Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A blustery day

Today I have been for lunch in Nottingham with my Mum, Dad and sister. We had a lovely meal at a French restaurant (I forget the name!) and, although I don't normally like French food as I find it too rich I enjoyed a stew that could possibly even top one of my masterpieces. I do love making a nice stew, roll on the winter! In fact, we seem to have lost the summer already here, I was a little chilly in this dress today and wished I'd gone for a cardigan at times. As you can see I'm wearing the dress from Vintage Warehouse I got recently, my go with everything tan belt and a gold necklace (again!) I promise I did attempt to wear some different jewellery but I just can't stop the gold habit. It was pretty windy as well so we struggled to get some shot and we were in a hurry as my Mum kept coming out the door behind and my sister had to keep shouting 'we're not ready yet' so we'll have to make the most of them. I don't think I've worn the beautiful Mulberry on here as yet. It was a 30th birthday treat, with the matching purse of course! I think it is a bit bulky for summer so have been saving it but wearing it today reminded me how much I love it, and such a practical bag too.
Not much shopping today, might pop back into town tomorrow and have a proper look but did get the gold clutch from a little vintage charity shop in Hockley who raise money through the Holocaust centre. It was a fab little shop, loads of great little gifts too. And, the best bit, it was only £2.20! Bargain. It is going to go perfectly with my wedding outfits as I have 4 coming up! And, of course, it's gold. Love the 'hologramy' pattern too.

The nail varnish is Leighton Denny, All About Me. Fab colour.

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