Saturday, 27 September 2014

Going green

I am twins less today and went into town to meet my Mum for a browse round rather shops, I say browse as I have so much to pay for this month annoyingly! As the weather is still quite warm I decided  to resist tights for another week and go bare legged even though my tan has all but faded. I wore a green Boden skirt I bought from a Preloved Boden selling page. I had been after it for a while but they still seemed to sell for quite a lot on eBay deity being a couple of summers old so was happy to pick this perfect one up for £11 a few weeks back. It was too long for me but some simple sewing meant this was easy to sort. 

I wore it with my favourite ankle boots and a Gap denim shirt which I am loving. The necklace is from H&M and my Mum just bought it back from Canada for me, this is the second day in a row I've worn it so she made a good choice! The bag is a fabulous Mulberry.

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  1. Hi sarah,
    Isnt it time you updated your blog.
    It's october now.:)
    Look forward to the update.:)