Sunday, 31 August 2014

The September challenge

I have decided not to buy any clothes for the whole of September. I really don't need anything new and have, as usual, treated myself to a few bits post pay day! Very naughty and unnecessary. So, I wondered if I could manage with no shopping for a month, really, how hard can it be?! I will keep you posted. This includes the twins as well, they have more new clothes than me I think.

In the mean time I am pleased to see that the sunshine seems to be back. This week is meant to be nice in Nottingham at least. I had packed away mine and the twins summer clothes but have got them back out again to make the most of the remaining summer. 

Last night I spend a fabulous evening with my lovely friend Natalie. We were both child free for once and decided to treat ourselves to a night out. We went to Bills in town for a great meal. This place is great, they serve really nice, well priced food. I had the ribs! The breakfast there looks amazing too, something that I definitely want to try. We then headed to the Boiler Maker cocktail bar, we were lucky enough to get a table pretty quickly. In true classy style we then got the last bus home,can't beat it!

Last night I wore a Whistles dress that I sourced off eBay last year and have worn a handful of times, I really love it. I also wore my amazing Whistles heels that kill my feet and cost me a fortune but I don't care as they are beautiful. I experimented with a hot red lip as well!

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