Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Resisting the heating

What has happened to the weather? Grrrrr it is freeeezing and I am fed up of the winter already, how long until the spring comes? Ok I know it's not even remotely anywhere near winter yet but I really dislike the cold! I have resorted to putting away our summer clothes and sorting my winter boots and tights today. But I will not put on the heating!

I needed something to fill my time as I have been so poorly over the last few days I even had to give up double time at work! Annoyed does not begin to cover it. It seems a horrible tummy bug has been doing the rounds and the twins and I have both been suffering. I spent all day yesterday in bed and although I got up and dressed, eventually, today I wanted comfort so went for these grey jeans and cute top from Topshop. I just spotted it the other day and it is not a style I would normally go for but I've really liked wearing it and it's really comfy and I think it looks quite cute on. I like the pinky/nude colour, I'd be tempted to get it in a soft grey as well.

The jeans are Next and the white vest top is Primark.

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