Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Fabulous florals

Today was the first of Jonny's two rest days and we have spent the day considering something very exciting...I wont post what it is as yet on here as we have a long way to go from here but watch this, I'm not pregnant ha,ha!

As I now have the security tag removed from my lovely new jeans I thought i'd wear them. Really, they are far more suited to spring and they didn't really look right with any of my winter shoes but I wanted to wear them anyway! I wore them with my cream chunky Fat Face jumper and a plain white Gap  t-shirt. I also wore some brown brogues from Matalan and my Primark pearls.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Stripes, what's new?!

Not much has been happening in our world in the past couple of days, we have pottered around doing a few chores and hanging out with my Mum and Dad. Today my Mum and I (and the twins) went for a cuppa in a coffee shop in Breaston, CachePot? I think it's called? It was very nice. 

I had to take some jeans back to Matalan this afternoon as they had the left the security tag on, how annoying. I was, however, pleased to find that they had now been reduced to half price and they gave me the difference back! They are really fab and I am looking forward to wearing them although they are more of a spring jean as they have a pale floral pattern. 

Yesterday I was inspired by The Only Way is Essex as one of the girls has hair in the same style as me! She had the front of hers up and it looked really cute. I am not too sure that it worked on me though. Maybe I need a team to do my hair and make up? I wonder how I could arrange this...

I wore an old red and white striped Topshop cardigan which I love, a white t-shirt and the Matalan jeans.

Today I decided I had waited long enough for spring and, as it is clearly not going to happen in a hurry, I cracked out my new striped Boden dress. I am loving this! I ordered it in October and have been waiting weeks for it. It is a thick cotton material and I think that I will wear this time and time again. In fact, it was the dress I was waiting for to add to my 30 for 30 challenge so I'll try and work on that over the next few days.

I wore it with a yellow Boden plaited belt, a navy Gap cardigan and my Next boots which I don't know how I lived without? I am aware that I could do with a bit of a tan on my arms!

I was thrilled to see that someone had emailed me from a fashion blogging site, I have not had chance to look at it properly yet but how great to be contacted about my little blog! Check it out for yourselves...

Friday, 22 February 2013

Expedition Ikea

We all knew that the real reason my family had visited was to make a trip to our local Ikea so we met them there this morning. (I'm only kidding, I know this isn't true really!!) Firstly we had to make a trip to the coffee shop to claim our free tea and coffee and start the day properly! I also found out that my cousin is my blogs top reader as he was up to date and knew about my blog entries in detail including where my clothes are from. I have to say I was very impressed and if there was an award for most blog knowledge he may win it!! Haha, are you embarrassed enough Neil?!

We then began the mammoth task of finding our way around. Luckily this was no problem as we visit about once a week! We wandered around and got a few bits and bobs. At the end my sister and I somehow managed to leave our trolley in the store. We had paid for the items and are convinced 'someone' said they were taking them to the car as we had the twins but they hadn't! Luckily they had been found when we phoned the store and my sister has collected them tonight.

The afternoon was more chatting and baby cuddles for me off the adorable Niamh. A lovely couple of days.

As you can see today Matilda and I dressed as twins again. I love this! I wore a striped Breton from Boden which I like as it is a bit thicker fabric and my Fat Face navy chinos. I also wore the M&S tan belt and my spotty converse.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Second cousin once removed?

We have spent the day with my family who are visiting and staying with my parents. Jonny, my sister, the twins and I joined my Mum and Dad, Aunt and Uncle, cousin and his wife and their three month old baby girl for the day. They are here overnight so will be re joining them in the morning. We spent a lovely day catching up and discussing/wondering/puzzling over what 'relation' we all were to each other. Obviously we know some but what are the twins to my cousin? What is their baby to the twins? It's all too confusing and I pretty much lost the train of thought after a few seconds!

