Friday, 26 October 2012

Day tripper

We went on a lovely day trip to Birmingham today, me, the twins, my Mum, sister, Auntie and cousin. I got all organised last night and we were all up, fed, dressed and ready for the train this morning. The twins seemed to enjoy their first trip by rail, especially Tilly who spent most of the journey looking out of the window. 

First stop was the pop up Boden shop at the Bullring until Christmas, how amazing! It was only small but it was nice to see the clothes for a change rather than looking at them on the internet. Oooh, imagine if there was one in Nottingham...I can dream! I got a lovely kilt style skirt but it has been saved by my Mum for Christmas. It is a dark green and burgundy colour and I picked up a matching burgundy t-shirt to go with it. I don't have a picture as it has been hidden away!

We managed to get ourselves 5 free umbrellas! We were all very excited, they were giving them away to new customers but the lady was obviously feeling generous and gave us all one.

We had some lunch and a look around Selfridges, of course, could any trip to the Bullring be complete without it? I was conscious of not spending too much time looking at things that I can get at home and didn't buy anything other than a little Christmas present. Having said that, we did go into Gap. We do have one here but it is always really cramped and messy, I never seem to see anything which is a shame as I really love Gap and used to buy practically everything from there. The Birmingham one is much nicer and I found a top to match my red skirt that I have previously posted on here and was wearing today. I have been looking for a top to go with it as I don't really have anything and picked up a navy and white striped one that has red striped sleeves, the red matches perfectly and it was only £14.95, bargain. And you can't go wrong with stripes! I also picked up a navy cardigan which I haven't photographed.

My outfit today was the red skirt and a navy and white striped t shirt from John Lewis that has an exposed zip on the back giving it a nice look. I also wore my Ralph Lauren trench and Orla Keily scarf. I have posted all of these on the blog before but forgot to get a photo today as I was in a bit of a rush this morning.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Blue and green, never to be seen...

I was meeting my lovely friends for lunch at the fabulous Relish today and as hubby was on a late shift I had more than 3 minutes to get myself ready, what a luxury! I wanted to wear my new Gap pumps posted recently and decided to go against the old rule about blue and green never being seen as this is clearly nonsense!

I paired them with my leopard print Boden dress I got a couple of years ago, it is so comfy to wear and I was pleased to find it fits me again (just!) I wore my really, really old H&M cardigan that I have had for years and absolutely love. It goes with literally everything I own!

On the way home I popped by the post office and collected a parcel. It was my amazing new socks! I was seriously excited to open them, really! I ordered them a few days ago from Boden, of course, with a £10 voucher hubby had in the post. They were originally £25 which is clearly a ridiculous price for socks, although there are 7 pairs, but are currently on offer for £17.50 so with my voucher they were only £7.50. Bargain! Look how cute they are, all different coloured spots and in a gift box, amazing!

Saturday, 20 October 2012

A little bit of outlet shopping...

My sister and I decided to pop up to the designer outlet at Junction 28 today and see if they had anything interesting. I have found this to be very hit and miss and there are only a few shops worth going in. Still, it's a nice trip out and we had nothing else to do so why not shop hey!?

After a cuppa and a cake in Costa and milk for the twins we went into the relatively new Barbour shop. Nothing for us but if you are after a jacket they had plenty in. Also new was Kurt Geiger and they had some amazing bargains, flats for £19, boots for £50, really good buys but nothing that was quite right for me today.

Mamas and Papas had loads of great bits in and plenty of new baby things as well as for my growing twins but I had been not that long ago and got them a few things for Christmas. I did get some grey tights for Tilly that come with little leg warmers to wear over the tights...amazing!!

The final stop was Gap and by this time it was mid afternoon and really busy. I either find that there is nothing in here or loads that I like and today was the latter, whoops! I got a few things for presents but didn't really have a proper look at the kids things as George was 'voicing' his annoyance by now for all to hear! However, I found plenty for me. I always struggle with jeans but thought I'd try a pair and found some fantastic ones, dark denim 'curvy straight' style and they fit like a dream. In fact, I tried to get a second colour but they didn't have my size unfortunately. And they were 40% off making them £20! 

