Saturday, 27 April 2013

The wrong trousers

When I woke up this morning and got dressed I was sure that the sun was shining and it would be a warm spring day. I put on my white linen trousers. Turns out, I was wrong. I ended up coming home before taking the twins back out for a walk to get another coat! I even changed into my jeans before going food shopping later in the day.

My linen trousers are from Matalan, the top is one I have posted on here before from Indi and Cold and my cardigan was from the Gap outlet.

It has been exciting times here over the past two days as both the twins have started walking with their walkers, we are hoping they start to take some baby steps soon!

Friday, 26 April 2013

Birthday lunch

Those of you who know me will know that I like to stretch my birthday week out as long as possible and I started with a lovely lunch with two of my besties today. 

I have to admit that with 5 kids under 4 between us it was not exactly a relaxing day but it was fab anyway! And I had a beautiful cake made for me which was a fantastic surprise and tasted amazing. What a lucky girl I am.

I realised today that I pretty much have a uniform of casual clothing consisting of navy and white striped t-shirts. I seem to automatically be drawn to them when I have no time to think about what to wear, it's like an addiction. Maybe I should go cold turkey?

Todays t-shirt is from John Lewis, the trousers are Boden and the cardigan is H&M.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Birthday shopping

As it is my birthday next week my Mum dragged me (kicking and screaming ha,ha!) into town to look to things to buy me. I hated it, no really, I did! Ok, I didn't at all! Isn't it annoying how you can never find or decide on anything when you know you can have whatever you like? I did pick three tops from White Stuff though and will post them on here after my birthday.

It's very true that after you have kids your own birthday doesn't seem to matter anymore. In reality we spent most of the morning looking at things for the twins big day instead. I picked up a few bits for them.

I wore a navy and white striped t-shirt from Matalan with my Next skinny jeans and the 'Chanel' jacket also from Matalan. I also wore my new leather loafers from Gap which I am loving as they are so comfy and seem to work with tonnes of outfits.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Spring pattern clash

I am very excited that the temperatures have been in double figures the past few days, it makes such a nice change and has been a long time coming. To make the most of it I have been cracking out my summer clothes, yay!

I really love the idea of pattern clashing but am never really sure how to achieve it, I have been on the look out for a floral skirt that I can clash with a spot or stripe print top but have yet to find one. I have been desperate to put on my floral jeans again with some more summery shoes and saw this top hidden in my drawer when I was getting dressed. It is a really old one from Gap that I have barely worn but realised that it would work really well with the jeans in a subtle pattern clash of the florals and stripes. I wore it with a cardigan with sequins on the pockets from H&M and a pink White Stuff scarf. My ballet pumps are from Tesco. I was really pleased with this outfit and enjoyed wearing it. Here's hoping for another lovely day tomorrow.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Spring clothes

This morning we went to the Bottle Kiln with my Mum and Aunt for a cuppa and a scone, the twins sat lovely for about half an hour which was great. I am reluctant to take them anywhere that involves sitting for too long as they get totally fed up! 

Continuing the determination for it to be spring I made Jonny get my summer clothes out of the loft this morning and then wore my H&M cropped trousers again. I wore the striped blue shirt I got from Matalan with a belt from J Crew. I wore some new moccasins I got from Gap half price in the sale, they are a really lovely soft leather and were comfy from the moment I put them on.

Leaving meal

I am very sad to say that my lovely cousin Amy is leaving us soon for pastures new, well, near London anyway! We thought it would be nice to go for a meal with Jonny and my sister Catherine before she goes. We ended up at the Cottage Balti on Chilwell High Road. We have been here a number of times over the years and always really enjoy it. We had intended to go to The Library but were disappointed to find that it had closed down, such a shame as we really liked that restaurant.

I am so pleased that we are starting have some signs of spring at last although what is with all the wind? At least there is some sunshine with it. I decided to wear my floral cropped trousers that I got a few weeks ago from H&M as I have been dying to wear them. I intended to wear them with these pink suede court shoes from Next but at the last minute swapped them for some flat pink Boden shoes in the same colour. I wore a black t-shirt also from H&M and a new grey jacket form Uniqlo, it was a bargain at £19.50. For the accessories I wore my pink necklace and earrings that I had for my 30th birthday from Amy and Catherine from Paul Smith, I love them!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

First birthday fun

Finally we are starting to see some signs of spring arriving and so I decided to crack out some of my summer clothes. We were meeting our baby group friends for a get together to celebrate all the babies first birthdays. I was lucky enough to meet a lovely group of friends at a baby massage course when the twins were a few weeks old, we have stayed in touch and meet up often. We were talking yesterday about how it has been nice to have each other for support over the months as there is someone in exactly the same position as you and feeling the same way about each stage you and your babies go through. I was already very fortunate to already have that support from my family and friends and even more so to have some fab new friends! I can't believe all our babies are turning one with the twins being the last in May.

I wore my H&M cropped trousers which I have in this green and a beige too, they were a bargain at £14.99. I also wore some fab new green trainers from Gap which I had my eye on and snapped up in the sale for £19.99 the other day. I took the twins for a walk around Attenborough Nature Reserve as well so wanted to be comfy. I wore an old Boden hoody and a navy and white striped t-shirt from John Lewis.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Aaah lovely rest days

At last, my rest days are here, well actually two of them have already gone. Good job I have since instead of four now hey! I found work much easier than the first few days which was nice and I am slowly starting to feel that I belong back there again. I did feel like I didn't get to see the twins for pretty much four whole days but I guess we will all get into the routine and I will hopefully feel less tired between shifts as I get more used to it.

It is very nice not to have my uniform on for a few days, I am finding it uncomfy as I am not used to wearing it. Yesterday I literally threw my jeans on and went to collect my lovely twins so no photos I'm afraid. Today Jonny's family have been over and I wore my H&M jeans which I really love and have been wearing all the time, a white Primark vest and a grey and white striped Boden t-shirt. I also wore a chunky green necklace which I have had for years and cannot for the life of me think where I got it from!

Last week when we went into town I saw a lovely dress in Whistles and when Jonny said I could try it on I was in those changing rooms as quick as a flash! Unfortunately, the one they had was too big and they didn't have any more. Luckily I managed to fine one on asos and it arrived Friday. It is not normally a shape that I would think of and would never have picked it out from a picture. It is called 'Cocoon' and that describes the shape, it is not at all fitted but some how hangs really nicely. What do you think?

Friday, 5 April 2013

Still no spring

Well as you all know this week saw my return to work after a year off with the twins. I have only done two shifts and really still have to find my feet again after so long off. I am grateful that my shift were so welcoming to me and I was well looked after at home as well. I have to say that I have been utterly  exhausted this week and think that I will be for sometime yet as we all settle into our new routine. 

We haven't really done too much since being off again, yesterday I went to the Bottle Kiln with my friend. I wore my floral Fat Face shirt, Fat Face jumper and H&M jeans. It was bitterly cold and I am thoroughly fed up with this weather, it is well into April and about time we saw some lovely spring sunshine!

Today we went for a nice spring walk with my Mum and Aunt, ha,ha, I wish, again it was freezing cold! I wore a shirt that I got a couple of weeks ago from H&M, it has little parrots and monkeys all over it and is really cute. I also wore a yellow cardigan that I had a good while back from Tesco but haven't ever worn. I am not too sure about it but my sister thought it was nice so I'll give it another try. I also wore my Matalan jeans. I am still really loving my new hair, I am so glad I had it cut.