Thursday, 25 October 2012

Blue and green, never to be seen...

I was meeting my lovely friends for lunch at the fabulous Relish today and as hubby was on a late shift I had more than 3 minutes to get myself ready, what a luxury! I wanted to wear my new Gap pumps posted recently and decided to go against the old rule about blue and green never being seen as this is clearly nonsense!

I paired them with my leopard print Boden dress I got a couple of years ago, it is so comfy to wear and I was pleased to find it fits me again (just!) I wore my really, really old H&M cardigan that I have had for years and absolutely love. It goes with literally everything I own!

On the way home I popped by the post office and collected a parcel. It was my amazing new socks! I was seriously excited to open them, really! I ordered them a few days ago from Boden, of course, with a £10 voucher hubby had in the post. They were originally £25 which is clearly a ridiculous price for socks, although there are 7 pairs, but are currently on offer for £17.50 so with my voucher they were only £7.50. Bargain! Look how cute they are, all different coloured spots and in a gift box, amazing!

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