Friday, 30 September 2011

A small admission

It has been another really hot day again today and the last one off before I am back at work tomorrow (boo!) I spent the day shopping in Nottingham with my Mum. I have to say it was a really unsuccessful shopping trip, I'm not sure if it was too much in the heat but I really wasn't feeling it today. I had seen a nice skirt from Monsoon, I don't normally shop here really but it looked good in a magazine but it didn't suit me. Shame really as it was £19 in the sale! Oh well...

Anyway, my small admission is that I look at the stats for my blog all of the time to see if people are actually reading it. I am so pleased to say that they are and I have had over 1500 views since I started writing it. The stats tell me where people are reading it from, obviously most people are from the UK but recently I have noticed readers from Thailand, Germany, Australia...all over the world! This makes me so happy! I take the time to look at other peoples blogs so am over the moon that people are doing the same with mine. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think of what I 'blog' and what you'd like to see, oh and what you think of the new layout?

The outfit today consists of a Boden dress I have had for a few summers, I have barely worn it really. I kept it out of the things I put away for the summer as it looks ok with tights, boots and a cardigan for the winter. In this heat it was a good job I did. I wore a Primark necklace that I have worn many times before and used a very old bronze coloured Topshop bag that I have had for years and is worn and faded but this seems to make it look better.

Whilst I was getting hubby to take these I wondered what he was sniggering at, I now realise it is because he had captured himself in them! There was were also ones where he was waving at himself in the mirror. Good job I moved around the room slightly so you didn't have to endure him in them all. Mind you, wearing those pyjamas he doesn't deserve to be on here!

Whilst in town my Mum suggested we go to the Jamie's Italian restaurant for lunch, it took me, oh, about 2 seconds to agree! We sat outside which was lovely, if a little hot! We shared a starter meat platter which we ate before I thought to photograph it and then I had the burger which was a-maaaazzzz-ing, I originally took this photo to send to hubby to make him jealous but I'll share it with you all...

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