Friday, 13 July 2012

New vintage dress

Here is my latest find from my favourite vintage shop, it was a snip at £4.95, you can't beat prices like that. It has very cute little dots all over it and looks nice with my tan belt that I wear all the time. I wore it with my green cardigan that I have had for years, it cost me £9.99 from H&M and I would be lost without it, I'm sure it goes with everything I own.

I also wore a simple little necklace that I made, it is actually a purple colour but looks brown on this photo. I've finally had my hair done this week, I have had quite a lot cut off and am feeling that it is pretty short. Hopefully it will grow in soon!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

My beautiful shoes

What a great day last Friday turned out to be, I was browsing the Mulberry sale dreaming about bags and shoes that I cannot afford despite being reduced..a girl can dream hey. Then I saw some beautiful shoes and text my husband on the off chance he would agree to me having them, i didn't think he would say yes but for some reason he did, amazing! I quickly ordered them before he could change his mind and they arrived yesterday.

They were beautifully packed, in a lovely Mulberry bag and wrapped perfectly. They even had monster stickers inside!

Monday, 9 July 2012

Vintage sparkles

This morning I went into town leaving the twins with their Daddy for a few hours. I still have some birthday money to spend and thought I may see something I fancied. I was a little disappointed that I didn't see much at all. I popped into the lovely shop, A Vintage Obsession and picked up this necklace. I think it looks much more expensive than it was, at £7 I would say it was a bargain. I love the purple stones.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Wedding dressing

On Sunday we are going to my lovely friend Alana's wedding, I am crossing my fingers that this awful rain passes by then but i know it will be a lovely day regardless of the weather. I obviously needed something to wear and it seems that barely any of my dresses fit me, how annoying! I was going to make do with a Boden dress I had last summer and have previously posted on here;

I can't actually find the picture but here is the top of it! It is a cute jersey fabric which a little belt and a flower so would have done but hey, I wanted something different!

I did buy this striped dress from Next which I had thought was pretty and I still like but when I got it home I just didn't like it that much on me which was a shame. Anyway, I then saw the black dress in good old Primark and it was a bargain at £17! I snapped that up. It is lined as well. I have already worn it twice, once to my Aunts retirement party and more casually with my sandals and a cardi.

So the striped one is going back and I will be wearing the other one on Sunday. I actually liked my hair like this, it was in a chunky bun but it looks like I don't have any hair on the photo. I also got an orangey coloured necklace which I will wear instead of the chunky pearls and have borrowed a purple cardi to match my beautiful shoes...


As most of you know our lovely little twinnies arrived on 17th May and are doing really well. They are growing into all their outfits and if they are lucky may earn themselves a place on the blog! They certainly have plenty of outfits hanging in their wardrobe. Here are the little lovelies, George and Matilda.

They are not the only ones who are yet to fit into most of their clothes, unfortunately for me most of mine don't fit either! I'd rather be like them and have everything too big but I guess the twins are only 7 weeks old as yet. I'm sure I can still manage some blog updates though...and I did get some great 'suck it all in' leggings for £4 in Primark, money well spent I think.

Something amazing happened today..the hubs agreed to me ordering some fabulous shoes from the Mulberry sale! I could not believe it and had them ordered the minute he said yes and before he changed his mind. I will save the details for when they arrive...I am sooooo excited!

I managed a little trip to my favourite vintage shop this week and picked up 2 dresses. I wore the orangey red one today with my leggings and a coral cardigan as well as the long coin necklace I had for my birthday. It is actually more like a tunic than a dress and I love the detailing on the shoulder. It was a bargain at £3.95, can't say fairer than that!

The second one was far more expensive at £7.95! I haven't worn it yet but it is a cute sundress and I can dress it up a bit or, more likely, wear with flip flops or ballet pumps. I like that it has a 'fake' wrap over style and a little tie at the side and is a cute print. I think I will have plenty to wear it with.