Friday, 31 January 2014

The past few days

I haven't sat down to complete my blog for a few days but have been remembering to take photos of my outfits as I go along to post on here. As usual, when I have looked back I can see that I have resorted to my old faithful stripes! So much for trying to step out of my comfort zone. I have been trying, and hopefully managing, to mix some other pieces in there too. 

When you sit down and think about it it's hard to recall what you actually have done recently! I know that I have been trying to get more sorted financially and to be honest, this will affect my blog in some ways as I am not going to have as much spare cash for clothes. However, I am not looking on this as a negative, quite the opposite. I am enjoying the challenge of using pieces from my already bulging wardrobe and being even more committed to my desire for a bargain! I like the idea of being more frugal in ways that mean I can still treat myself and the twins from time to time. I guess it will make those items more special. 

Yesterday my parents and aunt took the twins and I for a lovely breakfast at a farm shop somewhere in Worksop? I include a question mark and I am actually not too sure where we were! But it was delicious and we enjoyed the morning out popping in at MacArthur glen outlet on the way back. I have said before that I am not too keen on it here, I think compared to the others around the country we a terrible version and the shops are pretty dire. However, I did manage to pick up a pair of Gap jeans for just over a tenner so was happy. I needed a new pair as some of my nice trousers, that I wear all the time, are starting to wear at the knees from crawling around with the twins and soft play etc. I remembered to add them to my daily expenditure sheet that my lovely friend compiled for me in order to keep my finances in check. 

So, onto the outfits. I have included three on this post. The first is a navy Chinti and Parker dress that has little spots sort of sewn into the fabric all over, it is really cute but I am never entirely convinced that I like it when I wear it? I always wish that it has pockets. I think it is better in the summer as it is a cotton dress and hangs better without tights. I wore a striped Gap tshirt underneath.

The second is a dress from the NW3 range at Hobbs, I absolutely love this range and always want everything from it! This is an old dress that I have had for a few years now but it is really, pretty. My cardigan is an old Gap one.

Today's outfit consists of the new Gap bargain jeans and a striped Breton top from boden. I like this one as it is thicker, almost like a sweatshirt material so warmer for this time of year.


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