Saturday, 20 October 2012

Lazy like a Sunday, no, Wednesday morning...

I know that this post is a few days late, I did take the photos on the day but never actually got around to updating the blog. I'm sure you can forgive me, what with having two babies to look after and all! (I wonder how many times I can use this excuse over the years...?)

We decided to have a lazy day and I admit that we didn't even make it to our normal baby group as Tilly was a bit under the weather and didn't wake up until 8.15am. Two babies fed (there it is again!) and dressed, me fed, showered and dressed, bottles washed and sorted and twins in pushchair and out the door in just over an hour - I don't think so! 

Even more of a confession is that I wasn't even going to bother getting anyone dressed, ha, ha until we had a phone call and visitors arranged for that afternoon and I thought we'd better make a slight effort. I opted for as close to pj's as I could find, a checked tunic from Gap which I have had for years and some old faithful Boden leggings. To top it off my fabulous owl slippers!

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