Friday, 2 November 2012

Panic over!

Phew, I am finally back on my blog after becoming very annoyed, stressed and panicking that I had lost it all! After changing over to a different package that Google recommended I found I was unable to actually log onto my blog. I have spent the past hour trying to work out how to update before googling 'how to go back to my old blog' needless to say, I have sorted it and am back!

Mind you, I have had such a rubbish week I have had literally nothing to blog about. I have been feeling poorly and have not left the house since Monday! I have had a horrible cold and really sore throat, like I've swallowed glass, so have barely got dressed let alone have anything to post. To be fair it has been quite a nice relaxing few days but I am hoping to start feeling human again soon. I didn't even make it to yoga on Monday and have not swam for 2 weeks.

I did go out on Sunday before feeling so bad and took some outfit shots. I wore the top, cardigan and jeans I got from the Gap outlet a couple of weeks ago and they were really comfy. I love the jeans and didn't have to pull them up at the back once which I always find is a problem with jeans and is so annoying.

I also wore a necklace I got last year from Banana Republic when we were in New York, I have only worn it a handful of times as I always seem to forget about my jewellery these days. I remembered how cute it is though.

On a final note, how ace do my twins look in their winter coats from, guess where...Boden of course! 

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