovely new family home. We have spent the past couple of days viewing some houses and are hoping to have some viewings on our house soon. Exciting times ahead for us!

Yesterday I wore my cat shirt that I had for Christmas from White Stuff and my Fat Face chinos. I also wore a skinny pink belt from Primark. I can't remember where I got the ring from, I think maybe Accessorize?

Today I wore my playsuit that I had a few summers ago from Tesco and really like. I don't put it away with my summer clothes as I think it works with tights or leggings in the winter too. Although I have to admit that I was really cold today! I also wore my green Cath Kidston cardigan, leopard print ballet pumps from Office that are now really really old and a mint green belt from Primark.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Special occasion sparkles

Today has felt like a really long and busy day and we have been all over the place. This morning we went to get a helium balloon for the twins to give my Dad as it is his birthday today! Yay, Happy Birthday to my lovely Dad, he really is the best Dad and Grandad that we could hope for and is always there for us so we thought he deserved a balloon! And the twins loved it.

I decided to wear my sparkly new top today that I picked up for £2.25 from the Sue Ryder charity shop, what an amazing bargain and I really love it. Do you find that you save your nice things for 'best' and end up rarely wearing them? I do that all the time and then wish that I'd worn or used them more. Not that this top can fall into this category at that price ha,ha but as it is technically an evening top it got me thinking. I really should try to wear my nicer things more often and not save them as well as trying to mix up my clothes so I don't save things for the evening etc. Lets face it, the only place I go in the evening these days is the gym!

Todays photo will give you a sneak peak of the vintage dress I referred to the other day. I am trying to find a replacement button for it as one is missing. I tried the dress on again and am really pleased with it. I think I will wear it with a statement necklace and some coloured shoes.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Visitors and vintage

Today we had some lovely visitors, Jonnys Aunt, cousin and her little daughter Poppy. We decided to go to my old favourite, Relish in Beeston for some lunch. I cannot fault this place for always being so child friendly, relaxed and welcoming. And the food is great! As always, they made room for our two highchairs and the twins enjoyed their 'nibbly' plate for lunch which was nice. 

After lunch we took a stroll into the town to visit my favourite vintage shop. I have been raving about this place to Gemma for so long! I had not been for a while and the first thing that caught my eye was a hot pink dress they has displayed on the mannequin. It reminded me of something Kate Middleton would wear. It has a similar structure to it. I have an occasion in mind to wear it, if it works when I try it with some accessories and shoes. I would like to go for the nude shoe, like Kate, but I don't find the pair that I have very comfy so we shall have to see. It was a great price at £14.95. It was priced at £19.95 but I managed to haggle the price down, I know, I know, it all goes to the Sue Ryder charity but still, I felt it was over priced for that shop where everything is normally less than a tenner! I'm sure they have put their prices up recently as they are becoming more popular, maybe I should stop raving about them so people stop shopping there!

I decided on a casual look today pairing my Next skinnies with a nautical striped t-shirt from Matalan. This is from their 'vintage' look t-shirt range and has a slightly faded feel to it which I really like. I also put on the, ahem, 'Chanel' jacket which I have posted before. Although I have to admit that I decided against this at the last minute as it was so cold again and went for a navy Gap cardigan! I also wore this chunky gold necklace from H&M. You just can't go wrong with a statement necklace.

Monday, 11 March 2013

John Lewis lunch

How cold has it been today? Oh my goooood, I cannot believe the weather, snowing one minute and sunshine (although still freezing) the next. Anyway, we braved the cold and went to town with my Mum to get some presents for a certain Grandad's birthday later this week. I wont say what just in case he is reading!

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love John Lewis, I mean really, there is nothing you need that you cannot get here! My sister and I were brought up on it and Jonny even jokes 'hang on, you brought something that wasn't from John Lewis' on the rare occasions that I venture away. I have been waiting since before the twins were born for them to be ready to go to the cafe and have one of their children's lunch bags. Obviously, they have eaten there a million times already but only my food so today was the big day! They sat so lovely and ate sandwiches, crisps and cookies and I was so happy! It is nice to take them to places they can sit up at the table and eat at the same time and you are not there for ages whilst they get restless and bored. I'm thinking child friendly restaurants all the way for us for a while, any suggestions welcome!

I decided to wear my Tkmaxx bargain Cynthia Rowley dress, the lovely Wolford tights, a very old favourite cardigan from H&M and some two colour boots from Matalan. Do you find that you have a few items of clothing that you have had for so long and worn a million times that you literally do not know what you would do without them? This green cardi is definitely one of them. 

I have been to yoga tonight, it was as relaxing as ever. I really look forward to my hour a week and only wish they did another session too that worked for me. I have seen a fitness yoga that I quite fancy as well but need to fit it around everything else going on, hubbys shifts etc. I go to Bramcote Leisure centre and love how there as so many different classes at all times of day and evening. I try to get at least a couple in a week.

Oooh and I got these lovelies, see, not from John Lewis...

Sunday, 10 March 2013

My 1st Mother's Day

I have had the loveliest first Mother's Day with my beautiful twins. They have spoilt me with chocolates, flowers, personalised cards, a Mummy mug and Mother'd Day t-shirts for them to wear! I have been very lucky indeed.

