Sunday, 8 April 2012

Baby Shower Day!

Yesterday was my baby shower, organised amazingly by my fabulous sister and Mum. It was a lovely afternoon and myself, hubby and the twinnies were very much spoilt. In fact, they are the luckiest pair of babies in the world and they've not even made an appearance yet. I really did not expect everyone to buy them (and us) so many lovely gifts and we have been unpacking them all morning, I think we will now need a bigger nursery! Thank you so much to everyone who came, ate lots of cake and mostly thank you for all the beautiful gifts.

 Here is my baby shower outfit, I got the dress from Mamas and Papas a few weeks ago and might as well get some wear out of it! I have teamed it with a yellow brooch which I can't remember where I got, I've had it so long and a yellow cardigan from the Boden sale.

The shower had an owl theme, I love owls and my sister found the lovely decorations on Ebay. We even had party bags and party games which my Mum managed to win 2 of, huum a fix I say! 


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