Sunday, 29 April 2012

Change of plans...

We are having a pretty relaxing weekend compared to what we thought we may be doing. Last time we saw our consultant for the twinnies she 'pencilled' us in to have them tomorrow! Eeek, it was not confirmed but we thought it was looking that way. So we went back on Friday to find out for sure and they are both growing nicely (typical, now you grow grow grow babies!!) and so she is leaving them in! We have been booked in for 17th May so unless they decide differently we have a bit longer to wait...:-( 

Just for fun she decided to give me two massive injections in my leg and bum. Lucky me and it meant yet another trip to the hospital yesterday...even more money on crazy priced car parking, £3 for 48 minutes!

Anyway, now we know there is no rush to get sorted for tomorrow I am not doing anything until I go to my parents for a birthday tea as it is my birthday tomorrow. In preparation, this is happening in the kitchen...

Yep, he is making me a birthday cake! Lemon apparently, we shall see later how it goes. I'm sure it will be lovely and is very nice of him.

I did manage to fit a quick trip in to my vintage shop yesterday too and they had a half price sale on! Amazing! Unfortunately I seem to have been there a bit too often recently and they didn't really have anything I wanted which was a shame. However, they were having a sale to make room for lots of lovely new stock they have to put out this week so I can see another visit in a couple of days...yay!

I did pick up a couple of lovelies, a necklace and something I have been after for AGES...a globe!! I was sooooo excited to see one and it was a bargain price of £5 so half price at £2.50...sooo happy! And despite hubs saying he hates them and does not want one even he agreed it was pretty cool.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Uuum chocolate...

Today we finally managed to use the voucher we had for a Christmas present...just in time before the big arrival(s) It was for a chocolate making morning at a shop in Nottingham. To be honest, it wasn't the most taxing of mornings, we didn't actually 'make' any chocolate or do much with it as it was already melted and we just poured it into cookie cutter shapes and added some bits on top! But, we got to go together and we had fun which is the main thing. And we got to bring them all home!

Ignore my unwashed hair and the fact that I look like I've eaten enough chocolate to last me a lifetime!

Although I know I am meant to be resting we wanted to make the most of hubs being off and as we had to drive through town to get home decided to stop off for some lunch and a teeny tiny bit of shopping! We went to an Indian restaurant in the Corner House where they do a nice lunchtime menu and I had a lovely chicken wrap. We stopped off at John Lewis (of course!) to order a base for the car seat and someone could not resist treating the twinnies to a frog and ladybird sun hat! And no, for once it wasn't me!

We then popped to The White Company, most amazing shop for children's clothes (and general gifts) ever but normally quite pricey, however, we now have an 'outlet' floor which I love as they have clothes and accessories up to 70% off and you can pick up some amazing bargains. I got a pinafore dress and cardigan for baby girl twin and dungarees and a t-shirt for baby boy twin...all 4 things came to £30! 

Friday, 20 April 2012

Getting ready...

I have been struggling to sleep the past few nights, suffering from pins and needles and 'dead legs' all night and it's beginning to get on my nerves! It even meant I had to cancel my plans for lunch today as so needed a rest and a sleep, I have sat around all day and thought I may as well update the blog with my latest things of interest.

We have been deciding what to pack for the twinnies to take to hospital, we have been advised I will be there for a week to ten days and so will actually need quite a bit. As babies grow soooo fast we don't have many really small things. I popped into Tk Maxx to see what they had in the way of baby clothes yesterday. Over the years I have found that the store near me is actually pretty rubbish, that is until I looked at the children's clothes. They have some unusual and different things to the shops I normally go to which is nice. A lot of the clothes seem to be from America or France and they are more unique than Next or Mothercare (don't get me wrong, I still like these shops too!) 

A few weeks ago I had seen this lovely cardigan which is from the 'boy baby' section but will actually be ok for girl twin too. It was originally £40, went down to £30 but I thought it was far too expensive for a baby cardigan so left it. I noticed yesterday it was now £20 and decided to snap it up, extravagant perhaps but soooo cute...

I have had a couple of bits delivered that I bought off ebay this week too, both are lovely little vintage pieces. I can't wait to wear the cute cat and pearl brooch. The bracelet is by a jewellery designer called Sarah Coventry, I think she mainly made pieces in the 70's and 80's and you can often pick up a bargain from one of her ranges on ebay. I have previously posted a couple of brooches she designed on here and occasionally have a look to see what nice things of hers are for sale, I do have to pick and choose as many of her things are not to my taste.

Finally, I have made this cute cushion for the nursery this week, I am going to make an owl one next...

Monday, 16 April 2012

Vintage Shopping

I briefly popped into my favourite vintage shop on Saturday but had the hubby in tow and so barely got to look at anything. A few little lovelies caught my eye and as it had been sooooo long since I looked at anything other than baby things I was keen to have a proper look. I know I am meant to be resting so parked near and took it easy and I've sat down for the rest of the day (Mum if you're reading!!) 

On Saturday I did manage to pick up this lovely pearl necklace for the bargain price of 95p! It is so simple and pretty and has a cute clasp to do it up, I could not believe the price. Today I found this leather clutch, it looks a different colour on the photo, it is more a tan colour and has a suede trim, also a bargain at £2.95. From the lining inside, bold stripes, I would guess that it is 1980's.

I loved how some of the items they had in today had little labels telling the buyer about then, for example there were some cute black shoes saying that the owner had worn them to Buckingham Palace when her Father got an award. Another saying it was from John Lewis is the 1960's and was the height of maternity fashion when she bought it. If only I had seen it a few months ago! I think it's nice to find out about the history of the clothes. 

