Sunday, 28 August 2011

Back at last...

As I like to kid myself that people may actually read this blog, you may be happy to know that I have finally compiled a new post!! I have had a busy few days and have been without our computer so unable to upload photos. To make up for it I have a few for you. 

I am happy to say that today is my first wedding anniversary. How fast has that year flown!? At times it has been an interesting year but I am certainly as happy as the day we were married and the day we became officially 'a couple' 3 years ago.  I think this time last year we were relaxing after the meal and excitedly waiting for the evening guests to arrive. As hubby rarely fails to remind me I got very drunk on 'those little glasses' (shots) and I always blame my work friends!! Hey, it was my wedding day.

We have had some celebrations the past week or so. Last weekend was my lovely Mum's 60th birthday, yes Mum, that does make you old! Here is the outfit I wore for her afternoon tea party. It is the Boden dress I got a few months ago on sale, the jewellery was my 30th birthday present from my sister and cousins, it is from Paul Smith and matches perfectly. I was also wearing some lovely gold flip flips which you can't see and the trusty gold cuffs. I should have pinned the flower belt up higher but didn't really realise until I looked back at the photos. How nice do my Dad's tubs look too.

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