Sunday, 10 November 2013

A little bit of Christmas shopping

As Jonny and I are both off work today, at the same time and I'm not on a nightshift or sleeping off a nightshift (miracle!) we decided to make a bit of a start on our Christmas shopping for the twins. We have decided not to go mad on them this year, they are spoilt rotten all year round and, lets face it, they are still too young to know what is going on. We have bought them some Thomas the Tank engine bits and twin dolls along with a few little bits and pieces. 

I dragged a reluctant Jonny into Primark and picked up some bargain high tops for £4! I have been wanting a pair for a while but was unsure if I would actually wear them but at that price it was worth a try! They had them in every colour you can think of but settled on a burgundy pair.

I decided to brighten things up today and wore a bright pink skirt from Zara with a black polo neck from Boden and some coloured beads that I think were a birthday present from my Mum. I wore them with my leopard print pumps.

There are the last photos you will see in the old and tired hallway with the lovely wood chip paper as tomorrow we decorate! Well, the decorator decorates and we try to stay out the way for a week!

Thursday, 7 November 2013


Aah my second favourite time of the day, after bedtime, nap time! I have put the twins to bed for a little nap and sat down with a much needed cuppa and the hope to get through an episode of Gogglebox! Have you seen it? It sounds strange, watching a tv programme about people watching tv programmes! Weird, maybe - addictive, yes! If you've not seen it then give it a whirl.

I am currently mid way through my block of 4 days at work so haven't been doing too much exciting. Earlier in the week we went down to Fosse Park at Leicester as I had a 30% off at Gap voucher. I'm sure I've said it before but I really love Gap. I always seem to see things that I like and I always know that they will fit me. Maybe I should avoid it! On this occasion I picked up a shift style navy dress and natural coloured cardigan. 

I wore a striped lycra skirt from H&M with a denim shirt and white t-shirt that I picked up last time I had 30% off at Gap. I have been living in my new boots as well, I know that they are meant to be for Christmas but I can't stop wearing them! They go with everything!

I got a text a couple of days ago saying that I can upgrade my phone so today popped into town to sort it. Turns out, they were lying to me and I can't upgrade until tomorrow! That was a waste of a day! I wore some leggings from Zara which I really love, they are a lovely thick fabric. I also wore a cream jumper from Banana Republic and a Next vest, oh and the boots of course!

Saturday, 2 November 2013

School days

Today has seemed like another one of those days where I have barely stopped until the twins have gone to bed, well, that is pretty much everyday! (I'll get it in now, before my shift do, unless I'm at work ha,ha) Anyway, this morning was spend boringly doing some housework. Isn't it amazing how you never realise how dirty things were until you clean them?! I have then been for a nice run around Wollaton Park which was practically deserted mid morning. I know it was colder but hardly really and it's only going to get worse!

This afternoon we were visiting my family as my cousin was here for her birthday. I wore a dress that I got last week from Primark. I was really pleased with it until I was told I looked like a school girl, possibly off Home and Away. Great. Thanks guys! I however, am really liking the tartan look and think it went well with a navy cardigan from Banana Republic which I love. I really like the big white collar and, it is not clear from the photos but there is a cute black ribbon tie at the neck as well.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Starring Matilda

My post tonight is actually from yesterday but I have not had time to sit down and sort it until now. I took the twins into town for a John Lewis lunch and some shopping, we actually managed to pick up a couple of Christmas presents. As it didn't start with the ridiculous rain until today I decided to go with my fluffy gilet and new boots. The boots are really for Christmas but hey, I needed them now! I have 'ummmed' and 'aaahed' over them for the past few weeks as I felt they were quite expensive but finally decided to order them. Even when they came I have still spent the past few days debating if to keep them or not. I guess the decision is made now! But I really like them.

I wore some trousers which I have had from Boden for months but have yet to wear them. They are almost a legging but thicker and they seem to work well with boots. I also wore a jumper from Banana Republic and a Next white vest. I have to say this was a really comfy and easy outfit to wear with the twins but looked quite smart as well. Ooh, how could I almost forget my lovely ring from Primark!

I just had to include this lovely photo of Tilly in the mirror, how sweet. I love how the twins are always hovering in the background when I'm getting ready.