Monday, 17 February 2014

Must remember my blog!

I admit that I have been terrible at remembering to take photos for my blog the past few days and in fact, I have had occasions where I have been out and worn outfits different to the norm and still forgotten to photograph them! I think it is because I am always getting ready in such a rush, time is a luxury I simply do not have! Even this evening I have been meaning to sit down and write my blog but for one reason or another the evening has flown by and it's gone 11pm already.

Last week, for example I went out with work and wore some leather shorts! I say leather, ahem 'pleather' is a better explanation of the fabric but hey, they were £10 from Matalan and it seems the jury is still out? Personally I liked them and maybe next time I'll remember to photograph them. I then wore a lovely peach dress with cats printed all over it for my sisters birthday and my current favourite, a pink lace Whistles beauty that I got from eBay. Must try harder!

Until then, I'll leave you with two photos. The first shows my recent fabulous sale buys. The green cardigan I have been after for ages after my all time favourite finally had it and was looking really tatty, I just had to let it go to the charity shop, sob sob. I found it at the Gap outlet at MacArthur Glen for the fabulous price of £7.99 with a further 30% off, bargain. Whilst there I also picked up this striped skirt, also 30% off making it just over £11, again, something I have been looking for for a while. And today this fabulous cashmere jumper arrived from Boden. It was in the sale at £23 reduced from £119! Now that readers, is a bargain! The only problem is now I've tried cashmere I may never go back...

The second photo is something you can help me on. I am absolutely in love with this citrus yellow that is everywhere for spring and loved this bag when is saw it. However, I kept going back to look at thing grey one too. They are similar in price and size and I only need one, but which one? Cast you votes please...

Sunday, 2 February 2014

A bad day for the budget!

I have been doing really well since I set my new spending restrictions and even managed a whole day yesterday without spending a penny. In fact, I managed to make a bit of cash selling a few items of my clothing. For the past few months I have been selling (and buying) bits an pieces of mine clothes and things the twins have outgrown on some selling pages on Facebook. I have found that these are really friendly and much better than eBay. They are brilliant especially for the twins as they outgrow their clothes so fast, well, maybe not George! But I have sold some things and in return been able to buy them some 'preloved' bits. The ladies in these groups buy and sell 'nicer' brands of clothing on the whole and they are all practically, if not, new. Perfect for growing kids at play parks and soft play places where they will only get dirty anyway. 

Today didn't seem to go so well however. I have been pondering over a lovely dress for Matilda for the past few days and after selling some yoga leggings on eBay for the same price of the dress and having some credit I decided to treat us both. So, I suppose, I've not really spent anything there? I have picked up a few items for some up coming birthdays and spent a tiny bit on some underwear (surely this is an essential?) and a much needed iPad case as there may have been a small incident yesterday where I could have done with one! Aah now I think about it there was a cardigan in Primark too, only £6 and I need it to go with the skirt I want to wear for my sisters 30th birthday...

I decided on easy today as I couldn't be bothered to think too much! I went for the Boden skinnies, a much, much loved green H&M cardigan which I really fear is coming to the end if it's life but I love it so much I can't bare for it to go! It is looking a little tatty though. Underneath I wore a lace top from New Look and a beaded necklace that I forget where it is from.