I was also taken out for lunch at the Bulls Head in Repton. I have posted about this place before, it is amazing! If you have not been then you need to try it, they have the best food and the atmosphere is great. The twins happily tucked into pizza and garlic bread so we were all happy and full.

I decided to wear my favourite dress that I have not worn for ages as it hadn't fit. I am very pleased to be back in it as I absolutely love it. I got it the week before my wedding for the bargain price of £49 reduced from £149 from NW3 at Hobbs. I was really pleased and it always seems special for some reason. I wore it with my extremely expensive Wolford tights which I have to say are lovely but I'm not sure they warrant the £21 price tag and I still managed to pull them on some velcro on Jonny's coat the first time I wore them, typical huh. I also wore my Next boots and a Gap cardigan. 

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Decorating chaos

We finally decided to sort out the glossing on our skirting in the dining room and the photos will show you what sort of a mess we were in for such a small job! We had put it off as we needed to move the dresser and the sideboard and the entire contents at the same time as managing the every faster crawling twins! Jonnys parents came over to give us a hand and tonight I finally got to put it all back. I hate living in a mess and even being all upside down for one day was annoying. It does look so much nicer though so was well worth it. Due to all this chaos we had no where to take a photo so in the end I thought I'd just go with it and show the mess as well!

Today we went over to Stoke for a meal with Jonnys family and this evening I have been left home alone whilst someone goes off to Sheffield for the night with his friends! Charming huh! I am so excited for my first Mothers Day tomorrow. I know that not only am I the luckiest Mummy in the world to have my beautiful twins, I am the luckiest daughter to have a Mum like mine. She is always there for me and my sister and has been there every single minute of the day for me since I've had the twins and I am very thankful. Happy Mothers Day x

My outfit today was a silk top from Boden, a cardigan from Gap, Next jeans and Next boots. I also wore a chunky gold cuff which I got from New Look and a Primark ring. The photos are a bit blurry I'm afraid.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Spinning around

As you read this please be aware that this may well be my last post on Sarah Style, I cannot see how I can make it through the night...tonight Jonny and I have been spinning and I am dying, literally, dying. Ok, ok, maybe it's not that bad but I am really going to be in trouble tomorrow. And, I can't relax, oh no, I have those two pesky twins to tun around after all day! And I have Pilates in the morning. What am I doing?! And I've checked my pedometer and I've walked 11 miles today. Really, it is no wonder my body is packing up is it? I mean, even the spinning instructor told me how it is tonight. He was asking for our names and there were 4 Sarah's so he asked our year of birth, a couple were 1986/1988 and one was 1978 or something so he exclaimed how old she was! When I said 1981 he said 'oh, another old one then!' I mean really! I am only flipping 31!

Moving on, whilst my fingers still function and I'm not so old I've lost my eye sight. Today we had a few errands to run and so we got dressed and walked into the town. It seems to have turned really cold again today so I put on my denim skirt which I had ages ago from Gap, my Matalan brogues, a leopard print cardigan from Tkmaxx and a top from H&M. This top has been hanging in my wardrobe since at least last summer, never worn. I always look at it and pass it over so I decided it was about time it got some wear. I actually really liked it and love the sparkly collar which is attached so no need for a necklace. At the time I so nearly went for the black version and have often wished I had thinking I would have worn it more but with the summer coming it will be nice with some beige chinos I think.

Lastly, what about this little monkey for a style icon! His Daddy actually dressed him today and this was by far my favourite of all his outfits. He has on a t-shirt with a crocodile and fabulous green chinos which just look ace!!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Not that keen, on the green

I have to admit that I am not really feeling this outfit today. I think that the dress is better in warmer weather with no tights and there was something about the whole thing which didn't really 'set me alight' as my Mum would say.

We went to my Aunts for lunch and then for a walk with her, my Mum and the twins. We headed to Bramcote Park for the third day in a row. At this rate I am going to have worn my pedometer out! I love wearing it (geek, I know) and really find that it inspires me to walk that bit further all the time. After our long walk Sunday we had another park trip yesterday and the twins were happier on the swings! I have already been to yoga and Pilates this week and it's only Tuesday so I am going to be exhausted tomorrow.

My dress is from Boden and I had it a few summers ago and my cardigan is a really old H&M one. The vest underneath is White Stuff.

Let me know what you think?

Sunday, 3 March 2013

A walk in the park

As it was such a lovely day today, and felt like spring is finally on its way, my sister, cousin and I decided to take the twins on a nice long walk to the park. I was pretty excited at the thought of them going on the swings as I thought they would enjoy this, turns out I was wrong. We had decided to buy them a swing for their birthday but may have to re think this ha,ha! I think that they were sleepy and didn't know what to make of it and hope that next time they will be more excited. 

I wore some green jeggings from Matalan, a bargain at £14, a white t-shirt, also from Matalan and a hoody from JCrew. My scarf is from Gap. For the trip to the park I also layered up with an Abercrombie and Fitch denim jacket and Gap body warmer along with my Converse trainers.