Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I decided to go for the red/pink trousers before it gets too cold to wear them, the temperature seems to have dropped over the past few days and you can tell it is September tomorrow. I am always sad to see the summer end, I really like the sunshine (if we actually get any!) and all too quickly it is back to tights and boots and cold, cold nights at work! I have even packed away my summer clothes for the year and dug out my winter boots. 

The trousers are from Primark, the shirt was from Gap a couple of years ago and I don't think I wear it enough and forgot how much I like it. I am wearing my leopard print pumps that seem to go with everything and a new cuff from Primark, I think it was £2! Bargain.

As I was sorting out my clothes I had a bit of a sort out of my make up etc in my bedroom, previously all my make up was in a clear acrylic box on my drawers but this looked ugly so I've put it all away in a drawer and put some nicer looking things out on show. I got the little tray, which I assume is mean to be a sandwich tray, from the Sue Ryder retro charity shop as well as the pink jug which I have put flowers in for now. I moved the jug ad bowl from upstairs to put my brushes etc in and added the little vase which was my Nan's. I think it looks very sweet! 

The portraits were taken at the wedding this weekend, don't they look fab! Really finish the area off.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Anniversary meal

As we were so tired last night we have been for an anniversary meal tonight at The Bulls Head in Repton. We have been once before and really enjoyed it. We had the biggest pizza's I have ever seen and had to bring half home in a box!

I wore some black skinny jeans from Next, a stripy top from New Look and my trusty navy Gap blazer that i've had for years. I love how the sleeves roll up and are lighter on the inside. I wore my gold cuffs, of course and some gold chains. I took my Primark black clutch and wore the bargain Gap shoes I have posted on here before. I was determined to wear them despite my knee injury which means I can barely walk!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Wedding fun

Another reason we have been so busy and I have been so bad at posting is because we have been to Surrey for the weekend for my brother in laws wedding. We had a fantastic day and evening. I wore the jade green dress I got on sale at the same time as the pink dress on the last post. I was so pleased with it but have to admit I barely got any photos of my in it! My husband and I were discussing the blog on the long drive home and realised that we should have taken a few snaps before we got started with the celebrations but totally forgot! I managed to find a couple of shots. Hubby will be pleased to see that, as it is our anniversary and he was best man at the wedding, he is finally appearing in my blog!

So here he is, looked pretty handsome if I do say so myself! I accessorised the dress with gold earrings and, you guessed it one of the gold cuffs and loads of smaller gold bangles. I wore the beautiful Prada's too and they looked great but oh did they hurt the balls of my feet. My feet were actually swollen this morning!
And finally, the Bride and Groom, Rob and Selina.

Back at last...

As I like to kid myself that people may actually read this blog, you may be happy to know that I have finally compiled a new post!! I have had a busy few days and have been without our computer so unable to upload photos. To make up for it I have a few for you. 

I am happy to say that today is my first wedding anniversary. How fast has that year flown!? At times it has been an interesting year but I am certainly as happy as the day we were married and the day we became officially 'a couple' 3 years ago.  I think this time last year we were relaxing after the meal and excitedly waiting for the evening guests to arrive. As hubby rarely fails to remind me I got very drunk on 'those little glasses' (shots) and I always blame my work friends!! Hey, it was my wedding day.

We have had some celebrations the past week or so. Last weekend was my lovely Mum's 60th birthday, yes Mum, that does make you old! Here is the outfit I wore for her afternoon tea party. It is the Boden dress I got a few months ago on sale, the jewellery was my 30th birthday present from my sister and cousins, it is from Paul Smith and matches perfectly. I was also wearing some lovely gold flip flips which you can't see and the trusty gold cuffs. I should have pinned the flower belt up higher but didn't really realise until I looked back at the photos. How nice do my Dad's tubs look too.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Viva la Vintage

I visited my favourite retro shop in Beeston again this week, I was unsure they'd have much new as I only went less than 2 weeks ago but I was wrong! They had tonnes of fabulous new things. This time we were shopping with a hungry baby so it was not as lengthly as the last visit but I still managed to find a few goodies. During the week I saw a sparkly top at Cow in Nottingham but it was £30 and I thought just a bit too tight so I left it, however I saw this lovely one for only £9.95! And it fits perfectly. I plan on wearing it with some slim fit jeans. It looks a bit strange on the picture actually but is very pretty. 

That brings me onto the second find and my most amazing one of all. I have been on the look out for a pink blazer since I saw the very stylish Ying on sporting one and it looked fabulous. I believe hers was also a vintage find. I saw one on the sale rale of Retro and Vintage and it was priced at £3!! Wow! It is Jaeger too so great quality. I wish I'd took some 'before' shots as I have altered the length by about 8inches, turned back the sleeves and changed the button. It is currently at the dry cleaners and I'm excited to get it back on Monday. The picture really doesn't do it justice, it's a very bright pink which will look great with jeans, despite what I was told at work today!!

The last picture is a £2 summer dress I was drawn to as it is yellow and you know by now I like yellow! It had a silk look lining which made the skirt stick out a bit but I have cut it out and it hangs much better now. Great with a tan belt of course.

