Sunday, 11 May 2014

Spring sunshine

I am pleased that the weather seems to have been changing, today's pouring rain aside, and I can wear my more summery clothes. I have put away my winter things and refuse to wear tights again until the autumn. This outfit was one I wore last weekend and I really loved it. It is so bright and summery and it felt really comfy and a little different of my normal jeans and tshirt.

The skirt is Boden, I have the matching top which is exactly the same and I do think it would work together for a special occasion but maybe not everyday. I like how George refers to the print as 'mummy's sunshine' - too cute! I am wearing it with a yellow long sleeved tshirt from Asda and some Primark pumps which cost me a bargainous £6! I also have them in navy, at that price who needs to decide between the two?!

Looking back at the photos I am reminded that I had to pretend to try something on in Tesco in order to use their mirror before mine had been replaced!

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