Saturday, 30 July 2011

A day of vintage

My sister, Catherine, and I decided to head off to Nottingham today and do some shopping. Nothing new there except we scoured the vintage shops for some goodies and were not disappointed. I will post some pictures tomorrow as it is too dark now to get some good photos but I have attached some pictures of todays outfit. Very cute I think! I've teemed the vintage find dress with an old Topshop bag, Tesco sandals and a Primark ring that the hubby hates so I wear just to annoy him!

Here is my lovely sister in her shopping outfit. I think she is wearing a White Stuff dress, John Lewis sandals and a Gap cardigan? And, of course, the Mulberry. Beautiful. 

Despite making a list of things I wanted, a gold cuff, pink blazer and wicker clutch I didn't manage to find any of them today. Here are some of the cuffs I've seen, the bottom two are Topshop, I love the giraffe one as I love them but at £18.50 I wont be getting it anytime soon!! The middle one was £20, totally overpriced. The top one I was going to get, £2.50 from Primark, bargain, but Catherine persuaded me it looked like it was from a children's fancy dress costume and it put me off.

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