Saturday, 24 November 2012

A load of old baggage

So I'm sat here on the floor of my currently very messy bedroom wondering why I bothered to empty my wardrobe and tidy it. You know that feeling when you like the idea of a mini project but then wonder why you started it and are just left with all the mess and something half finished? Well, that's me right now and I can't even crawl into bed and ignore it as, err, I can't actually see the bed... move over twins, Mummy is kipping with you tonight!

Anyway, as a nice distraction from the task whilst I wait for hubby to (hopefully) bring me a cup of tea I decided to update my blog. As I have been sorting I found a number of carrier bags at the back and sides of my wardrobe. To be fair to them 'carrier bags' implies the ones you get from Tesco which these are not. They are those lovely, heavy duty, expensive looking bags you get when you make a purchase in a fabulous shop. Probably one you have been saving up for or waiting for a birthday to receive the goodie inside. I'm sure it can't be just me who keeps these, almost as a memory of that time. Or some just because they are too pretty to throw away.

Here are some of my little 'collection' all of them forgotten about until now. Three are Mulberry ones, one from the shoes I had not that long ago, still with the wrapping inside all safe. Two are from my 30th birthday when I was lucky enough to be treated to a matching handbag and purse. I knew that I was getting them and specifically asked that my parents and hubby did not wrap them as the bag itself was enough!

There is also a bag from the Moulin Rouge in Paris where hubby and I went on our first holiday together. We bought a Christmas tree decoration and this was the bag it came in. The Agent Provocateur bag is not really anything special but reminds me of getting some lovely underwear in the outlet shop in Bichester Village. Finally, the slightly battered looking Neiman Marcus bag contained the Ugg boots I got on our honeymoon in Florida, I insisted on carrying the box in the bag back in hand luggage and sat with them squashed at my feet the whole way home! I now use the box to store my tights.

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