Thursday, 31 January 2013

Coloured jeans

Today the hubby and I spent a rare afternoon alone together enjoying a meal we had been bought for Christmas at the Marco Pierre White steakhouse in town. I was excited to have a reason to wear my new sequin skirt. I have to admit at this point that I totally forgot to take any outfit photos and am kicking myself now! We did get a couple of snaps in the restaurant so I'll use those but you can't see the outfit clearly I'm afraid.

I wore the sequin skirt but as it is fairly dressy I made it day appropriate by teaming it with a striped Breton from Boden in a white and soft grey stripe, a grey cardigan from Fat Face that I have had for years, black tights and tan brogues from Matalan. As it was so cold I wore two coats! A gilet from Zara underneath a J Crew jacket.

Afterwards we did a spot of shopping and I picked up these pair of jeans in a bright pink and a green from M&S. I had gone in for the green but we just could not decide which we preferred so I got them both to try at home. Apparently I've got to take one back...! Which do you think?

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Chunky knit

I have no idea where I have got it from but yet again I have a cough and cold and am feeling rubbish! I felt pretty much ok this morning but have got worse as they day has gone on and am now spending the evening coughing like crazy, poor poor me! 

I didn't get a chance to post yesterday as I went to yoga in the evening. I spent the day with my Mum shopping for someones birthday and picked up a few bits for myself. I have been after a chunky knit jumper and seem to keep seeing them everywhere. I was slightly dubious as I wondered if they might just make me look fat as the shape sometimes seemed like it would be unflattering? Here are a few, that I have seen around and like, for differing prices.

Cream jumper - Matalan

Striped jumper - John Lewis

Slouch jumper (various colours) - H&M

Cream jumper - Fat Face

I am really loving the H&M one and all the different colour choices as well as the great price. I actually went for the Fat Face one as I really liked that although it is a chunky jumper it is quite fine and fits nicely. I think this is something I will get a lot of wear out of and started by wearing it today! They had it styled with a shirt on their display and I already have a similar shirt that I got from there a couple of years ago so I knew how I would wear it today. I also put on my J Crew cargo pants and my spotty Converse.

I also picked up a shirt from H&M which is navy with white spots, I have been after one but white with navy spots and could only find more expensive ones so thought I'd give this one a go. It will go great with the jumper.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

A lovely weekend

We have had an absolutely lovely weekend with our friends who visited. We spent some time yesterday chilling out and playing with the twins before a great (and filling!) meal at the Bulls Head at Repton. I've said it before on here and I'll say it again, we cannot recommend this place enough, they do the best food.

In the daytime I wore an orange and pink leopard print cardigan and an old vest from Gap. The cardigan was Clements Ribeiro from Tkmxx, this is only the second time I've worn it since I got it and wonder if it might be better in the spring/summer with some lighter clothes? I also wore some old jeans from M&S.

I forgot to take any photos of my evening outfit but I have worn it before and posted on here. It consisted of the bright pink Zara skirt and a striped t-shirt (yaaawwwnn!) from John Lewis. I also wore my vintage necklace that I picked up when we were in London a couple of years ago. 

Today we went for a nice stroll around Wollaton Park and for some lunch at the Hemlock Stone pub, now I would definitely not recommend this place! It is now a Thai restaurant as well and the food, quality and portions were really poor.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Ebay stripes

By now you probably all know that high on my list of 'loves' are stripes, bargains and the shop Boden. I love nothing more than a nice striped top and Boden definitely seem to do the best ones. I seem to stick to the same colours though and maybe need to be a little more adventurous with that. Whilst looking on ebay for a cashmere jumper, as I am not prepared to pay a 'proper' price, I stumbled on a little gem that covers all three, the Boden ebay shop!

Now I admit that it is a bit hit and miss and if you see something you probably need to grab it but there were some bargains to be had. I found the top that I am wearing today for £14 rather than £29. It is what they call their 'winter Breton' so it is thicker than a normal cotton one but not as thick as a jumper, perfect for now and later in the year could be used as a layering piece for warmth. They delivered in super quick time and the delivery is free.

