Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The past few days...

As you can probably tell I am back at work now so have not been wearing anything other than uniform and pyjamas again. I don't want to let the blog go too long without updates so here is a quickie before I leave for work, again!

This morning I have made the first of this years winter stews, hubby and I absolutely love them and they are so easy to pop in the oven and come back to a few hours later and you have a lovely meal. I make enough to last a couple of days, I'll be taking it to work this afternoon. This one has the following ingredients;
Red cabbage
Onion and beetroot (from Jonny's friends garden - yum yum, thank you!)
Red wine
Tinned tomatoes
It was basically whatever veg I had in, thats the beauty of stews, you can whack anything in there!

I noticed that the strawberries we had were about to go off so blended them in my fabulous food processor with some ice, fig yoghurt, orange and raspberry juice. Not the best one i've ever made but I didn't really have the ingredients, needed more yoghurt. Still nice though and anything I can zap in my blender makes me happy!

Lastly, this happened yesterday;

Just before I was running out the door to work, someone thought all his Christmas' had come at once and wasted no time hoovering up as much as he could!

Right, quick birthday visit to my friend and then work for me...

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