I decided to team my lovely green jeans with a floral shirt for a nice spring look. However, it is clearly not spring as it is absolutely freezing! My jeans are from M&S, the shirt is a couple of years old from Fat Face and the chunky pearls and belt, which you may recognise as I wear them all the time, are from Primark and M&S.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

A floral day

Today was quite a relaxing day as we only had an appointment for baby George to have his hearing checked, which went well. Jonny actually let me sleep in whilst he got up with the twins which was a lovely treat and I didn't wake until 10.15am.

For todays outfit I wore a dark denim skirt from Gap, a floral top from Boden which I am never really sure about and always feel like I don't like it? I thought i'd give it another go today but still feel the same way about it! I also wore a Boden cardigan and yellow belt. I put on a chunky wooden beaded necklace I have had for years and forget where I got it from. Finally I wore my new ankle boots which I am starting to bed in at last.

A short one tonight, hubby and I are off to pilates.

Monday, 18 February 2013


On Saturday I went on a day trip to Lincoln with my Mum, sister, Auntie and cousin. It was the first full day I had left the twins as well although they were with their Daddy! We had a lovely day and the weather was great. There were lots of lovely little shops along the Steep Hill part of the city on the way to top and we strolled along and stopped for some lunch in a vintage tea room. I was glad we had not taken the twins as I didn't fancy walking up that steep hill with their pushchair or back down again.

I was in quite a hurry in the morning and forgot to take photos of my outfit before I put my coat on to run out the door! At the last minute I took some with my coat on! I wore a cream chunky jumper which I have previously posted about on here, a navy and white spotted shirt and the Matalan jeans I got last week. I decided to wear my comfy Uggs and I knew there would be some walking and my feet were killing me from wearing my heels the night before. I wore my Ralph Lauren trench and for a pop of colour a red satchel bag from Boden. 

This was, in fact, my sisters but she gave it to me, unused, some time ago and I have never taken in out of the packaging until now.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Birthday meal

On Friday night we went out for my sisters birthday, she is now less than a year 'til the big 3-0! We went to a curry restaurant in Hockley which was ok, I forget the name, the food was nice but the restaurant was a little bit 'canteeny' for my liking. It was nice to get dressed up for a change and I even wore heels which is a novelty for me.

I wanted to wear the blue trousers I got in the Gap sale after Christmas and built my outfit from there. I put on my pink shoes from Next and a striped top which I had a few years back from New Look. I have to say that I have never been sure about it. I really like the idea of it and like how it buttons at the back but there is something about it that seems to prevent me from wearing it? I thought I'd make an effort to wear it. I also wore my trench and a cut leather bag from the Limited Collection at M&S. I had this bag a few years ago and remember really liking it but not wanting to pay the full price. I forget what this was but was really pleased when I found it in the sale.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Hoping for spring

I am thoroughly fed up of my winter and am longing for some nicer weather when I can wear more of my spring clothes. At least the sun has been shining the past couple of days and it does seem slightly warmer. 

Yesterday we went to choose some new car seats for the twins and I was disappointed to find out they cannot go in them until they are 20lbs or there abouts, little George was weighed at 16lbs and Tilly 18lbs yesterday so we have a way to go as yet. Oh well, better for them to be safe. We did get some fab cow print ones with little ears on them which look great.

To embrace some of the 'spring' I wore my green jeans from M&S and a grey and white striped t-shirt from Boden. I also wore my grey spotty Converse.

I finally received the dress I have been waiting for to put in my 30 for 30 challenge. I have not forgotten about it but thought that I would be able to wear this in many different ways so was holding out for it. As it has been a while since I first started planning my items I am now thinking of changing some so will post them when I have decided.

Off out tonight for my sisters birthday so I will try to remember to take some photos. I always seem to be in such a rush if I ever go out in the evening after putting the twins in bed.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Birthday fun

It has been nice having Jonny off for the past few days and he is off work until the middle of next week so I am making the most of some extra pair of hands. I am angling for him to paint the kitchen but no luck so far...

