Friday, 6 April 2012

Back - apparently by popular demand!

Well, where do I begin? I guess from around last October when I stopped writing this blog. As most of you will know it was around this time that hubs and I found out we were expecting a baby, very exciting news indeed! I felt awful to say the least, none of my clothes seemed to instantly fit and I certainly didn't feel like writing a blog of any kind never mind centred around clothes. So, it kinda trailed off...

Then we went for our 12 week scan and found that everything was fine, twice as fine in fact as there were twins in there! We could not believe it, still can't I don't think! 

And here we are 31 weeks later...

This is a few weeks ago now, I must take a more up to date one. To get you quickly up to date, we have a boy and a girl in there, very lucky indeed. A few weeks ago I was advised by our consultant to rest and help them to grow a bit more so I am signed off work and generally have my feet up. Yes, it is the life! Well apart from the constant aching but I don't have long to go now. 

It has allowed me the time to do much more of the crafts that I enjoy, I have had Violet the sewing machine out, dug out my jewellery making bits and bobs and have been being generally creative.

Here are some of the bits I've been doing, an eye mask as a bit of fun for hubs, he will need this for some much needed daytime sleeping all too soon! A little bird to hand in my wardrobe and most excitingly, some curtains for the shed. We have the best looking shed around I'm sure ;-)

I hope you enjoy the new and slightly updated blog, don't expect too many clothes on here, I don't fit into any and don't buy any now either, I'd much rather buy baby outfits. I have many more ideas for posts and will get them up when I can, sure to follow is the nursery and more crafting as well as some fashion in there somewhere!

Special thanks to those who inspired me to start the blog again, there have been a few of you and two ladies especially, you know who you are xxx

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