I also got these cute bright blue shoes for £13, I love the zip detail on the heel, 2 cardigans, one in a bright pink and one royal blue and a cute top for £9.99 which will be great with the jeans.

Lazy like a Sunday, no, Wednesday morning...

I know that this post is a few days late, I did take the photos on the day but never actually got around to updating the blog. I'm sure you can forgive me, what with having two babies to look after and all! (I wonder how many times I can use this excuse over the years...?)

We decided to have a lazy day and I admit that we didn't even make it to our normal baby group as Tilly was a bit under the weather and didn't wake up until 8.15am. Two babies fed (there it is again!) and dressed, me fed, showered and dressed, bottles washed and sorted and twins in pushchair and out the door in just over an hour - I don't think so! 

Even more of a confession is that I wasn't even going to bother getting anyone dressed, ha, ha until we had a phone call and visitors arranged for that afternoon and I thought we'd better make a slight effort. I opted for as close to pj's as I could find, a checked tunic from Gap which I have had for years and some old faithful Boden leggings. To top it off my fabulous owl slippers!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Relaxing Sunday

We have had a nice relaxing Sunday, a lovely surprise visit this morning and then lunch at my parents. The twins enjoyed some apple pie and custard!

I wore the skirt that I got yesterday with my olive green tights, a grey t-shirt from Uniqlo and a Boden cardigan I have had for a while. I thought that the skirt would be really easy to wear and whilst it is very comfy it is harder than I expected to know what top to wear with it due to the ruffled drawstring waist. 

I tried to get a photo showing the pattern on the cardigan but it's not the best shot. As you can see from the pile of clothes on the floor my evening was spent sorting my wardrobe!

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Queen of shops

Today hubby's friend visited us and we went into town to get some lunch and do a spot of shopping. I know it was Saturday afternoon but oh my god it was sooooo busy. I'm not sure Saturday afternoon with the pushchair is ideal, especially when I can go in the week instead! After a yummy lamb burger at Gourmet Burger Kitchen I popped into Hobbs to see what they had in the mid season sale. 

I had seen a cute NW3 denim skirt on their website and was pleased to see it was now £34 from £69. When I went to pay I was even more pleased to find it was now £29, Bargain!

It looks a bit of a strange shape on this photo but it has a cute drawstring style waist and pockets, it falls above the knee and i'm hoping it will look good with some coloured tights.

Originally I put on my red jeans for today but at the last minute I changed into my normal denim ones as they are more comfy, I wore a plain white Gap t-shirt and my gold NW3 Hobbs necklace I have posted on here before. I love how easy it is to wear and makes a simple top look nice with little effort.

Someone seemed very keen to get to bed this evening, all the shopping obviously wore him out and he was asleep before he even got to his cot!

I have spent the rest of the evening relaxing in a nice bath and reading tips from the Queen of Shops herself...

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Fish and chips

We have been out for lunch again today (this will not help my diet!) and before I post what I wore I will share with you what hubby had for his lunch. I don't imagine he will need to eat for a week...

Needless to say, he didn't manage to quite finish it all!

I decided to wear a dress I got a few weeks ago from Tkmaxx. I cannot normally be bothered to look in here but the one near me has been re done and it a bit easier to see things. I spotted this Cynthia Rowley dress for the bargain price of £27. I was really unsure about it and didn't even try it on but decided to go for it and see what I thought when I got home. I was pleasantly surprised and, after my sister agreeing it was nice, I kept it. 

I wore the olive green tights I got from Primark this week as well as a brown Boden cardigan I have had for ages and to dress it down my new trainers (again!) Even hubby commented that it looked nice.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Sunshine yellow

Today I wore my sunny yellow top and cardigan that I have had for years. Both were from Boden, the top was something crazy like £11 which I seem to remember being the reason I ordered it and was actually really pleased with it. I like the purple beading around the neck. Because of this I just wore my cute little bee necklace as it is simple. The cardigan was also in the sale.

 I wore my cute new trainers, they are seem comfy and so far I am really pleased with them. I think they will be great for all the walking I do with the twinnies. It's funny how my wardrobe has totally changed since having them and I am thinking if things are practical which I never bothered with before! 

