Monday, 17 February 2014

Must remember my blog!

I admit that I have been terrible at remembering to take photos for my blog the past few days and in fact, I have had occasions where I have been out and worn outfits different to the norm and still forgotten to photograph them! I think it is because I am always getting ready in such a rush, time is a luxury I simply do not have! Even this evening I have been meaning to sit down and write my blog but for one reason or another the evening has flown by and it's gone 11pm already.

Last week, for example I went out with work and wore some leather shorts! I say leather, ahem 'pleather' is a better explanation of the fabric but hey, they were £10 from Matalan and it seems the jury is still out? Personally I liked them and maybe next time I'll remember to photograph them. I then wore a lovely peach dress with cats printed all over it for my sisters birthday and my current favourite, a pink lace Whistles beauty that I got from eBay. Must try harder!

Until then, I'll leave you with two photos. The first shows my recent fabulous sale buys. The green cardigan I have been after for ages after my all time favourite finally had it and was looking really tatty, I just had to let it go to the charity shop, sob sob. I found it at the Gap outlet at MacArthur Glen for the fabulous price of £7.99 with a further 30% off, bargain. Whilst there I also picked up this striped skirt, also 30% off making it just over £11, again, something I have been looking for for a while. And today this fabulous cashmere jumper arrived from Boden. It was in the sale at £23 reduced from £119! Now that readers, is a bargain! The only problem is now I've tried cashmere I may never go back...

The second photo is something you can help me on. I am absolutely in love with this citrus yellow that is everywhere for spring and loved this bag when is saw it. However, I kept going back to look at thing grey one too. They are similar in price and size and I only need one, but which one? Cast you votes please...

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