Wednesday, 5 December 2012

There is an outside?!

As the twins and myself had not ventured out the house in two days we thought we'd make an effort and go to our baby group. This did mean that I actually needed to get dressed, unlike yesterday, hence no post. I don't think there is any need to show my Minnie Mouse pj's on here!

I put on my red skinny jeans from Next and almost instantly George rubbed his dairylea covered hand all over my leg! It seems that I am destined to wash there jeans every single time I wear them. I also wore a top from H&M that I got at the weekend with a 25% off voucher making it a bargain £9.99. It is a very fine linen fabric and I am slightly concerned that it will easily snag. It was very comfy to wear and I can see this going well with a number of things in my wardrobe. It also came in a black and grey colourway and I was unsure at first but am glad my sister persuaded me not only to buy it but to get this peachy colour. I did find myself wishing that I had got the cream and red 'wintery' pattern cardigan that she got as it would have matched this outfit well and I was a bit cold!

Initially I put on the necklace that my Mum brought me back from Banana Republic in New York but decided that it didn't mix well with twins and left it at home!

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