At the last minute I remembered the pretty new bracelet my cousin got me from South Africa recently, the colours went well with the yellow top. When we got home these jeans had been delivered from Next. They were on a delay and since ordering them I had kind of decided not to keep them when the arrived. However, they look quite nice and hubby liked them so they are staying.

Now to spend the evening laying on the sofa recovering from the worlds biggest fish finger sandwhich at dinner with our lovely friends who finally got to meet the twins!

Friday, 5 October 2012

New trainers

I popped into town today with my Mum and the twinnies, as usual they stole the show and we could barely walk anywhere without someone stopping to talk to us. I have to say that this novelty has still not worn off. I love it and am amazed at how many people look at the pushchair and say 'aaah twins' or 'look twins' literally everywhere we go people stop to talk to me and ask about them and I don't mind one bit. One comment today did make me laugh, everyone always asks how old they are and when I said 4 and a half months she said 'wow and you're dressed and out the house?!' I mean really do people think I sit in all day just because I've got twins?! 

I get asked the same questions over and over but I don't mind -  they are always some combination of...
'how old are they?'
'how much did they weigh?' 
'2 boys?' me - 'no Matilda is a girl' them 'oh, yes of course' 
'One of each, aren't you lucky the perfect family' - of course I know I am very lucky indeed but it does always surprise me that people think this, surely any combo is amazing!
'double trouble, I bet they are a handful'
'are the good?'
and the best 'are they identical?' me - 'no, they are a boy and a girl!'
Now, like I say I really don't mind and actually quite like it but if you see me out try and come up with a new question ha, ha!

Anyway, on to the clothes! I decided that I would wear my red skirt again today but this time paired it with my dark denim shirt which I got from Ralph Lauren at Bichester Village. I wore my old leopard print pumps again and my trench that I also got from Bichester. After I took the photos I tied the belt at the back of the coat and it gave it a nicer shape.

Apologies for the very blurred photo.

I keep looking at some leather trainers from Boden which look really cute and would be practical for walking around with the pushchair but had been put off by the £50 price tag. I decided to look in Primark today to see what they had and found some identical to the Boden ones. They were £8. Wow, bargain! Ok, so they aren't leather but are perfect for what I want and seem comfy. I have tried to upload a photo but it doesn't seem to be there so I'll post them another day but they are a dark tan colour. I also got a couple of pairs of coloured tights, one mustard and one olive green at £2 a pair!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Must not wear stripes...

Since my stripe challenge I have realised that I rarely wear anything but stripes and they are a bit of a clothing addiction, I seem to be drawn to them. I have found myself wearing them all the time without even consciously meaning to.

I decided that today I would not reply on stripes and try to wear some of my other things (those that fit!) I think half the problem is that they go so well and easily with jeans and legging and are so easy to throw on when you are rushing out the door to baby group with two (or even one I imagine!) babies. Anyway, I recently ordered a new Boden skirt, basically seduced by the ridiculous price of £19! I knew I had to try it and went for the bright tomato red. I wore it today and although when I put it on it was a little tight I decided to go for it. I then realised that I have nothing to wear with it and need some new tops, jumpers and cardigans! 

I originally went for this thinking it would create a 60's Parisian type look...

The cardigan was, with hindsight, a poor purchase as I don't really like it! It was only £14 from Tesco but still, I feel like it was a waste of money. 

As you can see the skirt is a bit tight!!

I was in a bit of a rush as we wanted to go and see Nanny and Grandad back from their holidays but changed into this cardigan...

This is a simple black Gap cardigan that I have had for ages. I popped on my chunky Primark pearl necklace and leopard print pumps and we were out the door!

To make up for deserting me for just over a week they had kindly brought presents back and I got this cute Orla Keily scarf from Uniqlo and this pretty necklace from Banana Republic. I put them both on and they went fab with my outfit, the scarf really lifted it and gave it some colour. I do have to say though that the whole outfit was not very practical for being up and down all day with the twins and one of them was sick on the skirt! Oh well, nothing a baby wipe didn't fix! I was glad to get home and into my lounge suit ha, ha!

I'm off to compile my list of 'things I need' so far, new trainers, the red skirt in green and some cords, oh and new tops...