Saturday, 26 October 2013

Day trip

On Thursday the twins and I had a lovely day out with my Mum, sister and Aunt. We went to a little place past Melbourne called Staunton Harrold or something similar! Excuse me if that is totally the wrong name! It had a courtyard area where you could sit out and have some lunch, as it was such a lovely sunny day we took advantage of the Autumn sunshine and did just that. It was great as it was safe for the twins to run around which they loved and there were plenty of people with dogs which pleased them!

There were all little gift shops around the sides which we wandered in and out, picked up some lovely fresh bread and just pottered around. There was a giant chess board to play as well which kept the twins entertained moving all the pieces around.

I decided to wear a new skirt which I got recently from White Stuff. It has little foxes all over! I wore it with a co-odinating t shirt from Primark and leopard print tights which I am really not too sure about?! I also wore my tan boots and a greeny coloured gilet for warmth although I barely needed it.

I have to say, I cannot recommend these tops from Primark enough. I have a few colours and they wash and tumble dry fantastically and the best bit is they are only £3.50! I seem to spend a lot of tim trying different t shirts and never really find one I like but these are up there! Much better than the Gap one I had to return after one wash and tumble dry and it had shrunk!

The last photo is a little corner of the courtyard, don't you wish your garden was a lovely as this!?

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

60's style

The twins and I went back to town this morning to take back and swap things from Monday! I decided to wear a dress that I have not worn before from Chinti and Parker. It is different to, in my head anyway although as I type it I'm wondering if it actually is?!, other things in my wardrobe and so I gave it an outing. It doesn't need anything else to go with it accessories wise so I teamed it with my little brown Office boots and fabulously huge Zara shopper.

I went back into Primark, for my sins, although it wasn't too busy. I was tempted with this cute skirt, it has reindeers on and following my last post we know how I feel about them! But I decided that I was too old and I didn't really need and skirt AND leggings with them on. I did however, pick up this cute tartan dress which I fear may be too short when I try it on again properly but maybe with some thick tights it can work.

Before I go to watch Gogglebox (how funny!) I just have to comment on the twins in these photos! This is what my mornings look like!

Monday, 21 October 2013


It has felt like a really long day today, probably because little miss Matilda decided that 3.30am was a good time to wake and not really go back to sleep and at 6.30am I decided to cut my losses and let the day begin! We were going into town to meet my Mum and the weather was terrible, it has felt like it has poured all day long. 

I decided to go a little bit nautical today but with a striped skirt rather than a striped top for a change. This one is a Boden summer sale bargain, I had my eye on it all summer and snapped it up for around £20 I think towards the end of the season. As you can see from the photos I was enjoying seeing if the skirt could twirl! I was struggling to know what top to wear with it. I think I am in need of some more tops? I decided on a plain grey t-shirt from Gap as I was going to wear grey boots which I didn't mind getting wet. I wore an old favourite, my chunky Primark pearl necklace to complete the outfit.

The final outfit shows my favourite purchase in a long time. Some reindeer leggings! I know it is 'not even November' you know who you are, thanks for reminding me! But there were hardly any left and it doesn't need to be Christmas to rock some reindeer print leggings, does it?

I know you are all loving the carpets at the new house! This one is actually going next weekend and I cannot wait, which reminds me, I must book the decorator!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Aaannnnd relax its rest days

Aaaah finally I am sitting down browsing the internet whilst watching British Bake Off. Twins asleep, toys packed away, pomegranate flavour cuppa...sometimes it really is the simple things. For those four days that I am at work I literally feel like I don't get a spare 5 minutes so it is lovely to relax for the evening. I think I'll even have a bath before watching The Paradise!

Because of my uniform getting in the way of my outfit choices ha,ha I have not worn very much other than that and my pj's the past couple of days. Todays post shows my outfit from Friday I'm afraid. Back to normal for a few days tomorrow! 

