Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Fish pie Wednesday

The hubs was at work today so I got up nice and early with him to make the most of a day off. I don't like wasting time in bed, I'll save lay in's for when I am at work! I decided to pop back into town again as I didn't really get to look yesterday. As you can see from the pictures I went for cropped jeans today, this is a change for me as I generally wear skirts and dresses. I am trying to wear more things from my wardrobe and haven't worn this Primark blouse for ages. I styled it with my favourite Primark pearls, I certainly have got my £2.50's worth from them. I nearly cried when they broke but managed to fix them with my Dads pliers! I have to confess I didn't wear the Gap lovelies to go out in, far too high for shopping but swapped them for leopard print pumps. At the last minute I grabbed this fab scarf, also Primark.

This top caught my eye in H&M, I was only really trying it for fun, not really intending to buy anything from here but really loved it when I fitted it on. It looks a bit strange on the picture but is quite different and I think is pretty cute. And it was a bargain at £14.99. Would be nice in a neutral too but didn't see one.

Here is the back view, I like how it buttons up down the back.


I found this lovely pink silk top in vintage shop, Cow. It was only £4 and thought it would like nice with the black Zara cropped slim leg trousers I also got. I like the sleeves as they are quite baggy and look a bit different to just a normal shirt. 

My final purchase was for my holiday to New York in October. I have already been thinking about what to take and as I'm not sure it will be cold enough for boots yet but know that ballet pump style shoes will make my legs ache walking around all day I needed another option. I decided to go for some Toms, I know, I know everyone has them so not very original but looking into them people seem to be raving about how comfy they are so will be just the job. Unless it rains of course! Oh well, I'll think that through another day...

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