Friday, 30 September 2011

A small admission

It has been another really hot day again today and the last one off before I am back at work tomorrow (boo!) I spent the day shopping in Nottingham with my Mum. I have to say it was a really unsuccessful shopping trip, I'm not sure if it was too much in the heat but I really wasn't feeling it today. I had seen a nice skirt from Monsoon, I don't normally shop here really but it looked good in a magazine but it didn't suit me. Shame really as it was £19 in the sale! Oh well...

Anyway, my small admission is that I look at the stats for my blog all of the time to see if people are actually reading it. I am so pleased to say that they are and I have had over 1500 views since I started writing it. The stats tell me where people are reading it from, obviously most people are from the UK but recently I have noticed readers from Thailand, Germany, Australia...all over the world! This makes me so happy! I take the time to look at other peoples blogs so am over the moon that people are doing the same with mine. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think of what I 'blog' and what you'd like to see, oh and what you think of the new layout?

The outfit today consists of a Boden dress I have had for a few summers, I have barely worn it really. I kept it out of the things I put away for the summer as it looks ok with tights, boots and a cardigan for the winter. In this heat it was a good job I did. I wore a Primark necklace that I have worn many times before and used a very old bronze coloured Topshop bag that I have had for years and is worn and faded but this seems to make it look better.

Whilst I was getting hubby to take these I wondered what he was sniggering at, I now realise it is because he had captured himself in them! There was were also ones where he was waving at himself in the mirror. Good job I moved around the room slightly so you didn't have to endure him in them all. Mind you, wearing those pyjamas he doesn't deserve to be on here!

Whilst in town my Mum suggested we go to the Jamie's Italian restaurant for lunch, it took me, oh, about 2 seconds to agree! We sat outside which was lovely, if a little hot! We shared a starter meat platter which we ate before I thought to photograph it and then I had the burger which was a-maaaazzzz-ing, I originally took this photo to send to hubby to make him jealous but I'll share it with you all...

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Hotter than summer!

Well despite being nearly October it has been another hot day today and luckily I have been off work. The hottest I managed to record on my phone was 29.5 degrees! Because of the heat I had the problem of what to wear again. I opted for my vintage sundress as it is so light it makes it cool, some gold necklaces, one was my Nan's and one I had for my Christening, I think they look nice together. I also put on a pink Primark belt and a stack of pink bracelets which I have had for years, I think a couple are from Accessorize and maybe Next but I don't really remember.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

All about the floral

Yesterday my lovely new duvet set arrived and I excitedly put it on my bed this afternoon. I love a clean fresh duvet (who doesn't) especially a nice new one. I have a problem matching bet linen to my wall colour so struggle finding new ones. I have white which just seems so boring and a different florally one but I've had that since I moved in 4 years ago! Anyway, I saw this one in the Next directory and decided to go for it. I chose contrasting striped sheets and pillow cases as I like the miss match of them and picked up some fabric from Ikea to make cushions from. I spent hours making the flag one!

As it seems to have got really hot again all of a sudden, not that I'm complaining, just surprised, I have nothing to wear! I had got out of the habit of putting on fake tan and flip flops and put most of my summer clothes away for this year. I decided to wear a floral print dress from Monsoon which I have had for quite a few years but rarely wear. I dug out my favourite Tesco flip flops too. Excuse the undone hair!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Stripes and decisions

It is four weeks yesterday until we jet off to the Big Apple. Needless to say I am starting to get very excited, I have decided that it is not too early to start planning what I am going to wear either, despite what my family say! So far I have my new White Stuff hand luggage bag out on the bedroom floor and I keep putting things in it as and when I think of them. So far I have my all important neck pillow from Kennedy Space Centre (ha, ha) two books, Meet Me at the Cupcake Cafe and The Slap. Has anyone read them? Are they worth saving for the flight? The card game Uno and some new pyjamas I am saving until we go! I know, I know, I am really sad!

As if organising my hand luggage wasn't enough of a worry I need to think about clothes, obviously. As the weather could go either way at the end of October I am feeling quite challenged. I also have to share a suitcase with my husband which will be awful! Share a case!! We are all travelling in one car to the airport so with 5 of us there won't be too much room. 