I am wearing my Hobbs NW3 skinny jeans with a Gap white vest and denim shirt. I also wore my new little ankle boots that I recently posted and were a bargain from ebay. Ooh, I nearly forgot my beautiful leather jacket. I got it from a secondhand clothes selling page on Facebook. It is a Kate Moss for Topshop one and it is so lovely, the lady I bought it from had clearly loved and looked after it and I am happily doing the same. You really can't beat a nice bargain can you? Speaking of which, I think I'll go and peruse the Boden mid season sale in the bath...heaven!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

A flowery day

Just a quick post for today as I await a visit from my friend and her little man. He is just a few weeks older than my monkeys so there is bound to be some chaos!

I decided to put on this cute easy to wear dress by Johnnie B at Boden that I got from ebay for around £5! Bargain. It is a little short so needs to be worn with tights! I have teamed it with a green H&M cardigan. 

I know that you are all enjoying the carpet in my bedroom at the new house aren't you? Unfortunately it is not the worst and is here to stay for a while yet!

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Date night

The second post of the day for you lucky readers! I will start by saying that I am thrilled to see that so many of you are reading this little ol' blog of mine. At my last check there were 185 hits today alone. I am so pleased and hope you are enjoying it. I have had a little re jig earlier when the twins were napping but I am still not happy with it. I need some time to spend on it.

Tonight meant a much needed child free catch up with my lovely friend at The Wollaton just near to me. I have not been for a couple of years and it was really nice. I had the slow cooked lamb dish served with mash and red cabbage followed by a sticky toffee pudding. I would definitely recommend it.

I wore my Boden skinny jeans which I have mentioned on here a few times recently and am loving. These are my third pair this year with the first two being bright colours so I decided to go sensible with these ones. The top is a really old Primark one that I have not worn for sometime and the cardigan is an old faithful, worn loads of times on here, H&M lovely. The shoes are also Primark. And I am really not sure why I am looking down on both these photos. When I looked back at them I seemed to be doing it on loads of them!

Going for gold...and green...

In a bid to try and wear different things hanging in my wardrobe I opted for this Whistles dress that I had from the summer sale but had yet to wear. On impulse and before I'd picked out the dress, I put on these green tights. I am sure they will make some of you think of Robin Hood (Neil - cuz mean you here ha, ha!). But they are a change from the norm so there you have it.

The dress is so comfy, I can see this becoming one of my favourites throughout the winter. An easy 'go to' piece and feels quite warm too. I decided to dress it with my chunky gold necklace I had last winter from NW3 at Hobbs and these amazing bargain boots from Ebay. They were bnwt and cost me 99p! They are from Office and, again, I can see me getting some wear out of these this winter.

On a slightly different note, I was discussing my blog last night with hubby and saying how I want to improve it but don't really know how. The site that I use, Blogger, is good for exactly that but I really need a website. I have no idea how to start with this? I think you can pay someone to help set it all up for you but does anyone know anymore? I think a website would be easier to run and look better. I can then add links and other things to it such as my Facebook site. Any advice would be very much appreciated! Please feel free to comment on here or contact me on Facebook.

Monday, 14 October 2013

The computer is back!

I am so happy that we have finally managed to have the computer fixed! We have spent the past few months without being able to use and and you don't realise how much you use the internet for day-to-day tasks. Obviously, I have been able to use my phone but it really is not the same browsing for clothes on the iphone is it ladies? Not that I have spent the evening internet 'window' shopping...

I have my eye on something in leather! I ordered a 'pleather' pencil skirt from Next but just didn't feel that it fitted right. I then managed to find some real leather trousers from the Next clearance but they are too big. This evening I looked at a couple of dresses in the Next directory but they are all out of stock! Typical! And I'm not sure why all these things were from Next?!

I totally forgot to take photos of my outfit today which is a shame as I really liked it. I will have to wear it again another day. I have posted similar before but this time I added tights as it was a freeeeezzzzing day. It was a t-shirt dress from Chinti and Parker and my Next boots that you are sure to see plenty of this winter, just like last! I teamed it with my lovely Gap trench.

Here are some shots that I have taken over the past few days of my outfits. I love this Joules bird print shirt the most with my fab turquoise jeans from the Boden summer sale. I found that I was not keen on the orangey animal print cardigan anymore and am considering getting rid!