I also wore my Gap jeans which I absolutely love and wish that I had in a darker colour as well. For a bit of contrast the necklace is an orange Primark number that I got in the summer.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Tired of typing

After another night of a certain little girl waking us up at 5am I felt absolutely awful this morning and the normal, simplest of tasks seemed to take forever. My morning was brightened greatly by a knock at the door from my friendly delivery lady. I think that maybe I have too much delivered as it seems she knows all about the twins, refers to my husband so obviously knows him, knows my parents and where they live as she text me (yes, we are that close!) and re arranged a delivery which she kindly took to theirs instead, and, I really don't know how she knows this, referred to my job when we were chatting about going back to work! To be honest, I don't really care how she knows as long as she keeps bringing my parcels!

Anyway, she had in her lovely parcel bearing hands a package from Anthropologie. I had my beady eye on a skirt there but it was £148, I know! It had gone down in the sale to a far more reasonable £37.95 but I was still unsure until I got an email saying there was a further 20% off making it even cheaper and I decided to go for it. I have mentioned before that I like websites that offer the buyer the chance to add a review of their purchase and I always try to do so. I think it helps so much when deciding. There was only one review of the skirt but it was positive so I ordered it. 

I love the wrapping, everything comes in lovely tissue paper, and inside was the skirt and I love it! The reviewer had said that it looked so much better on than in the packet and she was right. I loved it when I tried it on and think it will look best dressed down with a simple striped (of course!) t-shirt and pumps or flip flops in the summer. It could also be dressed up for a night out. The photo isn't that great as I forgot to take one until it was dark but it is a grey/silver colour and a thick silky material. I also love that it has pockets.

I wanted to wear something other than my jeans today and as we were all off for lunch at my Aunts with my Mum I put on a dress. I have only worn this typewriter dress once so far over Christmas and want to get some wear out of it before the summer comes as I think it is a bit more of a winter dress. I teamed it with the green patterned tights that I have posted on here before from Next and my green Cath Kidston cardigan.

P.s nearly ready to begin the challenge...

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

28 pieces confirmed!

Those of you who have been reading over the past few days will know what the title of this post refers to. I have been working on the 30 items needed for the challenge and think that I am set on 28 of them. I am awaiting a delivery of a dress which, if I am happy with, I think will fit in well with everything else. I have selected items which mix well with each other, kind of like choosing for your holidays! Hopefully there are a couple of bits that are a bit different and add a different look or colour. Whilst I have been doing it I have really wished it was spring as I have wanted to pick things but they haven't been weather appropriate. I am hoping to start the challenge next week!

Today we went to baby group this morning and my lovely friend and her babies came over this afternoon so we have played all day. I wore my slim leg jeans, a pale pink top that I picked up for the bargain price of £7.99 at Gap which I really like the neckline on and a grey striped cardigan also from Gap  but very old. I have worn this cardigan a million times until one day hubby put it in the wash with something red and turned the white stripes pink, how annoying!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Stripes and florals

I keep seeing everywhere outfits where there is a complete contrast in the patterns and textures of the different items, for example a striped breton t-shirt with a floral skirt. I am mentally compiling different looks from items in my wardrobe and new ones that I need ha, ha. I think that this is more of a spring/summer look and can imagine this working well when there is less need for coats and tights.

Until then I thought I would mix it up a little bit and as we were off to see my lovely friend and her babies I put on a simple striped blue t-shirt which I had a few years ago from a little range at Whistles (I forget the name) and my 'boyfriend' (should that be husband?) fit jeans. I popped on my chunky floral necklace, which has similar pastel colours, and was good to go. Or at least I thought, in the 5 minutes before we left the house the twins pulled on the necklace about 50 times so I took it off to save for a more practical time, boo!

Monday, 21 January 2013

Braving the outside world

As today felt like the 768th day in a row that we had not ventured outside I was glad of the opportunity to meet up with some friends from our baby group for a cuppa and a chat. We   only got round the corner but it was outside the same four walls so I felt a bit excited and it was lovely to see everyone. It is so nice to speak to people in the same situation as you, to chat about what our babies have been up to, I am very lucky to have such fabulous friends dotted all over the place!

If I'm honest I didn't need to make much of an effort when getting dressed as we were literally going to be sat around (making a mess - babies!) I put on my Next denim jeans as I had not worn them for a while and wanted to see if I liked them enough to include in the 30/30 challenge, turns out they have gone back in the wardrobe! Wasn't fussed enough about them to include them in one of my precious 30. I really struggle with jeans and am never happy with them, I seem to like a pair for a few wears and then go off them.

