Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Tkmaxx bargains

One of my close friends recently told me about the new tkmaxx in Derby. I popped over there this afternoon, leaving the twins with their Grandparents. It was a bit strange not having them in tow but it certainly made for an easier shopping time.

I picked up a few bits for Christmas and a couple of things for the twins as well as some bargains for myself, of course! As I love this Cynthia Rowley dress that I got recently I was pleased to see some different dresses today. I found this cute pink one which was reduced to £15, I like the panels of black on the side and back which I think adds something different to the dress and it will look great with some thick black tights.

I also picked up this Clements Ribeiro merino wool cardigan which I plan to wear with this skirt, I am hoping that the contrast between the stipes and spots will work well. I got some grey Calvin Klein tights as well and these will tie in with the grey stripe in the cardigan.


  1. The dress is lovely :) I love TKMAXX at the moment!


  2. Aah thanks! I admit that it is veeerrryyyy tight and needs a couple of pounds off to be right but I like it! I know, I am also loving it, go through phases.They have tonnes of nail varnish!!!xx