To be honest, there wasn't a great deal that I actually wanted to buy today and I even over heard the shop manager complaining she didn't have much 'good' stock, there was plenty to look at though and they had done the displays nicely. I wanted some vintage buttons but didn't see any that really interested me.

I did find the cutest little dress for baby girl twin, it said it was from the 1980's and looks just like what my Mum would have dressed my sister and I in. At £2.95 it was another bargain and in perfectly beautiful condition. I found the book as well for my hubs to add to his growing 'library' for the twins. It is a 1970 edition 'What Daddies Do' and explains where all the Daddies go to work everyday, including his job. The paper cover is a little ripped but inside is in great condition and the pictures are lovely.

Finally I got 3 items of clothing, it is quite hard to choose things when you have a massive tummy and cannot try anything on but I 'guesstimated' that these skirts will be ok and figure, worst case, I can use them for the fabric. I have washed them to put away for the summer when I am not stuck rotating my limited maternity collection! All 3 things were £4.95, 2 are 'designer' finds and the red/green flowery one is from St Michael (M&S). At the time I thought I would change the buttons on the shirt but now I am not so sure? I'll have to see when I try it properly. 

All in all not bad for an hour out the house. Luckily it is local and so I will be able to pop in once the twins are here, hopefully they can fit a double pushchair!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Introducing the nursery...

I am really glad that we managed to sort the nursery out towards the start of the year, I am so tired and can't do anything remotely physical, including shopping (boo) that at least I don't have to worry about being ready for the grand arrival. Their official due date is 6th June but we anticipate them coming sometime in May and are as ready as we'll ever be...

We were initially going to decorate in a Paddington Bear theme as I had seen some wallpaper and fabric and thought that the walls would be a palish blue, however, when we were in John Lewis one day after Christmas buying loads of their things and ordering the cots we saw this AMAZING paper by Harlequin and immediately went to the fabric and paper department to look at it. We knew instantly that we wanted it and came home to measure up.

My Auntie had said that she would help me make the curtains and my Dad and the hubs papered the chimney breast. We tested about a million different greens before settling on the first one we found in the B&Q Colours range, I forget the name now. It all came together pretty easily. We chose a pink blackout blind from Dunelm and some white children's furniture from Ikea. Our friends and their little baby girl came over for the day and whilst the boys built everything us girls ate cake and talked about babies, perfect!

The beautiful curtains that I had a little (ok, a lot) of help in making. 

The lovely wallpaper and matching fabric for the curtains and cushion. 

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Baby Shower Day!

Yesterday was my baby shower, organised amazingly by my fabulous sister and Mum. It was a lovely afternoon and myself, hubby and the twinnies were very much spoilt. In fact, they are the luckiest pair of babies in the world and they've not even made an appearance yet. I really did not expect everyone to buy them (and us) so many lovely gifts and we have been unpacking them all morning, I think we will now need a bigger nursery! Thank you so much to everyone who came, ate lots of cake and mostly thank you for all the beautiful gifts.

 Here is my baby shower outfit, I got the dress from Mamas and Papas a few weeks ago and might as well get some wear out of it! I have teamed it with a yellow brooch which I can't remember where I got, I've had it so long and a yellow cardigan from the Boden sale.

The shower had an owl theme, I love owls and my sister found the lovely decorations on Ebay. We even had party bags and party games which my Mum managed to win 2 of, huum a fix I say! 


Saturday, 7 April 2012

New shoes

Ok, so I can't walk around the shops anymore, I don't want to spend on clothes (for me anyway!) as we are saving for the big arrival(s) and hey, nothing fits me but this doesn't stop me dreaming of days gone by and when normality (ha, ha) will return again...

In answer to all these problems I have these beautiful new sandals, £3 from Primark, I didn't even get them, my lovely cousin did (huum, I do owe her £3 now I come to think of it!), they fit me and of course they look lush.

There is just one problem...

I can't reach down to do them up!! 

Friday, 6 April 2012

Back - apparently by popular demand!

Well, where do I begin? I guess from around last October when I stopped writing this blog. As most of you will know it was around this time that hubs and I found out we were expecting a baby, very exciting news indeed! I felt awful to say the least, none of my clothes seemed to instantly fit and I certainly didn't feel like writing a blog of any kind never mind centred around clothes. So, it kinda trailed off...

Then we went for our 12 week scan and found that everything was fine, twice as fine in fact as there were twins in there! We could not believe it, still can't I don't think! 

And here we are 31 weeks later...

This is a few weeks ago now, I must take a more up to date one. To get you quickly up to date, we have a boy and a girl in there, very lucky indeed. A few weeks ago I was advised by our consultant to rest and help them to grow a bit more so I am signed off work and generally have my feet up. Yes, it is the life! Well apart from the constant aching but I don't have long to go now. 

It has allowed me the time to do much more of the crafts that I enjoy, I have had Violet the sewing machine out, dug out my jewellery making bits and bobs and have been being generally creative.

Here are some of the bits I've been doing, an eye mask as a bit of fun for hubs, he will need this for some much needed daytime sleeping all too soon! A little bird to hand in my wardrobe and most excitingly, some curtains for the shed. We have the best looking shed around I'm sure ;-)

I hope you enjoy the new and slightly updated blog, don't expect too many clothes on here, I don't fit into any and don't buy any now either, I'd much rather buy baby outfits. I have many more ideas for posts and will get them up when I can, sure to follow is the nursery and more crafting as well as some fashion in there somewhere!

Special thanks to those who inspired me to start the blog again, there have been a few of you and two ladies especially, you know who you are xxx