Monday, 31 December 2012

Part 2 - 2012 summary

In this second half of the posts for this New Year I hope to show a summary of what has been the most amazing year for myself, my hubby and all our families. I cannot see how a year can possibly top this one. This time last year we were looking forward to year '2000 and twin' and we didn't know the sexes of our little babies. We found out at the end of January and were thrilled to be told we were having a girl and a boy. Fairly soon we picked their names, George and Matilda and could not be happier with them. 

We started making them a lovely nursery, going for scans at the hospital and I was signed off work to rest and help the twins grow. I was lucky enough to have a fabulous baby shower thrown for me by my sister and Mum. 

We were booked in to meet our twins on 17th May. George arrived at 12.13 weighing 4lbs 7 pounds and Matilda 4 minutes later at 12.17 and 4lbs 13 pounds. They were perfect and our lives changed from that very minute. Words cannot explain how lucky we know we are to have two amazing healthy babies and they are the best things ever to happen to us.

And here we are now, 7 and a half months later, they are growing fast and changing every day and are a joy to watch develop into their own little personalities.

I could not let the last post of the year go by without a brief overview of my favourite outfits. I have to say that they are all quite recent as I have been happier since I lost my twin weight, and a bit more, and all my clothes finally fit me again!

I am going to spend the rest of the evening watching a film with my hubby whilst my beautiful twins are in bed, the perfect end to an amazing year. I would like to thank everyone who has read my blog over the past year and I am steadily on my way to 10,000 page views! It means so much to me that you all read what I write and hopefully enjoy it. I hope that you all keep reading in 2013 and HAPPY NEW YEAR xxx

New Years Eve - Part 1

Afternoon tea party - I have split my blog posts tonight into two, I felt like I wanted to do a summary of 2012 as it has been quite a year but also wanted to include todays activities. 

This afternoon we went to my sisters house for afternoon tea. She had made a lovely selection of goodies, sandwiches, scones and cake as well as plenty of tea. 

As we were just chilling out at home this morning I thought it would be nice to get dressed up for the occasion and spent a bit of time trying on some outfits, I wanted to accessorise as well. I decided on a deep pink tea dress that I have had for sometime from Boden. I have not worn it for ages and it was perfect. I wore berry coloured tights and a bright pink cardigan from Gap. In the photos I have on my beautiful pink suede heels from Next but as it was raining I swapped them for the recently posted pink boots, I told you they would make further appearances! 

You can't really see from the photos but I tried to style my hair so it looked a bit more 'vintage' by backcombing it so my half ponytail was pushed up and I clipped it with a sparkly clip that I had for a wedding. I also wore some art deco style earrings I had for my 18th birthday and my chunky Primark pearls.

As I could not let my two favourite accessories let me down I dressed the twins for tea as well! Matilda wore a pretty flowery print sundress with a yellow cardigan from H&M and John Lewis and the coolest tights ever from Next. George wore his baggy jeans from Mothercare, a smart checked shirt from John Lewis and his bargain Ralph Lauren cardigan that I had for him before he was even born! They looked fab if I do say so myself.

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Cute kilt

Today those lovely little twins and I went into town with my Mum and sister. It was nice to get out for a few hours and have a look around the shops. I had a couple of bits to swap and a look around the sales never hurts hey! I got a few things for some birthday presents and a couple of sale bargains which I will post on here over the next few days. 

I wore the Boden kilt that I had for Christmas for the first time today, I really like it but as it is made of wool it was really itchy! I wore it with the berry coloured t-shirt I got at the same time as the skirt and have posted on here before, it was a perfect match. I wore berry coloured tights and the black and brown riding boots I recently posted. I also wore my gold collar necklace from Hobbs which I love!

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Sale bargains!

I figured that it would be rude not to have a peak at some of the sales on at the moment. My first stop was the amazing shop Anthropologie, I adore this quirky shop where you can find some amazing pieces that you can't find anywhere else. You should check it out. Unfortunately it is only in London and it is the place where you want to look at things as they are so pretty and often look different on the internet. I love their sale as you can pick up some great bargains, in fact, they have a sale room year round which is fab. I ordered a couple of bits the other day and then again yesterday when they slashed some prices by 70%! I've taken a chance on some bits as I'm not too sure but figured they can always go back.

