Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Sunny side up

I really love yellow, it's such a summery bright colour and can make you feel happier even when it's miserable outside (as it so often is here) It wasn't so long ago that I was told by my Mum that I could not wear yellow with my colouring, fair skinned and blond. However, things kept catching my eye and I bought a yellow £9.99 cardigan from H&M which I wore with everything until I put it in the wash with something blue and it got a green tint to it! Oh well, I was hooked and ignored the previous advice buying a few bits in yellow. Some of my favourites are shown below...
This is my latest purchase and I admit, strangely for me, it was not in the sale! I saw it advertised in Grazia last week and wanted it desperately but it seemed to be sold out everywhere. Mainly because the gorgeous Olivia Palermo was seen wearing it! I knew I had to have it and after searching Ebay and seeing it selling for £100 I thought, forget it!! However, I was in Outfit (a store out of town in Nottingham which sells Oasis, Topshop, Warehouse, Dorothy Perkins and a few others) and saw it there! I could not believe my luck. I have tried it on with a few of my wardrobe staples and have styled it here with my favourite gold Primark belt and a Primark necklace that  I wear ALL the time. I'm thinking stacks of gold bangles and either gold heels (as shown in 60th Birthday Celebrations post) or my Jones yellow wedges, shown below.

Here are a few of my favourite yellow pieces. At the back is the Boden (on sale!) cardigan I got a couple of years ago which I wear with the flowery top, also sale at Boden. However, I need to be careful with this one as someone kindly pointed out last time I wore it that you could see right down the top when I moved (thank you, you know who you are!!) still I love the purple beading around the top. I'd had these both hanging in my wardrobe for ages before daring to wear them due to the 'yellow nerves' but I love them now and they look great with the yellow wedges also shown and a button fronted khaki shirt from Kew a few summers ago. Speaking of the wedges, my husband persuaded me to get these when I saw them in the window of Jones a few years back. I thought they were too high but now I've worn them in I can't get enough of them and they go with anything. They also had them in purple and I'm keeping my eye out on Ebay for them! I can't remember where I got the beads from, I think I got them a few years back when I was forced to wear black and white for work and wanted to rebel! They bag is a cheapy Primark number that my Mum bought me before going on holiday this year and the belt is also Boden, and you guessed it, in the sale!! Finally the yellow pointy courts were something I wanted after seeing Cameron Diaz in a very similar pair, I searched the high street for them and spotted them one day whilst walking past River Island and managed to convince my Dad to buy them for my birthday, this must be 7 years or more ago now but I still love them. Finally, the striped dress was a bargain H&M sun dress a few years ago but still looks lovely in the sunshine on holiday.

Lastly, this little lovely is something I spotted at Outfit today, it was £10 reduced from £22 in the Warehouse section. I've worn it this evening with my cropped, high waisted khaki trousers from Zara.


  1. The yellow dress is fabulous! What a lucky find, I love it when that happens! I don't have enough yellow in my closet! You have a good set of yellow!

  2. Aah thank you, I seem to get drawn to it! You should give it a go, it would look great with your colouring, a nice bright yellow x