Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Bicester Bargains

Last Sunday we took a little trip to the fabulous outlet Bicester Village. It had been a while since I had last been and was looking forward to seeing what bargains were in store for me! As it turned out it was pouring with rain all day and as we had the twins with us it wasn't ideal. 

First stop of the day was the Ralph Lauren shop as we had a secret discount with us and were all keen to get some goodies! Us girls disappeared upstairs and left the boys to look after the twins. The shop was crazy busy but I did manage to pick up these few lovelies...

 This fabulous trench. I have been after a nice trench for a while and snapped this one up at the last minute. Luckily hubby seemed in a great mood and he didn't have to say 'have what you want' twice!

I also found this cute cardigan which is a fern green colour and will go with plenty of my things for the winter. I had been after a denim shirt and was pleased to find this one, it is a lovely dark denim and looks quite smart. Finally, I picked up this pretty little top, it has a lovely pattern over it. All in all I was really pleased with my finds and even more pleased with the discount. Thank you to the provider, you know who you are!!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Busy Bee

Huum, it seems having twins keeps you pretty busy, busy as a bee. That has certainly been the case for me recently. I tend to find in the morning once I have fed, dressed and sorted the twins out there is not much time for outfit related decisions. Combine that with most of my wardrobe not fitting and you don't have much content for a fashion related blog!

That said, I don't want to stop writing it so will endeavour to make more effort with both the blogs and the outfits. I do long for the days of making wardrobe choices...'what necklace goes with this, what dress looks nicer...' I'm sure they will return...one day! Until then I'll have to make do with the fun of dressing the twins, every cloud and all that!

I did pick up this dress for myself the other day from Gap. It was a bargain at £14.99 and perfect for all the recent hot weather we have had. I think it will work into the Autumn too with leggings and a t-shirt under.

I have been wearing this pretty necklace that I had for my birthday earlier in the year quite a lot. I think it is appropriate for me at the moment!

We had a trip to Bicester Village last week and I managed to pick up a few new bits there, I'll get them on here so you can see the lovely bargains!

Anyway, I can hear a twin crying, just hope they haven't got sick down their outfits ;-)