We have been enjoying spending some time together which is very rare and I even managed to drag him to a pilates class last night. Before we had the twins we used to enjoy exercising together but as one of us needs to be here for them in the evening we have to go separately now which is a shame. We convinced my parents to sit with them and did a class. I was not impressed when he was told he is 'very flexible' after only going to one class, 'hello! I go every week' ha ha!

It has also meant that I have had a few spare minutes (ha ha, what are they?!) in the morning to think about what to wear. On Monday I wore a pink top from the Gap Outlet, a very old cardigan from H&M which has cute sequins on the pockets and some fab new jeans from Matalan of all places. I popped there the other day with my Mum and was actually pretty impressed with what they had in. They have a new 'weekend collection' which is some ways is not dissimilar to the weekend range at John Lewis but loads cheaper. I picked up a couple of vintage wash t-shirts and a jacket which is shown below. These jeans were £16 so a fab price and so far I really like them. I haven't washed them as yet but the fit is great and they stay up around the waist so I am not pulling them up all day which makes a change for a pair of jeans. 

Yesterday was my lovely sisters birthday and we went to my parents for a birthday tea. The twins were enjoying her clown birthday cake nearly as much as she was. My Mum made it for her as she used to have it when she was little.

I wore the new jacket from Matalan which I think could almost be mistaken for a Chanel number, ha ha. I wore it with a blue top that I have had for quite a while from Zara and some Next jeans. I also put on my chunky gold cuff which I have not worn for ages and a necklace that I got from Banana Republic when we were in New York.

As it seems that the snow is back, which does not impress me one bit, we haven't done anything all day apart from baby group this morning. We has planned a nice walk afterwards but when the snow came we stayed inside instead, boo! This morning I put on a navy J Crew t-shirt, the Matalan jeans and an old Gap jumper which I posted on here last week. 

Now it is going to be a very dull evening for me I think. Football is on and I'm not allowed to speak! There is only one thing for it...some internet shopping browsing!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Finally he's back!

The day finally arrived when Jonny was back from his seemingly never-ending snowboarding holiday. I am definitely ready for another pair of hands around the place. I decided to surprise him at the train station with the twins and was really excited as he didn't think the twins would be there. Their little faces when they saw him were amazing, they were so happy and laughing and so pleased to see him. We had been wondering all week what they had been thinking as they probably aren't old enough to know that he wasn't there for a longer than normal period of time but they were clearly so excited when they saw him which was lovely.

In the morning they were a bit whiney so I decided to quickly get dressed and head out for a while to potter around and keep them occupied. I threw on my favourite J Crew cargo pants which I am slightly annoyed to find are becoming too baggy on me. I know this should be (and is) a good thing but I still want to wear my nice things! I put on a navy J Crew long sleeved t-shirt and my comfy cashmere zip up hoody that I have had for years from Marks and Spencer. It has probably seen better days but is is warm and soft and I can't bring myself to get rid of it.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Double Denim

The past few days seem to have passed very quickly and I have been in bed early due to total exhaustion (and wanting to watch Miranda re runs!). These twins are hard work on my own but hubby is back tomorrow and I am going to make sure he makes up for lost time, starting with a lie in for Mummy!!

I spent Thursday at my sewing machine making a skirt with my Aunt whilst my Mum looked after the twins for a few hours. It is coming along nicely and will hopefully be finished sometime next week. 

On Friday my Mum and I took the twins over to Stoke to visit hubby's Mum and Nana for some lunch. It is normally an hour or so back and we were doing well until we hit the M1 where there had been a massive accident and the junction where we live was closed. We sat there for literally hours! My Mum ended up climbing in the back to sit with the twins and help them with their bottles which I luckily had. We left at 2.35pm and got home at 6.15pm! We were totally worn out and fed up.

I wore this outfit which I really liked and felt comfy in. A new navy and white spotted shirt from H&M which was a great find at £14.99. I have been after a white and navy spotted shirt (the opposite colour way to this) but have had no luck other than expensive ones so went for this and am really happy with it. I wore it with navy tapered leg chinos from Fat Face and my lush new boots from Next, also a bargain at £35. They are quite hard and are taking some bedding in but I like the heel and are really easy to walk in. I think that they will go with loads of things I own. Ideally I had been after a grey pair but have had no luck finding any at a reasonable price so went for these instead.