I have put the clothes I am thinking of taking at the end of one of my wardrobes and keep changing them everyday as I think of different things. I am aiming for some things that I can mix and match. Shoes are also a worry, I am taking my comfy brown boots, some plimsol pumps which are also good for walking, my leopard print ballet pumps and am toying with the idea of my blue brogues and brown Uggs? The brogues are good if it rains and of course the Uggs are comfy and go with everything. This is all before I even think about what jewellery and accessories I take, I'm thinking one bag, my Mulberry Anthony as it's small but can fit enough in for the day and as it has a shoulder strap I won't have to carry it. Decisions decisions, I think it's a good job we still have four weeks to go. My husband on the other hand seems to be quickly tiring of hearing "lets look in my wardrobe at clothes for NY"

Anyway, enough of that for now, onto todays outfit. I was feeling very tired from long shifts over the weekend and two night shifts so got quickly dressed to pop to the local shops and to my parents for tea. I put on a t-shirt dress from Muji, a navy Abercrombie and Fitch cardigan, H&M leggings (which have about had it, thin and out of shape) some tan ballet pumps from Primark and my tan belt from Marks and Spencer.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Sewing with Violet

As I am back to work I have been wearing nothing but my uniform and pj's (which I am in as I write this, yes it is barely 6pm!) I don't have much to post fashion wise from the past few days. However, I have got my sewing machine, Violet, back from my friend who borrowed it and have been sewing a few bits. 

I have mainly made cushions. The ones with the birds one were actually a tea towel that I cut in half to make 2 slightly different ones and backed them with some lovely green fabric I had. The fabric was just too nice to dry the dishes with and they look great on the sofa. The yellow coloured one was also a tea towel that I got when I was in London, again, too nice to use as a tea towel and I love the print. I couldn't bare to cut it in two though and cut one of the birds in half! 

I have also made a cushion with an apple on it for my sister to use in her classroom and something for one of my friends but I won't give the surprise away on here. I need to finish the curtains for the spare room at some point too but I think I'll save that for another day!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Birds, bows, blue...and baby (slings)

This Monday morning my friend, Natalie and I, decided to take a  (dangerous for our bank balances) trip to Ikea. Details about the outfit later but Natalie kindly allowed me the best accessory and let me wear her swanky new baby sling with beautiful baby Freya in so I could carry her round! I should have got a photo of it but needless to say I was very excited! 

We decided to go for the 99p breakfast with free cups of tea, bargain of the day. After we had shopped we went back for cakes and more free tea!

Anyway, the outfit...I am wearing a shirt from the NW3 range at Hobbs which I got earlier in the year with a £25 off card from a magazine. It has little birds printed over it and I love the bows on the shoulders. I wore it with an old Gap denim skirt and, for this photo, my lovely blue Office brogues which when I wear people always look at strangely, like 'err is she wearing blue shoes?' If I'm honest I later changed into my Toms to try and wear them in a bit but the brogues look better!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Vintage Jewellery

I know I have been terrible at updating my blog recently, I have finally got around to taking some photos this morning and sitting down to write something again. 

Last week the hubby and I took a trip to London for a few days as a late anniversary treat. We had a great time doing some touristy things like Buckingham Palace, afternoon tea at the Ritz and, of course, some shopping! 

On the Saturday we went to a vintage fair at Bethnal Green and I had a wander around the fabulous Brick Lane and surrounding shops at Shoreditch. I absolutely loved it but I think I need to take a return trip with my Sister and Mum as it wasn't really his thing!

I didn't actually buy much for myself, we managed to get a few early Christmas present though! Amazingly early! I did get this lovely vintage necklace, it was from a lovely shop in Angel and I fell in love with it. I have worn it loads already. It wasn't as cheap as the normal vintage prices I am used to paying in Nottingham at £45 but as a treat it was worth it. In fact, we had a conversation with the girls in the shop about how expensive things were by comparison to other cities and they were envious of the amount of vintage places (and prices!) we have here.

My other find was the watch. This was from the fair and was £10. Not a bad price. I have been wearing this as a more 'pretty' watch as my normal one is not so delicate. 

I thought I would also show you some of my vintage brooches too. The green one is a Gap brooch I got new a few years ago, I'm not sure it would be classed as vintage yet but it has that look about it! The others I found on Ebay and were all under £2! There are some great ones to be found on there.