I also wore a red, white and navy striped t-shirt which I had from Gap a few months ago with the intention of pairing it with a red skirt but I think the cut of the t-shirt is wrong for the style of the skirt and I don't actually like how it hangs off my shoulders. Now I have worn it a few times I realise it is meant to be a looser style and I'm just not loving it. 

I have been thinking again, tonight about the challenge. I am waiting on the arrival of a dress I ordered in October but has only just been sent as it is from the Boden spring collection. I am hoping that this will fit and that it can become a versatile item for the challenge. Hopefully it will be here by the end of the week. I will take some photos tomorrow and post what I have chosen so far.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

A new challenge...

I have been after a new blog challenge for sometime now after enjoying the stripes and rainbow ones that I did. I keep thinking over what to do and coming back to the same one, I saw it on some other blogs, which I think I could do.

It is '30 for 30' where I select 30 items from my wardrobe and mix and match them for 30 days. I spent some time this evening getting bits and pieces out and trying to decide. It actually hasn't been that hard so far but I just have the last few to finalise before I let you all know. I am not going to start it until the weather improves over the next few days as I don't want to ruin any of my shoes in the snow!

I am including all clothes, shoes and accessories such as necklaces and belts but not coats as I will pretty much just be wearing my winter parka anyway. I'm also not going to include a pair of black tights and plain vests that I would wear underneath something for warmth rather than as part of my outfit. Also, I will need to wear different clothes for yoga so these aren't included either! That said, everything else is and I guess I will have to see how it goes combining everything. I am hoping it will make me more adventurous and mean I have to experiment and try different ways to wear my clothes. If all goes well I am hoping to do the same in the spring as I can't wait to get out all my spring things and put away the dull winter clothes.

Watch this space for a run down of the items I have chosen and for when the challenge commences!

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Baby it's cold outside..

Today has been the third day that I have spent inside the house without putting a foot out the door and if tomorrow is the same I may start to go slightly mad! Thank god for the laptop back! At least today hubby was off work and due to the weather we decided to have a day chilling out with the twins and did, well, a whole lot of nothing. To be fair, the snow isn't really that bad at all here, we don't have much but at 8 months the twins are too young to go outside and play in what we do have. 

Needless to say I didn't really bother when getting dressed today! I put on an old faithful Boden striped t-shirt that I have had for ages and worn a million times and my Decathlon yoga pants which are great for sitting around playing with the twins in. I didn't bother with make up or even brushing my hair, lovely! The twins didn't even get dressed!

I have my eye on these trousers. I really fancy some colourful/patterned trousers for the spring, what do you think? I am so sick of winter, is it spring yet?

Friday, 18 January 2013

Gotta love the sales!

I was very lucky to be given some money for Christmas as well as all the fabulous gifts i received. Those of you who know me will know that I do not like surprises and like to choose things for myself and I love a bargain, so money to spend in the sales was perfect!

I found that many of the sales started even earlier than usual this year and I had some things ordered before Christmas let alone before the New Year. I do love the shop Anthropologie and this is one of the few places that we don't have anywhere near here, being near this would be an advantage! (maybe not to my bank balance..!) it is the kind of shop that you need to have a good browse in and look at all the little bits and pieces so it's not ideal online. That said, a bargain is a bargain so I was pleased to see the sale link in my emails. I picked up a cream jumper which I have shown on here before, and the fox t-shirt also shown. This was actually from the spring line and not the sale (boo) but I liked it enough to go for it. 

I picked up a navy dress that I was wearing in yesterdays post which is better shown here. I also got another, smarter looking navy dress, shown here in coral as they don't seem to have the navy now. I only paid £32.95 despite it saying £39.95!

I also picked up the flowery necklace that I was wearing on here yesterday.

Whilst in town I popped into Gap. I have always loved the Gap, especially when in the US but recently have found it to be pretty hit and miss here. I don't think it helps that we have the most untidy and cramped store in Nottingham which doesn't make for a pleasant shopping experience, that reminds me, must go to Fosse Park as they have a much nicer shop...that said, I did have a browse through the sale rails. I picked up some smart blue trousers and a matching dress. I tried both on and decided, for once, to go for the trousers as I always have dresses. They are cobalt blue and will be lovely in the spring with some bright pink heels. They seemed a tiny bit short to be 7/8th's on me so I took down the hem and lengthened them slightly so they fit much better now. I am really looking forward to wearing them. Perhaps with this silky top, also in the sale for £9.99. The trousers were £14.99!

