Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A taste of the 60's

As much as I enjoy my job (most days!) I do feel that there is nothing in it that reflects my love of fashion and shopping, people have joked over the years that I should have a clothes shop or something. I agree that it would be nice to do something in this area but other than leave my job and totally change careers I couldn't see how I could. However, as you know I love shopping in my local vintage charity shop, they support the Sue Ryder Charity. It is a lovely little shop with clothes, furniture, jewellery and ornaments spanning decades, I always find a little treasure in there. Well, they are moving to a new and bigger store and need volunteers, as my shifts are all over the place and so I am often free in the day I thought, why not! I talked about it with hubby and decided to go for it. I have submitted an application form today and they are going to let me know when they need me. I guess it will include a lot of sorting and organising (two of my favourite things to do!) and general shop work. I love the idea of looking at the clothes with people, putting together outfits etc...fingers crossed!

Whilst I was in there I picked up this lovely;

The woman who works in the shop explained the dress was from the 1960's and that the lady who donated it lived in Singapore with her husband who was a senior officer in the army. Whilst they were there she had many of her clothes made. It is beautiful, the thick lace reminds me of the lace on my wedding dress, see...

Much nicer than a dress from Primark that everyone has (not that I'm against Prims as you know!) and lovely to have a history to the dress.

On a completely different note I got myself a bargain winter coat today, £15 from Asda! Yup, the supermarket! They are currently on offer from £19 until tomorrow so I wanted to save that £4, of course! I need a black winter coat but really did not want to spend a fortune on one this year so this is perfect.

And lastly, the outfit. Please bare in mind I have not washed my hair for a few days, don't judge, I have only been at work ha, ha.  I teamed my Gap chambray shirt, which I love love love with my JCrew trousers that go with everything but if I'm honest are a tiiiiiny bit tight! Hence not eating cake for a while! 

The necklace is from Marks and Spencers a few years ago and, by special request to 'see more Mulberry on the blog' from a friend yesterday, my birthday bag!

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