Friday, 6 July 2012


As most of you know our lovely little twinnies arrived on 17th May and are doing really well. They are growing into all their outfits and if they are lucky may earn themselves a place on the blog! They certainly have plenty of outfits hanging in their wardrobe. Here are the little lovelies, George and Matilda.

They are not the only ones who are yet to fit into most of their clothes, unfortunately for me most of mine don't fit either! I'd rather be like them and have everything too big but I guess the twins are only 7 weeks old as yet. I'm sure I can still manage some blog updates though...and I did get some great 'suck it all in' leggings for £4 in Primark, money well spent I think.

Something amazing happened today..the hubs agreed to me ordering some fabulous shoes from the Mulberry sale! I could not believe it and had them ordered the minute he said yes and before he changed his mind. I will save the details for when they arrive...I am sooooo excited!

I managed a little trip to my favourite vintage shop this week and picked up 2 dresses. I wore the orangey red one today with my leggings and a coral cardigan as well as the long coin necklace I had for my birthday. It is actually more like a tunic than a dress and I love the detailing on the shoulder. It was a bargain at £3.95, can't say fairer than that!

The second one was far more expensive at £7.95! I haven't worn it yet but it is a cute sundress and I can dress it up a bit or, more likely, wear with flip flops or ballet pumps. I like that it has a 'fake' wrap over style and a little tie at the side and is a cute print. I think I will have plenty to wear it with. 

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