Sunday, 31 August 2014

Hot pink

I love this fabulous punk necklace and think that it works well with this striped Joules tee. I wore this with some jeans from Sainsburys. I haven't bought any clothes for me from here before but they recently had 25% off clothing and I picked up these jeans! a pink jumper and some great Chelsea boots and am really impressed with them.

The second outfit is a dress I got recently from Topshop. I never really shop here either but I was in Outfit where there are a number of shops within one and Topshop is one of them. I saw this dress and it is very 'me' I think it will work well with tights as we move into the autumn as well. Today I wore it with a long sleeved Gap tshirt.

Bicester bargain

I am so guilty of forgetting what I actually own and never using things, this was a typical example of this. I bought this beautiful Coach bag at Bicester Village a few weeks ago, it was an amazing bargain. I paid £159 for it and it was originally priced at £450! I absolutely love the salmony colour which actually seems to work with most things, despite being a colour it works really well as a neutral. Here I have teamed it with some simple grey jeans from Next. I really like these, the are from their everyday range and were only £26 and a great fit. 

I wore a navy sweater from KIN at john Lewis and some simple ballet pumps that I have had for ages from Tesco.


The September challenge

I have decided not to buy any clothes for the whole of September. I really don't need anything new and have, as usual, treated myself to a few bits post pay day! Very naughty and unnecessary. So, I wondered if I could manage with no shopping for a month, really, how hard can it be?! I will keep you posted. This includes the twins as well, they have more new clothes than me I think.

In the mean time I am pleased to see that the sunshine seems to be back. This week is meant to be nice in Nottingham at least. I had packed away mine and the twins summer clothes but have got them back out again to make the most of the remaining summer. 

Last night I spend a fabulous evening with my lovely friend Natalie. We were both child free for once and decided to treat ourselves to a night out. We went to Bills in town for a great meal. This place is great, they serve really nice, well priced food. I had the ribs! The breakfast there looks amazing too, something that I definitely want to try. We then headed to the Boiler Maker cocktail bar, we were lucky enough to get a table pretty quickly. In true classy style we then got the last bus home,can't beat it!

Last night I wore a Whistles dress that I sourced off eBay last year and have worn a handful of times, I really love it. I also wore my amazing Whistles heels that kill my feet and cost me a fortune but I don't care as they are beautiful. I experimented with a hot red lip as well!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Resisting the heating

What has happened to the weather? Grrrrr it is freeeezing and I am fed up of the winter already, how long until the spring comes? Ok I know it's not even remotely anywhere near winter yet but I really dislike the cold! I have resorted to putting away our summer clothes and sorting my winter boots and tights today. But I will not put on the heating!

I needed something to fill my time as I have been so poorly over the last few days I even had to give up double time at work! Annoyed does not begin to cover it. It seems a horrible tummy bug has been doing the rounds and the twins and I have both been suffering. I spent all day yesterday in bed and although I got up and dressed, eventually, today I wanted comfort so went for these grey jeans and cute top from Topshop. I just spotted it the other day and it is not a style I would normally go for but I've really liked wearing it and it's really comfy and I think it looks quite cute on. I like the pinky/nude colour, I'd be tempted to get it in a soft grey as well.

The jeans are Next and the white vest top is Primark.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014


I didn't take any blog photos last week as we were enjoying a week away in Norfolk, we had a fabulous time playing on the beach, exploring dinosaurs and stuffing our faces with ice cream and fish and chips. 

It's back to reality, although not back to work until Friday which is nice. And what's happened to the weather? It certainly seems to have taken an autumnal turn which I am really not happy about. I really am a sunshine and summer girl, I could happily live in the heat all year round and do not enjoy the hassle of winter, wrapping up all the time, worrying about the rain, iced up windscreens, days and days of left over slushy snow, I could go on...

I'll try to make the most of what left of the summer, it's still only August after all. My outfits over the past few days have been the following;


A simple mustard yellow top in the sale from Joules with a floor length navy skirt from Next which is so comfy and easy to wear. I also wore a chunky gold necklace from H&M.

It must be turning cooler as I have worn jeans! I love to wear skirts and shorts and love in them all summer but these pink lovelies are Boden ones teamed with a striped Joules tee.

Finally today's outfit which I wore for a stressful shopping trip to town, twins and town do not mix! I don't tend to take them unless I really need to but with a certain someone's birthday looming this week I really needed to get sorted! Yes, you Mother! I wore these fab Boden patterned trousers and had three people randomly come up to me and say how nice they are and where are they from! I wore them with a navy Primark vest and Banana Republic cardigan.

And just look at this little monkey! How am I meant to take blog photos with George weaving in and out my legs?! I think he thought his cool checks and dinosaur tee deserved a mention!