Thursday, 29 November 2012


Today I needed to go into work to sort out about going back after my maternity leave. I have been very lucky to have been off with my beautiful twins as long as I have been and still have a few months left with them before returning part time. The twins seemed to behave well other than a small sick incident!

I put on my red Next jeans (similar) and a simple white t-shirt that I got from The White Company at Bichester Village, it was a bargain price of £15 instead of £35. I like the sleeves which add a bit of interest to a simple t-shirt. I dug out my Tesco mustard yellow jacket which I had a couple of years ago, I like the combination of the red and yellow. I wore my brown Uggs as well.

I forgot to mention that yesterday was 1 year since we found out that we were having not one, but two amazing little babies! We had been for the 12 week scan and been told the fantastic news. How much our lives have changed since that day. There is only one thing better than a lovely little baby and that's two and I could not have wished for a better pair, they are my absolute world and we love them a million times over.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Check it out

Today included a visit, and lunch, from my lovely and very pregnant friend and her little girl. I decided to wear my checked shirt that I got from Abercrombie and Fitch (similar) when we were on honeymoon in Florida a couple of years ago. I also wore my next jeans and a little vest top from Boden. 

Here are my little cuties and their new babysitter!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Tkmaxx bargains

One of my close friends recently told me about the new tkmaxx in Derby. I popped over there this afternoon, leaving the twins with their Grandparents. It was a bit strange not having them in tow but it certainly made for an easier shopping time.

I picked up a few bits for Christmas and a couple of things for the twins as well as some bargains for myself, of course! As I love this Cynthia Rowley dress that I got recently I was pleased to see some different dresses today. I found this cute pink one which was reduced to £15, I like the panels of black on the side and back which I think adds something different to the dress and it will look great with some thick black tights.

I also picked up this Clements Ribeiro merino wool cardigan which I plan to wear with this skirt, I am hoping that the contrast between the stipes and spots will work well. I got some grey Calvin Klein tights as well and these will tie in with the grey stripe in the cardigan.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Looks I'm loving - peplum

I have been loving peplum style tops for a while now but am unsure if they would suit me as they stick out at the hips and I'm not sure I want to wear something that sticks anything out. Surely this goes against the way that us girls normally dress? Anyway, I have been browsing a few and have found 3 covering different price points. What do you think?

Splurge - Whistles £85

 Save - Zara £9.99

Midway - Next £24

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Striped Sunday

I hope you have been enjoying my updated blog and Facebook page. If you haven't already, look for 'Sarah Style' on Facebook for recent updates, photos and little snippets. If I could work out how to link to my page from the blog then I would! I will work on that some more tonight, I am trawling google and youtube for advice but if you have any then please pass it my way!

Since sorting my wardrobe and finding some treasures I'd forgotten about I decided to wear one of my favourite (similar here) Zara tops that I have had for a while. I also wore an old striped Whistles cardigan (similar here) and my Gap outlet jeans. 

I got hubby to take some shots this morning and we did have a bit of a laugh doing them and the twins were laying on the bed looking at us puzzled!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

A load of old baggage

So I'm sat here on the floor of my currently very messy bedroom wondering why I bothered to empty my wardrobe and tidy it. You know that feeling when you like the idea of a mini project but then wonder why you started it and are just left with all the mess and something half finished? Well, that's me right now and I can't even crawl into bed and ignore it as, err, I can't actually see the bed... move over twins, Mummy is kipping with you tonight!

Anyway, as a nice distraction from the task whilst I wait for hubby to (hopefully) bring me a cup of tea I decided to update my blog. As I have been sorting I found a number of carrier bags at the back and sides of my wardrobe. To be fair to them 'carrier bags' implies the ones you get from Tesco which these are not. They are those lovely, heavy duty, expensive looking bags you get when you make a purchase in a fabulous shop. Probably one you have been saving up for or waiting for a birthday to receive the goodie inside. I'm sure it can't be just me who keeps these, almost as a memory of that time. Or some just because they are too pretty to throw away.

Here are some of my little 'collection' all of them forgotten about until now. Three are Mulberry ones, one from the shoes I had not that long ago, still with the wrapping inside all safe. Two are from my 30th birthday when I was lucky enough to be treated to a matching handbag and purse. I knew that I was getting them and specifically asked that my parents and hubby did not wrap them as the bag itself was enough!

There is also a bag from the Moulin Rouge in Paris where hubby and I went on our first holiday together. We bought a Christmas tree decoration and this was the bag it came in. The Agent Provocateur bag is not really anything special but reminds me of getting some lovely underwear in the outlet shop in Bichester Village. Finally, the slightly battered looking Neiman Marcus bag contained the Ugg boots I got on our honeymoon in Florida, I insisted on carrying the box in the bag back in hand luggage and sat with them squashed at my feet the whole way home! I now use the box to store my tights.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Relish in the rain

Last night I had such an awful nights sleep with the hubby waking me on this return from work, an aeroplane at 5am and hubby up again at 6am that I decided not to rush around to our usual Wednesday morning date of baby group (sorry ladies, we missed you and the bubbas) And how much was it raining?! 