Finally I picked up these cute trousers from Whistles reduced from £125 to £35! They look nice with the spotty t-shirt above and will be lovely for spring. It is a bit hard to see on this photo but they have a slightly sporty look and a zip and drawstring fastening. 

I don't know about you all but I am soooo over the my winter wardrobe and really keen to move into the spring. I was even wondering the other day if it is too early to start planning my holiday packing for May, no? I guess we have to get rid of this pesky snow first!

So, what fabulous sale bargains did you pick up?

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Blog on my phone, wish me luck!

As we are stuck inside hiding from the snow I thought I'd have a look at if I can update my blog off my iPhone, it seems that maybe I can (if you are reading this then, yes, I can!) we did have plan to visit my lovely friends today but the snow was falling think and fast when it was time to go and I was worried about getting there and back with my precious twin cargo and so we gave it a miss (boo, sorry ladies)

As I type I have one twin on the sofa playing with the remote and the remains of a magazine she has ripped apart whilst sucking my slipper and the other on the floor eating his sock and wondering why he can't crawl yet, the floor is littered with toys they clearly don't need ha,ha! Well, as they are momentarily and unusually occupied I can work on this. Looking at the blog it seems that I've not posted any outfits since New Year's Day! How annoying not having the computer! If you have not already seem me on Facebook search Sarah Style and 'like' my page for regular updates!

Anyway, I know all you are really interested in is the outfits so I will try to upload some photos from the past few days!

Today I wore a coral coloured cardigan from the Gap outlet, my J Crew pants that I had when were on honeymoon a couple of years ago, a cream smartish sleeveless blouse from Zara that I just never seem to wear so thought I'd try it again today and I was please with it. I also wore a wallis sale necklace and some bargain 60p accessorise earrings.

The second outfit was what I wore yesterday when I went over to my parents for some lunch and knew I'd be sitting on the floor playing with the twins most of the day! My sister and I actually popped to Next as well to take some things back but I didn't see anything nice there at all!! I wore my new green cardigan that I had for Christmas from Cath Kidson, I seem to he wearing this a lot recently so am pleased with the purchase. I already have a green cardigan that I have had for years from H&M but it is looking tired and had been after a replacement. I wore the same j crew pants (Huum I do love these!) an a shirt I had a few years ago from White Stuff which has pretty birds and bird cages printed on it. Te necklace is so old I can't remember where it came from! Unfortunately there is a rip on the shoulder which I have made worse by wearing it, I'm not sure how it got there or if it can be repaired :-( I popped on my new spotty converse and we were good to go!

I'm not sure how the layout will look doing this on my phone by hopefully it will be ok until the computer is back! Happy reading!

Flyaway dress

I am really hoping to get the computer back today which will make like so much easier! It's amazing how much I rely on it. In just the past few days I've had to go into the bank to make a transfer, struggled to book yoga as my membership number is automatically stored when I log onto the gym and had to do my Ocado shop on my phone! And that's not including updating my blog which is not easy on my phone and I don't think it works as well.

Anyway, I will struggle on for you faithful readers! I have taken some photos today of my recent sale purchases which I will post later if I get chance. Until then, here is the outfit of the day.

I wore one of my sale purchases, a dress from anthropologie which is really cute. It was half price from £98 to £49 and I think it is a little bit different. It has a t-shirt material on the top half and the bottom is a stiffer cotton with birds stitched onto it. I feel like it needs to be worn for a while to 'soften' a little as the skirt is quite stiff. There are little pockets as well which I always like on a skirt. I wore my navy Primark tights with the thicker feet in to wear with boots and a new necklace. This was also from anthropologie and was reduced to £14.95 from £48! Bargain! I love a statement necklace and this is really pretty. They had it in green as well but they were all sold out unfortunately as I do like green.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

A very cold day

Today has been absolutely freezing, literally, hasn't it!? Not helped my mood defrost by having to go and try on new t shirts for the big 'return to work' although it almost pains me to say so, a teeny tiny bit of me is looking forward to it! Is that terrible? Surely even work is easier than twins ha, ha! And as I know ALL my new shift are regular readers (yeah right!) here's a hello to them!

