Sunday, 13 January 2013

The blog is back...hopefully...

Yippee I have finally managed to get logged on a computer to attempt to update my blog. I am so sorry that I have been gone so long, I have really been missing updating it, maybe it's a bit silly, I don't know, but I felt a bit like I was missing something that has become important to me. I have loved compiling it over the last few months and find it relaxing and fun so have been a bit lost without it.

That said, our lovely Mac is still not fixed and I have borrowed my Mum's old and annoying computer and it is slooooow and difficult to use and takes forever to do anything.

I have been taking photos of my outfits and will post them when I've worked out how to ha,ha. For now, here is a round up of what we have been doing since the new year...

* I have arranged going back to work following my maternity leave, it's not for a while yet but obviously I have mixed feelings.
* We have 4 new teeth, 2 for Matilda and 2 for George.
* I have got some fab sale bargains and a couple of bits from the new Boden collection!
* I've purchased the box set of Downton Abbey as I feel that I missed out on this and want to watch them all!
* I have won some fabulous Paul Smith shoes on ebay!
* Did I mention my sale bargains....

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