We were meeting my aunt for lunch at Relish in Beeston at 12ish so I had some time to decide on an outfit and for once the twins kindly had a mid-morning nap, lucky Mummy! If you have not been, and are local enough, you should try it. They serve the most delicious home cooked food and cake in a lovely relaxed atmosphere. They are very welcoming to babies and children as well and never moan about my crying babies, two highchairs and piles of bags and coats. We make it pretty much a weekly destination!

As I have reached my target 'post baby diet' weight today I was feeling happy and decided to wear my new Cynthia Rowley dress I got from Tkmaxx a few months ago (similar here). I paired it with a brown boyfriend cardigan from Boden that I have had for a few years (similar here) and my very old and worn Tesco brown boots. 

I curled my hair for once, probably a mistake in all this rain, and popped on my collar necklace from Hobbs. 

I've added a new feature (thanks to some help from a fellow blogger!) so hopefully you can click on some of the links and view 
the items I am referring to.

I'm going to take a risk and put a link to the other blog so that you can all have a look as I know it is so nice to have new readers, I hope you don't mind Kim. Kim has just started a blog all about fashion and beauty and her skills put mine to shame!

Click here and enjoy!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Looks I'm loving...dresses

I really love wearing dresses, I think they are so versatile and there is one for every occasion. I am always drawn to them and like to style them not as perhaps they were meant, for example making a dressier dress more casual with trainers and a cardigan.

The top one is from NW3 at Hobbs and it could be worn in so many ways. I think that it is quite smart but with having to wear a uniform for work and the rest of my time with my family I don't really need 'office' wear. I would wear this with tights and a cardi or long sleeved t-shirt under and some flat pumps. That said, at nearly £100 it is pretty expensive for a simple jersey dress.

The gold dress is also from Hobbs and I absolutely love it but again have no occasion to wear it and therefore cannot justify the price tag of £160 (in the sale!) I think it is so pretty and would look amazing with some spiky heels for a wedding or nice meal. Alas, this is also staying in store.

The final dress I have seen is from Next and is not something I would normally look at but it seemed to catch my eye. It is more reasonably priced, I think at £60. I love the colour and shape and think it would be really flattering. This dress has some good reviews on the website too. I love it when sites let customers review their products, I spend ages reading them and try to write one myself when I purchase something as I think it can really help when choosing an item. Boden are amazing for this but recently Next, Hobbs, M&S and White Stuff have been doing the same.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Looks I'm loving...

Here are the latest bits that I have my eye on. I love this necklace from Hobbs with its cute wishbone detailing. The boots are from Next and I think that they would work with pretty much everything that I own and am really tempted with them. I wonder how I can convince hubby that I need, NEED them! I love the kind of distressed look. Finally I love this cute hedgehog t-shirt also from Hobbs. I have 2 of their animal t-shirts and they are such lovely quality, they fit and wash well. I really don't need this one but think it is fab all the same and I have a bit of a thing for animal prints on clothing and accessories.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Stripes and florals

This morning we popped to a Christmas fair in Derby. There was plenty to look at but other than a loaf of bread and a jar for my sister I didn't get anything. I am still on the look out for the right Babies First Christmas decoration which I really want to choose with the hubby for the twins. I'm still hoping I will see something we like in time.

I wore a tunic dress from Tesco, a striped Boden t-shirt and leggings. I decided to team it with a flowery necklace from Primark as I thought that it made a nice contrast with the flowers and the stripes. I was going to wear this 'coatigan' and belted it with a leopard print belt. Both were from Boden. In fact the coatigan was a sale bargian reduced from £150 to £37.50! In the end I felt that I would be too hot and decided against it.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

A day in my life

I saw a post on another blog that I read where they had taken photos to outline their day. There are a few sites around where you can complete a blogging challenge, for example wear a certain colour, answer questions, take photos of certain things etc. I have never actually taken part in one on the actual day but decided to give this one a go today.

My lovely twins are 6 months old today. I can't believe where the time has gone, to think this time 6 months ago we were in hospital and I was attached to a hospital bed with two new babies laying in the cot next to me. We all headed to the zoo with my lovely friend and her friends who have been very welcoming to hubby and myself whenever we have seen them. 

I think that the photos I took throughout the day pretty much speak for themselves! And they seem to mainly involve feeding the twins!

Oh and for those of you who are interested in the clothes, my jumper is from Next, gilet from the Gap outlet at MacArthur Glen, denim skirt from Gap, t-shirt from Primark, thick fleece lined tights and Mulberry Anthony bag.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Looks I am loving...

Here is the first of my new blog posts about the looks I like, items I am considering buying and anything else that catches my attention. Let me know what you think of the new idea.

All the clothes below are from Next. I am seriously considering a leather pencil skirt but am not actually sure when I would wear it? Lets face it, I generally only wear jeans and trainers these days! This one is actually not leather and is only £28, it has some great reviews and people have commented that it looks and feels like leather so it may be a good compromise. 

I also love this lace look, this skirt is so pretty and I love the mix of textures and style when teamed with the denim shirt. I actually already own two denim shirts, a light one like this from Gap and a darker Ralph Lauren one. I would be more likely to wear this with some dark tights and heels or, for a more casual look, with some flat pumps.