Monday, 28 July 2014


How absolutely fabulous has the weather been, long may it continue I say! I could easily live in a country where it is warm and sunny all year round. I've noticed that the autumn/winter clothing is starting to creep in as well. I do not like this! It is too early and too sunny to be thinking about that.

I love a simple summer dress for when the weather is nice and it makes a change from shorts. Here are two of my favourites. The blue one is a recent Boden sale bargain that I only ordered on a whim as it was reduced so much and really love it. The other was a bargain off one of the Facebook selling pages I have mentioned before, it is from Fat Face and I think it was £8. Can't really go wrong. I wore this one for lunch with a lovely friend recently. To mix it up slightly I paired it with some tan leather and leopard print sandals. I chose turquoise accessories and the colours complimented each other really well.

Falling in love with vintage, again...

As those of you who have been readers if the blog for a while will know I fall in and out if love with vintage now and again. Inspired by the programme 'This old thing' I am well and truly back in love again. If you have not caught it yet, it's  on Wednesday evenings and shows how fabulous vintage clothes with a modern twist can be. I have dug my clothes and jewellery out and dusted off the sewing machine so we shall see how I get on. I did pick up these fabulous full leather shoes in the Sue Ryder vintage shop in Beeson for the bargain price of £3, they are super comfy and so cute.

As the weather has been so lovely I have been making the most of my summer clothes. I am completely lusting over a fabulous white sundress that I simply cannot afford so in the mean time I will have to stick to my £12 Matalan skirt which I love and a simple white vest. I think before the summer is out I will be needing a pair of silver sandals as well, I think they would work with so much. On this occasion I wore my simple tan sandals that go with everything (not shown) that are also Matalan and a Boden summer tote.