Anyway, on with more pressing matters, the clothes. I am trying to wear more things that I have sitting in my wardrobe unworn and unloved and so when I stumbled across this shirt I thought I'd pop in on over my jeans. In fact, I have just thought of a positive on the work subject, whilst looking for my uniform in the loft, I found some jeans I'd forgotten about! Not all bad then.

The shirt is an old Primark number which after wearing for half the day I realised had a rip in it. What is it with me and ripped clothes at the minute?! And there is a stain on the sleeve. I decided that after today I was going to throw it away so it is now in the bin. I do normally take my clothes to the charity shop when I am tired of them or pass them to friends, eBay etc but this was only worthy of the bin I'm afraid. I wore the boden jeans I found which are actually 7/8th length for the spring really but as I was wearing boots it didn't matter and a cute leopard print belt, also from boden a long time ago.

Thinking about old clothes reminds me, what are you guys thoughts on clothes swapping? I keep seeing the idea on other blogs and love it so much. You basically bring clothes and accessories you don't wear and swap with your friends for things you will. Maybe that's something to look into if I get any interest? Anyway, I digress...after the work thing my mum and I went to MacArthur Glen outlet for a mooch around. I picked up the fab pink jeans from Gap I posted on Facebook and a cute green checked shirt also for the spring.

Monday, 14 January 2013

A little lace

I have found that using my phone to update my blog means that I can only add a few photos at a time otherwise it seems to freeze it! Here is another of the outfits that I wore during my absent days ha, ha. I actually really liked this one, I never would have worn leggings as purely trousers before but my hubby persuaded me it looked ok? Thinking about it, I wore this to go into work to sort out returning so maybe I don't like it after all!

I wore the lace top that I have posted on here before from Ralph Lauren at Bichester Village, I think it is just so lovely! My Boden leggings which I have been thinking may be in need to renewal? And a cardigan I recently picked up off eBay. It is from whistles and was £15! Bargain! It is really comfy and smugly so hopefully I will be able to throw it over anything. I finished the outfit with my black and brown riding boots and a leopard print scarf my beautiful friend bought me for my birthday.

A few more days...

Now I have actually worked out how to post off my phone I suppose I'd better update you of my outfits for the past few days then! I can't edit the photos as well on here so bare with me!

I wore this outfit for a spot of shopping the other day which reminds me, I must share some of my sale finds! It is the skirt I had from White Stuff for Christmas teamed with the pink boots I am re-loving as you know, a purple Primark tshirt and a hot pink Gap cardigan from the outlet shop.

I wore this outfit that I have actually posted before but think is really cute for a day with my Mum, it wasn't until I got in the car I realised I had baby sick on it! Oh well, the perils of twins!!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

The blog is back...hopefully...

Yippee I have finally managed to get logged on a computer to attempt to update my blog. I am so sorry that I have been gone so long, I have really been missing updating it, maybe it's a bit silly, I don't know, but I felt a bit like I was missing something that has become important to me. I have loved compiling it over the last few months and find it relaxing and fun so have been a bit lost without it.

That said, our lovely Mac is still not fixed and I have borrowed my Mum's old and annoying computer and it is slooooow and difficult to use and takes forever to do anything.

I have been taking photos of my outfits and will post them when I've worked out how to ha,ha. For now, here is a round up of what we have been doing since the new year...

* I have arranged going back to work following my maternity leave, it's not for a while yet but obviously I have mixed feelings.
* We have 4 new teeth, 2 for Matilda and 2 for George.
* I have got some fab sale bargains and a couple of bits from the new Boden collection!
* I've purchased the box set of Downton Abbey as I feel that I missed out on this and want to watch them all!
* I have won some fabulous Paul Smith shoes on ebay!
* Did I mention my sale bargains....

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New years day

We spent the morning putting away the Christmas tree and decorations, it felt so nice to clear everything up. I don't know what is nicer, the excitement of putting them all or the clean uncluttered feeling after taking them down! It feels like we have some space for once which is no easy thing with all of us in a 2 bedroom terrace.

After that we went over to my Aunts with the rest of my family for a new years day lunch. I wore one of the new tops I had for Christmas from White Stuff. It has little cats printed all over it. I wore a necklace that also has a cat on it that I had last Christmas from Hobbs. I also wore my red jeans from Next.