Friday, 30 May 2014

The long skirt

I bought this skirt in total impulse from Next a few weeks as I fancied giving a long skirt a trying after seeing a few around and liking the look. It was a great price at only £20 and is lovely fabric and really comfy. I had it sitting in my wardrobe whilst I debated over whether to keep it or not but decided to step out my comfort zone slightly and go for it.

I was having lunch at the Bottle Kiln and then seeing my lovely (cake providing) friends this afternoon so it seemed as good a time as any. I wore it with a lovely red tshirt that I picked up from Joules yesterday after finding out the offer 15% 'blue light' discount. It is definitely worth checking this out as it seemed to cover loads of professions including nurses and voluntary work as well. 

I am wearing my chunky gold collar necklace from Hobbs which George refers to as 'Mummys apples!'  I also wore my Primark denim jacket and some navy peep tipoe flats from Primark. 

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Pyjama party

I absolutely love these new trousers from Boden. The second I saw them I knew that they would be just the thing for me, my decision was picking the colourway. They also come in pink and navy and I am very tempted with the pink too. I'm keeping my eye on them, the reviews are not great (people are you crazy!) so I'm hoping that Boden have a high level of stock left and put them in the sale at 50% off! I know that they do look a little like pyjamas but I really like them, they are so soft and comfy and look really cute. They are going to be lovely with sandals if this rain ever stops. I wore them the other day teamed with a grey Matalan tshirt, white pumps and a denim jacket both from Primark. My necklace is really old, I can't even remember where it is from as I have had it for so long but is a perfect match for the trousers. 

Speaking of cute sandals, I need to collect the new lovelies that I recently ordered from the Next directory. Last week I was lucky enough to complete some market research that involved trying on shoes and being paid for the pleasure! It was literally my perfect job! But I immediately spent the money on new shoes, typical. 

Sunday, 25 May 2014

The perfect jumpsuit

I have been on the quest for the perfect jumpsuit for months now. My obsession with them has even become a running joke with the most unlikely of fashionistas on my shift at work. I have search high and low, cheap and expensive and everything else in between to find one I love. I even have two hanging in my wardrobe but I am just not feeling them and one is a black jersey 'evening' style that I paid a small fortune to probably only wear once! 

Anyway, I was collecting some bits from Next the other day and had a few mins to spare and popped into Matalan next door. I wasn't even looking and there it was, the perfect jumpsuit! I knew all along I'd know when I saw it and I was right. It was a bargain price of £16 and fits perfectly. I have found that although I'm not overly tall at 5'7 many of the ones I tried on were too short in the body, this one fits like it was made for me. It has hung in my wardrobe for a while whilst I decided for sure, decisions, decisions, and yesterday seemed as good a day as any to wear it. I was only going to get some sandals for Matilda but it is prefect for throwing on for a shopping trip or similar as it requires no thought or coordination with other things! I teemed it with some Gap shoes and a Primark denim jacket and gold accessories.

And please excuse the dodgy phone case, after smashing the screen and spending a ridiculous amount to fix I thought I'd better play it safe!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

West Side Story

These photos were taken last week when I was heading out to see West Side Story at then theatre with my Dad. It was a fantastic show and nice to go out and do something different for a change whilst my sister babysat for the evening. 

As always when I am heading out around twin bath/bedtime it is a mad and hectic rush and so 'choosing' an outfit isn't really an option. I went for my favourite easy jeans, a cute shirt from Joules with birds printed all over it and a Fat Face cardigan. I admit to liking these necklaces after seeing Cameron Diaz in her latest chic flick for my birthday. I am not embarrassed to say that I wanted to see the film purely for her outfit choices! She had some that were similar to these, mine are from H&M and she looked great in them. In my head, I look just like her in them, haha!

My photos include what would normally be 'out takes' that I wouldn't publish but it was pretty much impossible to get a photo without little miss Matilda grabbing my legs so they ended up like this.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Birthday sunshine fun

I can barely believe my little lovelies are two already, time is flying by and they are growing and developing in leaps and bounds. So much so that I think two is old enough, I will be quite happy with them staying this age forever. Their little chattery personalities already different to the other and their clearly unbreakable bond so strong. They deserved every second of the fabulous party with their little friends on Saturday. 

I decided to order the 'Matilda' dress from Boden. I loved it the second I saw it and it's name confirmed I had to have it. I am really pleased with it and it felt comfortable and summery for their party. Other than the fact that being linen it is a pain to iron, I can see myself wearing this a lot. And that is coming from someone who had to think about where the ironing board was!

I popped to pick up a tshirt for George today to wear under the cutest dungarees he had for this birthday and nipped into Matalan. I admit that whenever I go in their I usually see something that I like and end up buying. For their prices I don't think you can fault them, much better quality than primal for pretty much the same prices. I have been looking for a jumpsuit for ages and saw a cute one today in a navy and white print so I snapped it up for the bargain price of £16! I've yet to try it on and decide if it's a keeper!

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Lovely leopard print

I really wanted to wear a navy long cotton skirt today but as it is pouring I decided against it as it would get all soggy on the bottom. What is with all this rain? I needed a quick change before running out the door so grabbed my jeans, these ones a from Matalan and I love them, best jeans I have had in a long time. I'm also wearing a KIN for John Lewis jumper which I love, striped Primark shoes and for a slash of colour a fab Boden leopard print belt.

Spring sunshine

I am pleased that the weather seems to have been changing, today's pouring rain aside, and I can wear my more summery clothes. I have put away my winter things and refuse to wear tights again until the autumn. This outfit was one I wore last weekend and I really loved it. It is so bright and summery and it felt really comfy and a little different of my normal jeans and tshirt.

The skirt is Boden, I have the matching top which is exactly the same and I do think it would work together for a special occasion but maybe not everyday. I like how George refers to the print as 'mummy's sunshine' - too cute! I am wearing it with a yellow long sleeved tshirt from Asda and some Primark pumps which cost me a bargainous £6! I also have them in navy, at that price who needs to decide between the two?!

Looking back at the photos I am reminded that I had to pretend to try something on in Tesco in order to use their mirror before mine had been replaced!

Stripes and leather

I can't believe it is well over a month since I last posted on here, the year seems to be flying by! I have managed to take a few photos here and there, especially since I replaced my smashed mirror with a new one for my birthday.

The striped dress has fast become one of my favourites, it was a bargain at £12.99 from H&M and I have worn it quite a few times since it's purchase. I like how the length falls just under the knee. On this occasion I have teamed it with a cute Topshop preloved leather jacket, a Primark scarf and tesco flats.