One thing that I absolutely love, and it fits like it was made for me, is this jumper I wore today. It has beautiful lace panels on the front and back and thin ribbed sleeves, I can see this being something I wear a lot. It was half price as well at £25. I wore it with some really old black skinny jeans fro Next. I think a statement necklace would work well with it but I went for these cute rose gold earrings today. 

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Turkey and typewriters

Yesterday we headed over to my hubby's family for boxing day and I already knew that I wanted to wear my new dress from White Stuff. I loved it as soon as I saw it and when I got home I ordered it for Christmas, like I said before, I'm not one for surprises! When it arrived I gave it to hubby to wrap for me ha ha! I have actually had it for quite a few weeks and am so pleased I went for it as I didn't like any of the more recent dresses they had in. I love the unusual print on the dress, it has typewriters all over it, so cute and I love the colours. The greens and pinks will be so easy to match with my wardrobe. 

I wore it with a purple t-shirt that I have had for ages from Primark, it has become a bit of a favourite recently and has retained its shape well which is surprising. My Mum gave me some fab tights for Christmas, they are from Next and have a geometric type pattern all over them and are a really lovely shade of green, they looked great with the dress. I also wore the fabulous pink boots I had on on Christmas day and my chunky pearl Primark necklace.

I am determined to wear these pink boots more than I have which shouldn't be hard as I can't actually recall wearing them before. I had them at least 4 years ago and at nearly £200 were ridiculously expensive. I think I felt that I would really wear them but never have and have vowed to get my moneys worth from them! I always feel that they are a hard colour to wear but have been really happy with them combined with my new pieces so watch this space for, hopefully, more outings.

Finally before I go and climb into bed after an exhausting couple of days I would like to give an extra special mention to my fabulous cousin-in-law Gemma who it seems is my top blog reader/fan and always looks so lovely she should star on my blog. Can't wait for the shopping trip!

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Twins 1st Christmas

Wow! We have had an amazing Christmas day with our lovely twins, they have been thoroughly spoilt. As have we both. I certainly have plenty to post over the coming days and weeks. Of course, I have had some new clothes! The twins and I even had matching Converse trainers, we are going to look so cool all wearing them ha ha!

I decided to wear a new skirt that I had today, I chose a few pieces from White Stuff which I knew I was getting. I am terrible to buy for, I don't really like surprises as I like to pick things that I know I will like. I teamed the skirt with a pink t-shirt that I got from Sainsbury's, some plum coloured tights and bright pink boots that I had a few years ago from Boden. I have never really felt like I had anything to wear them with which seemed a shame as they are so cute so I need to get them out more often. I also wore a beaded necklace I had for my birthday.

Well to watch some more Christmas tv with my lovely hubby whilst my beautiful twins sleep, I am one very lucky girl. Merry Christmas everyone.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Eve

Oooh we are so excited here for the twins first Christmas. Outfits all ready (for the twins!) and presents wrapped and ready to go in the morning. We spent the day visiting my friend and her lovely new baby and hanging out with my family. I decided to style it up with a Christmas headband that I got for the twins and they seem to think is hilarious!

I also wore my Boden leggings, brown Tesco boots, a white Gap t-shirt, Ralph Lauren shirt that I had when I was pregnant and have not really worn since but remembered how cute it was and like it with leggings. I also wore a cardigan from the Gap outlet which I really like. I put on a turquoise necklace from John Lewis, I like the contrast between the blue of the necklace and the orangey coral of the cardigan.

In preparation for the big day I have spent the evening painting my nails all Christmassy, red and glittery! 

Merry Christmas everyone, I will try to post again tomorrow when my little twinnies are all Christmassed out. Have a lovely day and thank you all for reading my blog all year :-)

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The past few days

It has been a mixed few days in the Harris household, I mentioned the other day that we had been feeling ill and full of colds and that doesn't seem to have gone away! I have now progressed to a cough that keeps me and hubby awake at night and is beginning to drive me mad, I am hoping for a better night tonight so wish me luck!

Our friends arrived Monday lunchtime and we spent the afternoon relaxing and playing with the twins. They have been so much fun recently as they are sitting up loads more and are more playful, we can't believe they were 7 months old this week.

