Friday, 6 July 2012

Wedding dressing

On Sunday we are going to my lovely friend Alana's wedding, I am crossing my fingers that this awful rain passes by then but i know it will be a lovely day regardless of the weather. I obviously needed something to wear and it seems that barely any of my dresses fit me, how annoying! I was going to make do with a Boden dress I had last summer and have previously posted on here;

I can't actually find the picture but here is the top of it! It is a cute jersey fabric which a little belt and a flower so would have done but hey, I wanted something different!

I did buy this striped dress from Next which I had thought was pretty and I still like but when I got it home I just didn't like it that much on me which was a shame. Anyway, I then saw the black dress in good old Primark and it was a bargain at £17! I snapped that up. It is lined as well. I have already worn it twice, once to my Aunts retirement party and more casually with my sandals and a cardi.

So the striped one is going back and I will be wearing the other one on Sunday. I actually liked my hair like this, it was in a chunky bun but it looks like I don't have any hair on the photo. I also got an orangey coloured necklace which I will wear instead of the chunky pearls and have borrowed a purple cardi to match my beautiful shoes...

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