Today my sis and I popped to Decathlon to get a few bits. I have been after a pedometer for a while now to see how many steps I take in a day running around after the twins. Purely out of interest really. I was happy to find one for £8.99 which seemed to have all the functions I wanted. I have been wearing it this afternoon and it is a little temperamental and doesn't seem to be an exact measurement but so far not too bad. I'll see how I get on over the new few days. I also picked up a top for yoga.

I decided to go 'double denim' today which I know some people will not be impressed with! I like the look though if it is worn in the right way. I wore a chambray denim shirt which I have had for sometime from Gap and always love with some Gap jeans. I put on a short sleeved jumper for an extra layer of warmth, also from Gap that I have had for years and years. I've just realised, they should be sponsoring me! I decided to brave the new boots (which are now a bit sore) and try to break them in some more.

Monday, 4 February 2013

A very blustery day

This morning the twinlets and I met my friend and his little girl for a nice walk around Nottingham University. It appeared to be a lovely winters day, and it was, apart from the gale force winds that swept across the lake and downs of the grounds. At times I was struggling to push the pushchair. Other than that we had a very enjoyable walk and I was totally exhausted when I got home. Living so close to this lovely campus all my life, and working there for a couple of years, I cannot believe I have overlooked going here with the twins so far! If you have never been there it is an 'open campus' so anyone can enjoy it. There is a boating lake to walk around as well as the Uni grounds and a fabulous cafe with loads of room and child friendly as well as all the galleries and theatre. 

As it is Monday I have spent some of this evening at yoga. I really enjoy this relaxing hour and look forward to it each week. However, as it is is the new year the class seems to be full of new people. Full being the operative word as I can't get a place for next week now which is very frustrating when you go every week! Anyway, rant over...

I decided to wear a top that I had for Christmas and have not worn yet from White Stuff. I have to admit that I am now not overly keen on it but will give it more of a chance than one wear! I wore some Boden leggings, a navy Gap cardigan and the pink Boden boots.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Relaxed weekend

I am writing this post in bed tonight where I have been for the past half and hour already. I know I look after my little twinlets day in day out pretty much on my own (apart from all my helping hands!) but for some reason with hubby being away it just seems soooo much more tiring! Only a week to go...

Anyway, I have had a nice weekend with a visit from my lovely lovely friend Anna yesterday and a pretty chilled out day with my sister today. I totally forgot to take a photo of yesterdays outfit! How bad of me. Today all we were doing was going food shopping so I popped on a mustard yellow t-shirt and some jeans with my spotty converse. I think I thought/hoped it was warmer than it actually was and put on my denim jacket only to be absolutely freeeeeezing!

Right, off to carry on watching re runs of the comedy show Miranda, have you seen it? I didn't think it was for me but after seeing an episode recently I realise I was wrong and am obsessed!

Friday, 1 February 2013


As I write my blog tonight I am home all alone (apart from the twins and Dex of course!) as hubby has abandoned me for just over a week to head off on a snowboarding holiday with his friends. I know, I know, the less said about it the better! I am just hoping he comes bad without anything in plaster else I'll be even less impressed! Anyway, I will do my best to keep the blog updated but a week alone with the pesky duo may mean I never get dressed! Luckily I have lots of help on hand from my lovely family and friends who I really do not know what I would do without them.

I have titled my post twins as me and Matilda ended up wearing the same top today which made me very excited! I wanted to wear a pair of my new coloured jeans and went for the green and paired them with a simple striped Boden breton. When we were getting the twins dressed we went for the matching striped top she has as well. Unfortunately she does not have any green jeans so had to wear berry coloured ones. When I found out I was pregnant I was very excited to think that we could dress the 'baby' as 'mini me's' so when we knew we were having twins and that they were a boy and a girl we were even more pleased, ha, ha how sad are we!