I wore my new striped t-shirt from the Gap sale and some old jeans from Marks and Spencer. We went to the Bulls Head at Repton for some dinner and tried their new pizzas. If you haven't been you should definitely try it, they have the nicest food. I have posted on here before about the fish and chip portions, crazy!

Yesterday we went into town to visit Thea Caffea for afternoon tea. I love it there, they do great cakes and lunches as well as the traditional afternoon tea with plenty of sandwiches and cakes.

I wore my red jeans and a light coloured leopard print top from H&M. It wasn't until we were leaving the car park that I thought I'd better take some photos for the blog. I like the colour combination of the red and yellow of my Tesco coat. My bag is my 30th birthday Mulberry. We were in the lift and I asked hubby to quickly take some snaps and he thought it was hilarious to photograph himself in the mirror saying 'you can put these on your blog' 

Here is Cass and I enjoying our afternoon tea.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Road to recovery

I'm sorry that I've not updated my blog for ages now but the Harris household has been struck down with the dreaded lurgy this week and we haven't even got dressed the past few days! To be fair the twins have been absolutely fine, luckily, it has been hubby and I suffering. Being ill is a million times worse when you have babies to look after! We just wanted to lay around and sleep all day but they seemed to want to play and be fed and all sorts of other inconveniences! We have been feeling better today and are really hoping to be well by the morning as we are very excited to be getting two visitors. Hubby's friend and his lovely wife are here from Canada and spending a few days with us and the twins. We literally cannot wait.

On another exciting note, on 12.12.12 my amazingly lovely friend had her little baby boy and I can't wait to meet him, go away pesky lurgy, I wana see the baby!! What a great day for a birthday.

The last time I got dressed was on Thursday as I went into town with my Mum. I didn't need to get anything but somehow I was seduced by the Gap sale and picked up some blue jeans (I do want some from Spring and these were actually £19.99 despite showing as full price) a bright pink leather clutch (similar but w/o the tassel) and a striped t-shirt because I need another, right?

I wore my spotty Boden skirt and striped Clements Ribeiro cardigan with a navy Boden vest underneath and my vintage necklace. I noticed that the Boden sale started today but can't be bothered to look properly (I know, must be ill!) so will wait for the additional mark downs for a bargain.

I nearly forgot to mention, I have finally had my hair cut and coloured. It was long overdue and am really pleased with it. I generally find I come away from the hairdressers thinking it could have been better but this time I am very happy and love the colour.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


We had a lovely morning at the baby group Christmas party, all our beautiful babies looked so cute in their Christmas outfits. There was a visit from the main man himself and the babies all got presents which was lovely. I am looking forward to Christmas day even more now. We then had a nice lunch with the other mummies and babies, I really enjoy seeing them and it just wont be the same when we are all back at work. 

I knew that it would be boiling at the baby group and wanted to wear a cute floral shirt from Fat Face but when I put it on one of the buttons was missing and I didn't have time to replace it so quickly swapped for one from Hobbs instead. This one is really cute and I don't wear it enough. It has a little bird print all over it and bows on the shoulders. I teamed it with my Next jeans and Uggs. 

I have been to have my hair cut this afternoon, I am really pleased with the cut and the colour and it is quite a bit shorter. I'll post some pictures tomorrow.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Denim and floral

It seemed so cold today I almost didn't want to venture outside, we did spend the morning chilling out in our pj's but then went to West Bridgford this afternoon with my Auntie for a change of scenery. I had not been for a while and it was nice having a walk round and a cuppa.

In an aim to try and wear different things in my wardrobe I chose a skirt that I got on our honeymoon from J Crew, I can't think that I've actually ever worn it before but I really like the print. As it had some mustard in it I decided to go for it with the tights and put on some bright mustard yellow ones from Primark. I teamed it with a dark denim shirt from Ralph Lauren at Bichester and some old grey Next boots which I really love. I thought that I'd best not go for my mustard yellow coat as well, somehow I think this would have been a bit too much!

I am finally having my hair cut and coloured tomorrow so yay no more roots! I could not be bothered with it today and went for an easy top knot.