Friday, 4 October 2013


Today seems to have been full of DIY and house renovation related incidents. Mostly not very interesting! This morning was spend sorting the underlay for the carpets and arranging to see a decorator and the afternoon looking aimlessly at the recently broken shower hoping it will magically start working without me a) doing anything or b) paying for anything. That was as well as looking at the 'need to be fitted' roller blinds hoping they too will somehow cut and fit themselves. And despite well meaning comments from a friend, I know that they can 'easily be cut with a saw' and that re decorating a hallway and landing is simple (cough cough) it is not something I can be bothered to tackle! If you want to bring a saw and paintbrush feel free...and a new shower whilst you're at it!! 

Anyway, it's not all bad, I got lunch out from my Mum! Today's outfit consisted of a striped pink Gap tshirt which I am no longer loving, it seems to have gone all bobbly. A Gap denim skirt that I got yesterday for £6! Bargain and a bright pink gilet which matches one Tilly has perfectly. We know how I like a matching outfit or two! 

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Feeling sheepish?

Here are the outfits from the past couple of days. I tried to post the first one yesterday but for some reason it seemed to disappear without a trace and I was too tired (and watching gogglebox - how funny!) to re do it! Anyways, my skirt and jumper are both from Banana Republic. I mentioned on here that I love their clothes and feel both happy and sad that there is only one store in London. It's nice because no one in Nottingham really has much of their stuff but bad for me (although Jonny will disagree!) as I can't go there every other day! 

I loved this skirt when I saw it on the website and was pleased to snap it up. The jumper is from their more casual collection and is a really soft silky fabric. Unfortunately the twins clothes seemed to be covered in Velcro fastenings yesterday and keep snagging on the material which did not please me!!

Today we popped to Mac Arthur Glen to get the Tillster some trainers from Clarks. I was thrilled to find out that they both need bigger shoes so we ended up with three new pairs. When wanting to look I. Kurt Geiger I tried the 'you had new shoes now it's mummy's turn' tactic but it didnt work and she screamed to come out the pushchair whilst poking a sleeping George in the face. 

I wore, for a change, my boden trousers. I also wore a plain white Gap tshirt and a fluffy gilet from Next. When I put it one jonny started laughing hysterically, pointing and saying 'what is that, look twins a sheep a sheep' which started them both looking at me and 'baaaahing' needless to say I ignored all three and wore it anyway! 

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Like Mother like Daughter

I don't really have much to say today other than check out Tilly and me wearing matching outfits! Yes, we are that cool!!

My jeans are Boden, my top is from Fat Face and an H&M cardigan. Tilly is wearing hot pink jeggings from John Lewis, a primark top and John Lewis cardigan. 

Same old, same old!

Looking back over the past few blog entries I notice that all my outfits are pretty much the same. In fact, the one day recently I have worn a dress I forgot to take any photos! I really must make more of an effort to try new things! I guess I always come back to the same old problem, I need to be more practical now with the twins literally running all over the place. I can't really wear a mini skirt and £20 tights on the play park can I!?! (Huum, maybe I can, I am still 'me' underneath the mummy veil?!) 

Speaking of tights, I have been excited by a fairly recent purchase! I ummed and aahed over some boden ones but they had such good reviews and 20% off I ordered them a few weeks ago and have been waiting for the weather to cool. They come in a sensible black and grey and a funkier turquoisey/green and plum.  Now I re read this paragraph I realise what a loser it makes me to be so exited over tights but there you have it!

Here are the outfits from the past few days. I wore my fab new denim shirt from Gap that I was pleased to get 30% off a few weeks back, a striped T also from Gap and some boden trousers which are my new 'go to' item!

On the other photo I am wearing a boden top from a seconds shop I have found on Facebook. I will find the details and post them but there is a fab lady who sells last season or slight seconds, over stock that sort of thing. Mainly boden but some white stuff and other bits too. And loads for kiddies! This was current season boden vastly reduced! I love the cute pockets. The jeans are Next and the scarf was a gift from my lovely bestie, Anna.