Sunday, 11 November 2012

5000 and counting!

I have to start this post with a 'wow' - I am able to see how many people log onto my blog, what they use to view it, ie through Facebook, on an i-pad, i-phone and various other bits of info. I can also see where they are in the world. I have posted on here before how I am amazed that so many people actually read this little blog. Now, I am aware that most of you are my friends and view the blog through a Facebook link and am so pleased to say that today I have made it over the 5000 mark for views! Wow! I can hardly believe that so many people have been logging on to look and I am sooooo pleased. I would love love love it if you posted comments on the bottom of the blog, especially if I don' actually know you through Facebook, that would make my day! 

Maybe one day I might even get the hubby to have a read?!

We have been for a meal today with my husbands family and I am so pleased with the twins as they behaved amazingly. They even managed to eat their lasagne at lunch as well as pudding and chocolate buttons!

As today was indigo I wore the top and cardigan I recently posted that was from the Gap outlet as this is a rich indigo colour. I teamed this with some very cute trousers from Boden that I was really unsure about when I ordered them and really didn't think they would be for me or suit my figure but really love them. They are almost like a thick legging and have little zips on the sides of the legs so will be lovely in the spring too. They are perhaps a little cold to be wearing much now but I knew that I would not really be going outside so risked it!

I also wore the blue shoes I got from Gap on they same day and the beautiful necklace that hubby got me when I had the twins. I decided on a contrasting nail varnish from Essie called 'Miami Nice' and also wore the ring that hubby hates from H&M a few years ago. I really like it and kept flashing it in his face all day. Apologies, the photo is a little blurred.

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