Friday, 31 May 2013

No time to tan...

We have both had the past few days off work and have been busy sorting out the house and clearing out ready for the big move. We have yet to be given a date for completion but things are moving along quickly so it can't be too long! Needless to say we are very excited, in fact, we have been to have another look around today and loved it even more than before.

That said, I have had no time to apply any fake tan despite the sunshine making a guest appearance today and I am very pasty as you will see on the photos!

On Wednesday I managed to fit in a shopping trip to Bicester Village with my Mum, sister, Aunt and cousin. I didn't actually spend too much. I replaced a Cath Kidston bag that had got stained and ruined and found this skirt for the bargain price of £25 in Karen Millen...

I am very happy tonight as I have found a page on Facebook where you can buy and sell Boden items. I have been on the look out for somewhere to sell my pre loved clothing that is not Ebay as I really dislike them. There is a dress agency in Beeston but I find them very rude and by the time they take all their over the top 'fees and handling' and 60% and anything else they can find to charge you for you barely get anything. I am on the look out for ways to sell things so if anyone has any ideas please let me know.

Todays outfit was thrown together quickly after Pilates as we were running low on time and needed to do a food shop (yawn!) I put on white linen Matalan trousers and the cotton top I had for my birthday from White Stuff with little people all over. I even dug out some flip flops for their first outing of the summer!

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Loving Louis

As you can tell from most of the photos on here I am by myself when I take them and so have to take them in the mirror. I admit that this is not ideal and, despite being told about a timer for my iphone, I have yet to look into it. Last night we were meeting our friends for a meal and I had Jonny here to take some shots. And the sun was shining so you have a change of background! 

I decided to wear one of my fabulous new dresses that I was lucky to have chosen for me by my sister in law from a sample sale. She works at a company called Chinti and Parker and they have the most fabulous clothing! I am selfishly thrilled she works there as I want to steal all her new clothes! I have two of these dresses in different colour ways and they are lovely, such great fit and quality. Here is the darker coloured one that I wore on Friday with tights as it was so cold.

I decided to be brave and wear the second one without tights, I was worried that it would be too short. I wore it with some chunky shoes from Next which are really uncomfy so it was a good job we didn't have to walk far! And I dug out my lovely Louis Vuitton bag. This is my pride and joy. Despite being lucky enough to have built up a (very small!) collection of designer bags and purses over the years I will never forget my first love! When I was 20 we first went to New York and I saved and saved for this and was so excited to finally go and buy it. I don't use it much these days but it makes me happy when I do.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Birthday celebrations

I'm sure you all know that our lovely twins turned one last week. We were so excited and can't believe where the past year has gone. To think that they were a tiny 4'7lbs and 4'13lbs when they were born and we had to feed them every 3 hours compared to the lively little monkeys they are now, crawling and climbing all over the place!

We had a lovely day on their actual birthday at a soft place centre and planned a party for them on the Sunday. We had an amazing afternoon and the hall looked fantastic with a Mickey and Minnie Mouse theme!

Matilda was not a very happy little girl really, she didn't seem to be herself, look how miserable she looks here!

I wore a navy dress from Next teamed with a blue necklace also from Next. It was such a comfy dress and I think that I will get plenty of wear out of it. I like how it has a slightly longer back than front as it gives it a nice detail. I also wore Boden flats and my chunky gold cuffs.

A blogging opportunity

A few days ago I was lucky enough to be emailed by the director of a blogging website called Outfit Hive. I have posted on this site a few times and won 'Outfit of the day' on a few occasions so was really excited to read that I have been selected to be their blogger of the month for June. A section of my blog and the link to it will be on their site for the month. I am super excited! 

I have not been able to post for a few days as we have had to have the laptop repaired and with the twins birthday weekend and then night shifts it has been pretty hectic around here. Although, things are about to get far more chaotic as we throw a house move into the mix sometime in the next few weeks. 

Here is a run down of some of my outfits over the past few days. I am wearing a Boden striped cardigan, Next skinny jeans and a Gap vest. I also wore my bright green Gap trainers. Another casual out of work outfit! My chunky turquoise ring is from Accessorize.

Here I wore a Broderie Anglaise top from Matalan, I have had it for a few weeks but this was the first time I have worn it. I thought that it worked well with this orange necklace from Primark.

I took a chance with this combination of clothes! I wore the Boden dress that I had for my birthday but it was slightly chilly so needed a cardigan. I put on this pale pink one from H&M with the glittery pockets and my matching ballet pumps and think that it worked ok?

Monday, 13 May 2013

Out of work uniform

As you know I have to wear a uniform at work which takes the fun out of dressing for 4 of 10 days in my 'week' but I have never really minded. After many years of wearing office wear and having to decide what to put on every morning this is much easier. And it makes choosing what to wear out of work more fun. Or so I thought. Over the past few days I have taken some snaps with the aim to update my blog when I am off work. Now I have looked back at them I see I am wearing exactly the same outfit on each one!

