Friday, 9 November 2012

Just about green...

I know that today is meant to be green in the rainbow challenge, and technically I am wearing green, but I don't think that today has been my best day to be honest. I didn't really have much on and ended up waiting in for my parcel (a lush tan leather Zara bag from the hubby for Christmas!) and only venturing outside to pop to Tesco. I didn't even bother to get the poor twins dressed! They were happy playing in their pj's all day whilst Grandad stopped with them when I went out, in case my parcel came.

So, aware of the challenge but having no real need to put on anything nice I opted for my green combat trousers, they are green so that does count! They are some old Asda ones that I got on holiday in Cornwall a few years ago when I was totally not prepared for the very bad weather. And we were camping! I wore them with an old Next vest and, coincidentally, a sweater I got from Joules on the same holiday. I put on green socks too.

I promise to be better dressed tomorrow.

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