Thursday, 29 November 2012


Today I needed to go into work to sort out about going back after my maternity leave. I have been very lucky to have been off with my beautiful twins as long as I have been and still have a few months left with them before returning part time. The twins seemed to behave well other than a small sick incident!

I put on my red Next jeans (similar) and a simple white t-shirt that I got from The White Company at Bichester Village, it was a bargain price of £15 instead of £35. I like the sleeves which add a bit of interest to a simple t-shirt. I dug out my Tesco mustard yellow jacket which I had a couple of years ago, I like the combination of the red and yellow. I wore my brown Uggs as well.

I forgot to mention that yesterday was 1 year since we found out that we were having not one, but two amazing little babies! We had been for the 12 week scan and been told the fantastic news. How much our lives have changed since that day. There is only one thing better than a lovely little baby and that's two and I could not have wished for a better pair, they are my absolute world and we love them a million times over.

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