So I now have a work uniform and an out of work one. I must work harder to rectify this! But jeans are so easy and comfy and they require no thought when I open my wardrobe doors.

Pic 1 - citrus vest and jeans H&M
Pic 2 - vest Fat Face and jeans H&M
Pic 3 - vest White Stuff, cardigan Fat Face and jeans H&M

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Practically pajamas

As we were late back from the wedding on Saturday and really tired I could not be bothered thinking about what outfit to wear today so I was really pleased when this one just happened! I decided to wear the trousers I had in the Whistles winter sale for the bargain price of £35 (amaze!) and thought they would work well with my faithful denim shirt. 

I have been trying to wear in the Toms that I have had for over 2 years and barely worn and as they were laying on the floor I threw them on too! Easy, and I think worked well for a lazy Sunday. These trousers are so amazingly comfy they are literally like wearing you pj's all day.

We popped out to Tesco so I grabbed the bag that I had from my Mum this week for my birthday. It was a Matalan bargain again and I really love it. I think it will work well with loads of my clothes.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Making the most of the sunshine

We are spending the day enjoying the sunshine as I hear that it will be back to dull skies tomorrow. I had a few errands to sort in relation to us hopefully moving house. I am looking forward to Pilates later, I haven't been to a class for a while and am really missing it and my yoga class. I knew work would get in the way of my life!

My dress is a few years old from Kew. I have to say that I am not really loving the style. I love the fabric and the print but have never been that keen on it. I think it looks much better with the tan M&S belt to nip in the waist.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Twins 1st birthday part 1!

It is hard to believe that our beautiful twins are nearly one year old. This time last year I remember feeling very fed up and wanting them here but knowing that I had to grow them for a little longer!

We were celebrating with Jonny's family today and it was a beautiful day for it, and on a bank holiday too! We had some birthday lunch in the garden and then went to Wollaton Park for a stroll in the sun. The twins enjoyed being set free on the grass and were speed crawling everywhere.

As it was a lovely day I decided to get out my shorts and it was the perfect weather for them. I wore them with a top that I had for my birthday from Fat Face. It was lovely and cool in the warm weather. I wore the Toms again and a pink belt which I cannot recall where I got it and a necklace that I had from the twins for my birthday. My bracelets are so old, I got them in San Francisco years ago.

Something exciting happened to me last night, I was laying in the bath reading Grazia magazine and realised I am famous! A comment that I made on their website had been printed in the magazine. I could not believe it and promptly text practically everyone I know to tell them! It was just a passing comment one day when I was browsing the Grazia site. Wow, my name in print ha, ha!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Wedding weekend

This Saturday we were lucky enough to spend the day at Jonny's cousins wedding near Liverpool. It was a beautiful day and we got very excited when we saw the sea. Living in very landlocked Nottingham this is a big deal for us! I have to admit that Jonny saw it first and started beeping the horn in excitement, yes, we really are that sad!

I was undecided about what to wear and in the last week or so decided to order a dress I had seen in Next as it was such a bargain at £35 and looked really nice. I went for the bright orange colour and am really pleased I got it as it is lovely. I wore it with the little cream jacket I have posted a few times on here from Matalan and the nude heels I had for my birthday. 

I also wore my chunky gold cuffs and a thin gold necklace which I think I had when I was Christened but it seemed to sit well with the neckline of the dress. My watch is a vintage gold one I got from a vintage fair a couple of years ago and I only tend to wear for special occasions. I used my nude leather bag which I had a few years ago from the limited collection at M&S and seem to get out for all occasions as it goes with anything!

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Birthday treats

This Tuesday my 32nd birthday and I have been thoroughly spoilt as always with lots of lovely cards and gifts. I had a lovely morning out for coffee and cake before unfortunately heading off to work. I decided to save the days leave for a time when we would all be off together and headed in for the afternoon shift.

I forgot to take a photo of the outfit I wore on my actual birthday! How annoying! But I wore a new dress I had that day from Boden with a new Fat Face cardigan I also had. I seem to have had loads of clothes this year which is always good! They included;

* white jeans
* an orangey/coral cardiagn
* a white broiderie anglaise top
* a navy and white striped cardigan
* some nude heels
* two scarves, one with birds on and one with cats on
* a top with a sunglasses print
* a top with little people printed all over
* a dress

I had loads of other bits and pieces as well and some jewellery, clearly I have been very lucky. I am sure the different pieces will feature over the next few posts. In fact, the white top I am wearing in the second outfit is a new birthday one.

I am wearing my floral Matalan jeans, a cream jumper I had from Anthropologie in the new year which I really like with this green White Stuff vest as you can see the pattern clearly.

In the second outfit I am wearing pink trousers also from Matalan and my new white top from Fat Face teamed with a pink H&M cardigan. I also wore my new cat scarf. Now I have uploaded the photos and you can see the mess in my room I notice that you can also see my new Boden dress and Fat Face cardigan hanging on the wardrobe!