I really need to stop going to these vintage shops but I love getting a bargain that I know no one else will have. And anyway, I've made a killing on Ebay this week so I can justify it!

Hello beauties...

Prada. Vintage. Gold. Beautiful. There really is nothing more to say.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Fish pie Wednesday

The hubs was at work today so I got up nice and early with him to make the most of a day off. I don't like wasting time in bed, I'll save lay in's for when I am at work! I decided to pop back into town again as I didn't really get to look yesterday. As you can see from the pictures I went for cropped jeans today, this is a change for me as I generally wear skirts and dresses. I am trying to wear more things from my wardrobe and haven't worn this Primark blouse for ages. I styled it with my favourite Primark pearls, I certainly have got my £2.50's worth from them. I nearly cried when they broke but managed to fix them with my Dads pliers! I have to confess I didn't wear the Gap lovelies to go out in, far too high for shopping but swapped them for leopard print pumps. At the last minute I grabbed this fab scarf, also Primark.

This top caught my eye in H&M, I was only really trying it for fun, not really intending to buy anything from here but really loved it when I fitted it on. It looks a bit strange on the picture but is quite different and I think is pretty cute. And it was a bargain at £14.99. Would be nice in a neutral too but didn't see one.

Here is the back view, I like how it buttons up down the back.


I found this lovely pink silk top in vintage shop, Cow. It was only £4 and thought it would like nice with the black Zara cropped slim leg trousers I also got. I like the sleeves as they are quite baggy and look a bit different to just a normal shirt. 

My final purchase was for my holiday to New York in October. I have already been thinking about what to take and as I'm not sure it will be cold enough for boots yet but know that ballet pump style shoes will make my legs ache walking around all day I needed another option. I decided to go for some Toms, I know, I know everyone has them so not very original but looking into them people seem to be raving about how comfy they are so will be just the job. Unless it rains of course! Oh well, I'll think that through another day...

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A blustery day

Today I have been for lunch in Nottingham with my Mum, Dad and sister. We had a lovely meal at a French restaurant (I forget the name!) and, although I don't normally like French food as I find it too rich I enjoyed a stew that could possibly even top one of my masterpieces. I do love making a nice stew, roll on the winter! In fact, we seem to have lost the summer already here, I was a little chilly in this dress today and wished I'd gone for a cardigan at times. As you can see I'm wearing the dress from Vintage Warehouse I got recently, my go with everything tan belt and a gold necklace (again!) I promise I did attempt to wear some different jewellery but I just can't stop the gold habit. It was pretty windy as well so we struggled to get some shot and we were in a hurry as my Mum kept coming out the door behind and my sister had to keep shouting 'we're not ready yet' so we'll have to make the most of them. I don't think I've worn the beautiful Mulberry on here as yet. It was a 30th birthday treat, with the matching purse of course! I think it is a bit bulky for summer so have been saving it but wearing it today reminded me how much I love it, and such a practical bag too.
Not much shopping today, might pop back into town tomorrow and have a proper look but did get the gold clutch from a little vintage charity shop in Hockley who raise money through the Holocaust centre. It was a fab little shop, loads of great little gifts too. And, the best bit, it was only £2.20! Bargain. It is going to go perfectly with my wedding outfits as I have 4 coming up! And, of course, it's gold. Love the 'hologramy' pattern too.

The nail varnish is Leighton Denny, All About Me. Fab colour.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Black and white

This is yesterdays outfit as todays will consist of pj's and then uniform as I've been on nights, not very exciting for a fashion post! I spent the day with my Mum and sister chilling out and sorting through my wardrobes! Surprisingly, they enjoyed this too! We made a bit pile of things that can go on Ebay and having them here meant I was pretty ruthless with what went, hey a girl needs to make room for new things doesn't she (lets not mention that bit to the hubby!) I think I'll spend this afternoon getting them on Ebay. 
The outfit is a long Primark skirt, a bargain at £9! You can't go wrong at that price. A really old t-shirt from Topshop and the usual gold jewellery. I can't remember where the heart was from but the bangles have been on here before. I was thinking maybe I need to try something other than gold but it seems to go so well with everything that I always just grab it with any outfit. 
Huum, just looked back at these photos and I look very tired in the top one, I guess working 'til 3am will do that to a girl!

Here are a couple of shots of my wardrobes...the second one especially still looks a bit cluttered but I promise it is in some kind of order. I wish I had a walk in wardrobe..a girl can dream...

Thursday, 4 August 2011

A guest appearance

Just a quick one today, off to work shortly :-( although with the very strange weather today perhaps that's no bad thing. Really wet and miserable but hot and sticky too I've just been out in my flip flops and a summer linen dress and I was still hot but wet! Good job I have to wear a uniform so don't have to make a decision.
It was a quick turnaround from work to babysitter last night! Due to the heat I threw on a red cotton dress which I am not sure I actually like. It is an old Gap number. I paired it with a pink belt, £1 from Primark, and pink jewellery, the necklace is Marks and Spencer and I think the bracelet is Accessorise. I like the clash between red and pink. You'll have to excuse the bad hair, lack of make up and slightly blurred 2nd shot!
I could not resist a guest appearance from my beautiful friends equally beautiful daughter, it was a successful evening babysitting. How adorable is she?!